Practice Lances    £180 each
Bamboo lances with red and white penants. Ideal for re-enactment or wall mounting. Discount on quantity.

1897-pattern Infantry Officer's Sword with leather scabbard, frog and knot.    £465
WILKINSON No.60867. GV cyphers. Initials on blade: H.L. 
Wilkinson register shows that the sword purchased in August 1927 by a "C.S.M. J. Knightley" (no regiment shown). Possible scenario is that a senior NCO was being commissioned and so his fellow-NCOs chipped-in to purchase him a sword? Further research required to identify "H.L." - commissioned from NCO, around 1927-28?


1897-pattern Indian Army Officer's Sword with leather scabbard and knot.    £385
GRI cypher - Indian Army. Initials on blade - C.L.V.N. - Further research could identify an Indian Army officer with these initials.


Scottish Officer's Sword with metal scabbard.    £525
Victorian crown on blade.


1897-pattern Royal Engineer Officer's
Sword with leather scabbard and knot.    £325  
GV cypher. Blade has some staining but details are clear. Sword belonged to Colonel A. Robertson, Royal Engineers. He served in WW1, being awarded a Croix de Guerre, and was commissioned, serving in Dunkirk in 1940 and becoming CO of Royal Engineers in Glasgow. Sword purchased from owner of his medals.


Scottish Officer's
Sword with metal scabbard.    £425
Blade has faded decoration at top and can read CHANDLERS ARGYLE ST.  GLASGOW

Royal Navy officer's sword with scabbard and knot.   £365
King's Crown. Blade marked: J.R. GAUNT & SON LIMITED LATE EDWARD THURKLE53 CONDUIT STREET LONDON. Very nice blade, but hard to photograph due to light refelction. 

1854 Rifle Volunteers Officer's Sword   £150
No scabbard. No markings. Nice blade.


1897 pattern Indian Army Officer's Sword with leather scabbard.    £280
Blade and hilt has GRI cyphers. Retailed by HARMAN, CALCUTTA. Details well-polished over years.  

Rifle Volunteer Officer's Sword    £250
Victorian. Nice blade. No mker/retailer mark. Scabbard is damaged (see pictures)

Relic 1822 Light Cavalry Officer's Sword      £125
Manufactured by C.W. Charles, Pall Mall, London. Handle and blade in poor condition, but some etching can be seen on blade.

Relic Honourable East India Company Sword (rare) 

1822 pattern, pipe-back blade. Hilt damaged, folding guard missing. HEIC badge on hilt. Handle replaced.

Indian Talwar Sword     £95
Leather covered scabbard, no markings. 

Victorian British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard.  £300

1856 Pattern British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard. Bugle on hilt.   £300
Sword marked on blade 51st Foot.

Victorian British Army Bandsman's Sword without scabbard. No stamps.  £295
Bavarian/British? Sword without scabbard.   £185  
Possibly originally had a cross-guard but this may have been removed.