C.B. (Military Division)
Distinguished Flying Cross Bar
1939-45 Star
Aircrew Europe Star France and Germany
Defence Medal

War Medal MiD

1953 Coronation Medal
Legion d'Honneur
Croix de Guerre Palms
                                               With original MiD certificate, Croix de Guerre Citation, D.F.C. box with ribbon bars.  
Ian James Spencer was born 6 June 1916. Acting Pilot Officer September 1937 (General Duties), Flying Officer January 1940, Flight Lt. April 1941. Squadron Leader May 1941, Acting Wing Commander 1943. Acting Group Captain October 1956. Acting Air Commodore April 1961. Air Vice Marshal January 1966. Retired January 1968.
Awarded D.F.C. 4 July 1941: "In June 1941 this officer led a formation of aircraft which carried out an attack on an enemy merchant ship. In spite of intense anti-aircraft fire from this and other escorting vessels, Squadron Leader Spencer pressed home his attack from a low altitude and the formation succeeded in destroying the merchant vessel. After delivering the attack his aircraft received direct hits causing damage to the starboard engine and inner port petrol tanks, while Squadron Leader Spencer was hit in the leg sustaining a fracture in two places and his observer was wounded in the back. Despite his injury, S/L Spencer succeeded in flying his aircraft back to this country although the starboard engine and instrument panel were out of action. On a previous occasion S/L Spencer successfully bombed an enemy tanker off the Norwegian coast in the face of intense anti-aircraft fire, and although his port engine was disabled, he succeeded in flying his aircraft safely back to this country. He has shown great determination, courage and efficiency."
110 Squadron. Bar to D.F.C. 14 April 1944. Awarded Croix de Guerre with palm 16 March 1945: "Wing Commander Spencer, I.J. A Pilot of great skill, he led on several on occasions over  enemy-occupied territory, important formations of French and British bombers, with the skill and precision of his manoeuvers he ensured the success of these missions and thereby gained trust and general esteem. This citation is for the award of the Croix de Guerre with palm."

MiD 1 January 1946. C.B. awarded 8 June 1963.
Served with 35 Squadron 1938. 110 Squadron 1941. 107 Squadron 1943. 88 Squadron 1944. RAF Staff College 1949. October 1960 he headed an Anglo-German inquiry incident when two German fighter jets buzzed a Comet which was flying the Queen home from Denmark. Air Attache, Switzerland 1950-53. Air Staff, HQ Second Tactical Air Force, Germany 1956-57.
Air Officer Admin. HQ Transport Command 1961-64. Director, Air Secretary Directorate 1964-65. Air Officer, HQ Far East Air Force, Singapore 1965-67. He died in Cheltenham 15 May 1994.
Group of Nine: £5500    (McK)
Defence Medal
War Medal
R.A.F. Long Service Good Conduct Medal
637533 F.SGT. F. HYATT. R.A.F.

With Warrant and Certificate of Service. Frank Hyatt was born 25 August 1907 and enlisted 15 March 1939 as an Accounts Clerk 1939 to Februarey 1942.
Airfield Controller Feb. 1942 to December 1950. Ground Control Directors Tracking Course October 1951; Appointed Runway Controller. Appointed Aerodrome Traffic Controller January 1952. Assistant Controllers Course March 1957. Medal awarded 15 March 1957. Appointed Warrant Officer 1 February 1958. Trade: Air Traffic Controller. Discharged 29 May 1961 from RAF Northolt - "employed in local control towers and as Ground Controller Approach Radar Director. Mr Hyatt has at all times proved himself efficient in his work showing initiative and confidence necessary for a good Air Traffic Contoller." Medals confirmed. Frank Hyatt settled in Cheltenham, where he married Joan Hartshorne in 1972. He died in Cheltenham in 2007.
Group of Three: £110        (JS)

Gulf Medal                                                        CPL R M CROZIER (S8188417) RAF  
RAF Long Service Good Conduct Medal      CPL R M CROZIER (S8188417) RAF         
Golden Jubilee Medal                              in box of issue named SGT R M CROZIER
EFirst two medals mounted. Enlistment number is for period Nov. 1977 to June 1981.
Group of three: £395  (JS)

Africa eneral Service Medal  Kenya      3141133. A.C.1. G. HUNTER. R.A.F.    £195 
Service number block for Ex-Air Traininng Corps National Servicemen who joined at R.A.F. Cardington in June 1953.

RAF Long Service Good Conduct Medal (QEII)              U4085718 CHF. TECH. L.S. GOLDIE. R.A.F.   £75    (C.L.)