British Volunteer Artillery Officer's Sword     £325
Retailed by Gardiner & Co, High Street, Whitechapel. Victorian cypher on blade. Sword in very good condition.

PRUSSIAN BRIQUET with scabbard.    £225
There are stamps on handle and blade but both are too worn to make out. 

Named Swedish Infantry Officer's Sword   £250
Blade by Eickhorn (squirrel and C.E.). Brass crossguard engraved
Sjölin I24. Sjölin is a Swedish surname and I24 is the Royal North Scanian Infantry Regiment.
It was numbered I24 from 1914 to 1927.

Indian Talwar Sword     £95
Leather covered scabbard, no markings. 

1897 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword  £285     
GV cypher on hilt and blade. No maker or retailer. 

Royal Spanish Sword  £110
Crown, canon, flags and swords on hilt. On blade: ARTILLERIA  NACIONAL. No scabbard. 35 inch blade.
Dutch Cavalry Troopers Sword  £95
No markings. C.1850-70.

Victorian British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard.  £300

1856 Pattern British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard. Bugle on hilt.   £300
Sword marked on blade 51st Foot.

Victorian British Army Bandsman's Sword without scabbard. No stamps.  £295
Bavarian/British? Sword without scabbard.   £185  
Possibly originally had a cross-guard but this may have been removed.