Group of miniature Orders and Medals to a senior Nepalese Officer      

from left to right -

1. Sainik Dirgha Seva Patta (25 years military service)
2. Order of Tri Shakti Patta 3rd class
3. Legion of Merit (U.S.A.) missing central enamel part.
4. Star of Nepal 2nd class - ribbon supplied
5. C.I.E. with top bar

6. 1939-45 War Medal (British)
7. Defence Medal (British)
8. King Tribhuvan Silver Jubilee Medal
King Mahendra Coronation Medal - ribbon supplied
10. 1935 Great Earthquake Medal

Price: 300

Military Medal (GVI)    SOLD
M.B.E. (on woman's bow)     SOLD
India General Service Medal (GV)   SOLD   
Defence Medal
1939-45 War Medal
Mounted for wear.
Pair: SOLD

1935 Jubilee Medal (GV)    12
Burma Star        
Defence Medal
Naval General Service Medal (GVI) S.E. Asia 1945-46  S0LD

Efficiency Medal (QEII) Territorial   15

Accumulated Campaign Service Medal   13