Pakistan Independence Medal   PAK/43141 LAC. Z.G. KHAN. R.P.A.F.  £25
The Royal Pakistan Air Force was formed in 1947 on independence and became the Pakistan Air Force in 1956. Medal does not have ribbon.

Defence Medal

War Medal
R.A.F. Long Service Good Conduct Medal
637533 F.SGT. F. HYATT. R.A.F.

With Warrant and Certificate of Service. Frank Hyatt was born 25 August 1907 and enlisted 15 March 1939 as an Accounts Clerk 1939 to Februarey 1942.
Airfield Controller Feb. 1942 to December 1950. Ground Control Directors Tracking Course October 1951; Appointed Runway Controller. Appointed Aerodrome Traffic Controller January 1952. Assistant Controllers Course March 1957. Medal awarded 15 March 1957. Appointed Warrant Officer 1 February 1958. Trade: Air Traffic Controller. Discharged 29 May 1961 from RAF Northolt - "employed in local control towers and as Ground Controller Approach Radar Director. Mr Hyatt has at all times proved himself efficient in his work showing initiative and confidence necessary for a good Air Traffic Contoller." Medals confirmed. Frank Hyatt settled in Cheltenham, where he married Joan Hartshorne in 1972. He died in Cheltenham in 2007.
Group of Three: £110        (JS)

British War Medal                                              196384. 3.A.M. A.E. TURVEY. R.A.F.
Victory Medal
                                          196384. 3.A.M. A.E. TURVEY. R.A.F.
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal    ALBERT E. TURVEY.
Copy papers. Albert Edwin Turvey was born 3 September 1896 in Birmingham. 1911 was living in Corbett Street, Smethwick and worked as a toolmaker.
Enlisted in the Royal Flying Corps in June 1918 and went to Egypt 20 July 1918. Returned to UK 21 November 1921 and discharged. His trade was fitter toolmaker. In 1939 he was still in Smethwick and worked as a "Press Toolmaker, A.I.D. work". He died in Birmingham 2 February 1966. The Special Constabulary Medal may be his or his father, who was also named Albert Edwin Turvey.
Group of three: £80

General Service Medal  South Arabia                  A4026316 CPL. R. WIGNALL. R.A.F.  
RAF Long Service Good Conduct Medal (QEII)  A4026316 CPL. R. WIGNALL. R.A.F.
Pair: £150

General Service Medal  Cyprus            5024905 S.A.C. I.R. TRANTOR. R.A.F.    £95 
Ian Ronald Trantor was born in Lossiemouth 1938. Joined the R.A.F. and served in Cyprus. Appointed Pilot Officer, R.A.F.V.R. (Training Branch) June 1976.
Flying Officer 1978. Resigned commission 27 March 1981. 
Aberdeen Press reported in 1988 about Mr Ian Trantor, who worked for navigation systems company Decca at Lossiemouth, but emigrated to Australia with his family. In 1988 he won the Australian state lottery. Is this the same person?