Deactivated No.36M MK1 British Grenade with baseplate for use as a Rifle Grenade  SOLD  
Stamped on bottom of grenade No.36M MK1  45. Lever stamped HT&S. Base plate stamped I  DGS 7-40

German World War One Kugel Grenade   £65
Stamped HF underneath

1940 Armour Piercing 2-pounder British shell   SOLD 
13 cm long and 4 cm diameter. Marked on side: AP2PR III T. JMB  12/40  LO12Z1  W

British 18 Pdr Cannon Ball     £130
Sitting on a wooden plinth. 41 cm circumference.

British 12 pdr Cannon Ball     SOLD 
Sitting on a wooden plinth. 35 cm circumference.

British WWI - 13 pdr 1918 Artillery Round
Weighs approx. 4.2 kg and is approx. 52 cm high. Marks show casing made by Vickers, Sons and Maxim (VSM) 1918.    SOLD 

German WWI - 37mm Pom Pom Round     
approx. 16 cm high. Marks for 1918.      SOLD