Civil Defence Medal     £45
Standard reverse. Box of issue, title on box is worn but readable.


Defence Medal
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal HARRY S. BATTERSBY
Harry Simeon Battersby was living in Barrow-in-Furness in 1939 and was a member of Lancashire Special Constabulary. He was born in 1901 and died in 1944.

Pair: £40

Colonial Police Long Service Medal  CONST. 2812 I.M. PETER SINGHO, CEYLON POLICE FORCE    £170
His other medals were sold by someone on ebay in 2011 and appeared at DNW in 2015 (who noted that the St. John's was not named to him).

Chief Officer Gerard Lee Tuppen
Rangoon Municipal Fire Brigade
Indian Police Medal for Distinguished Conduct Gerard Lee Tuppen, A.M.I.Mech.E. Chief Officer Rangoon Municipal Fire Brigade  
Defence Medal
1935 Jubilee Medal
1937 Coronation Medal
Copy research. Gerard Lee Tuppen was born 21 June 1883 in Willesborough, Kent and educated at St. John's Choir School, St. Leonard's on Sea 1892-95 and St. Alban's Grammar School 1895-99. Goldsmith's Technical Institute, New Cross 1900-1902. Engineering Apprentice 1899 to 1903. Employed by Merryweather and Sons Ltd, London, who sent him around the world to work on fire fighting equipment.
July to November 1904 in charge of electrical light installation for Rio de Janeiro Police Fire Float.
April to November 1905 in charge of installing machinery for Steam Pumping Float in Venice.
November 1905 to November 1906 in charge of erecting and testing a petrol Fire Float in Huelva, Spain.
June to August 1910 constructed and transported a Motor Fire Engine to Riga, Latvia for demonstration and testing.
August to April 1911 constructed and transported motors and machinery to Montevideo, Uruguay and provided instruction in use.
April to July 1911 conducted trials and instructions on 3 Motor Fire Engines in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
July to November 1912 construction and transported special Motor Fire Engines to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and provided instruction.
1918 a Founder Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers
July 1920 sailed to Rangoon, Burma and appointed Chief Officer and Engineer, Rangoon Municipal Fire Service.
In 1935 he filed a patent for a Refuse Destructor: "Gerard Lee Tuppen, Burma, India".
On 1935 Jubilee medal roll as "Central Fire Brigade, Rangoon".
January 1938 arrived in the UK with his wife and daughter. Intended residence is London.
Fire Protection and A.R.P. Book 1940 lists "four Engineering Inspectors" including G. Lee Tuppen.
He died in Tunbridge Wells 8 February 1954.

Group of Three: £500

General Service Medal (GVI)  Malaya  18596 PC. KALU.SING.RAI. F.OF.M. POL.   £75

General Service Medal (QEI)  Malaya  4536 RPC JASBA HADUR. AI SINGAPORE. POL.   £95


Rhodesia General Service Medal      18645 CONST. MUNYURU   £60
Copy research. Zimbabwe Gazette 5 February 1982 "Appointed to the rank of Inspector in the Zimbabwe Republic Police "18645 Amos Doro Munyuru".
Zimbabwe Gazette 28 January 1983 "Inspector Amos Doro Munyuru to Chief Inspector."

Rhodesia District Service Medal      363284Y D.S.A. KABVUNYA   £30
Ministry of Internal Affairs agents were involved in maintaining order in the rural villages during the Bush War.
5470 medals were awarded.

Sergeant Sibanda
Zimbabwe Independence Medal      38179
Zimbabwe 10 Year Service Medal    24727 SGT M SIBANDA
Rhodesia General Service Medal      24727 CONST SIBANDA
Copy research. His Rhodesia GSM was awarded in British South Africa Police Orders 17 November 1977 for service with "Support Unit".
Group of Three: £95

Constable Machingauta
Zimbabwe Independence Medal      23687
Zimbabwe 10 Year Service Medal    25477 CONST J MACHINGAUTA
Rhodesia General Service Medal      25477 CST J. MACHINGAUTA
Copy research. His Rhodesia GSM was awarded in British South Africa Police Orders 1 March 1979.
Group of Three: £95

Auxiliary Constable Maclean
Zimbabwe Independence Medal        38970
Zimbabwe Efficient Service Medal     200465 AUX/CST MACLEAN J.
Zimbabwe 10 Year Service Medal      200465 AUX/CST MACLEAN J.
Auxiliary Constable.

Group of Three: £120

Auxiliary Constable Karenga
Zimbabwe Independence Medal        30896
Zimbabwe Efficient Service Medal     201703 AUX/CST KARENGA A.
Zimbabwe 10 Year Service Medal      201703 AUX/CST KARENGA A.
Auxiliary Constable.
Group of Three: £100