Practice Lance     £180 each
Bamboo lances with red and white penants. Ideal for re-enactment or wall mounting. Discount on quantity.

Named WW1 Royal Artillery Officer's Sword  £295    
Sword retailed by HAWKSWORTH SHEFFIELD. Very nice blade, with the name: Lieut. L. wright R.F.A. on the blade.
The outer part of the hilt appears to have split and been repaired. 
Leonard Wright was commissioned in the 3rd Northumbrian Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.


1st Life Guards Sword  £  
1832 pattern sword with officer's hilt on an undecorated blade. Hawkes & Co Manufacture. White leather insert to hilt and sword knot.    

1831 Pattern General Officer's Sword  £625        

Mameluke Sabre. No maker or retailer.

1897 Pattern Royal Engineer Officer's Sword  £325    
VR cypher on hilt. With knot. 


Royal Artillery Officer's Sword  £300    
Light decoration on blade, includes a flaming bomb and the words "   EMOUTH    LLERY". This can only be Tynemouth Artillery.
Retailed by W.W. White, Francis Street, Woolwich. Also on blade on three entwined initials CAS. The lettering is difficult to photograph under our lighting.


1892 Army Officer's Sword  £250    
Retailed by Hawkes & Co. Picadilly, London. VR cyphers and crowns on hilt and blade.


Rifle Regiment Officer's sword   £375
VR cyphers anc crown. Retailed by E. THURKLE. SOHO. LONDON

Two Wilkinson fencing swords £30  each
With scabbards.

Prussian Naval Boarding Cutlass   £450
1850s cutlass marked: A & E HOLLER  SOLINGEN. Blade 26 1/2 inches long. Scabbard has fracture and hole on front and seam has come apart on back.

French Heavy Cavalry Sword 1854 pattern. Produced 1881. Issued to a Reserve Cavalry Regiment 1882   £495    

Edge of blade inscription translates as manufactured at Chatellerault April 1881. Reserve Cavalry. Model 1854. 1882. Inspection mark for 2nd class controller J.M. Brenier.
In very good condition. 

French Briquet
with scabbard. £250  
Stamps on handle and numbered 87. Scabbard number 112.

1897 pattern Infantry  officer's Sword with scabbard. Sword has GV cypher on hilt and blade. Decoration on blade is indistinct. No maker marks.  £275

1821 pattern Royal Artillery officer's Sword with scabbard. Sword hilt has been damaged at some time causing distortion. Blade decoration is there but indistinct.  £220 
Retailed by CLEMENT GRAY of Sheffield.

Indian Talwar Sword     £95
Leather covered scabbard, no markings. 

Royal Spanish Sword  £110
Crown, canon, flags and swords on hilt. On blade: ARTILLERIA  NACIONAL. No scabbard. 35 inch blade.

Victorian British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard.  £300

1856 Pattern British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard. Bugle on hilt.   £300
Sword marked on blade 51st Foot.

Victorian British Army Bandsman's Sword without scabbard. No stamps.  £295
Bavarian/British? Sword without scabbard.   £185  
Possibly originally had a cross-guard but this may have been removed.