India Service Medal (Bronze) Punjab Frontier 1897-98  369 Multr. Rajwha. 2d Q.O.Bl. Lt. Infy.   £150  
Muleteer. 20th Que
ens Own Bengal Light Infantry.

The Indian Distinguished Service Medal  by Rana Chhina  £20
Harback book, 395 pages, signed by the author. Contains the complete roll of the IDSM 1907-1947

                India Service Medal (Bronze) Punjab Frontier 1897-98 / Tirah 1897-98  Pte. Servt. Ac Krishtnasawammy  £195  
Medal roll shows a Private Servant Krisna Sawmy serving with the 1st Battalion Dorsets in the campaign and entitled to both clasps.

Silver War Badge   I-24939    £55

               1914/15 Star  No. 1181 SARWAN BAZ, 52/S.C.CORPS.     SOLD
Silladar Camel Corps. Under the Silladar sysem the soldier supplied his own animal and received an allowance to take care of it.
British War Medal  88902 BEARER MANBIR KAMI, 8 COY A.B.C.         £40
Army Bearer Corps

Victory Medal  
19944 RVTR. MUNSHI KHAN, I.W.T.                         £50
rare rank- Riveter with the Indland Water Transport. 

Victory Medal  6230 CARP. H. SINGH. WKS. DTE.                            £50
rare rank and unit. Carpenter with the Works Directorate

Victory Medal  
164 S. SMITH KAIM, 103 P.BY.                                £55
Shoeing Smith with 3rd (Peshawar) Pack Battery.

               General Service Medal  Iraq / N.W. Persia  3406 HVLDR. RATON DAMAI. I. LABOUR C.   £130  
Indian Labour Corps.
India General Service Medal  Mahsud 1919-20 / Waziristan 1919-21  29½ HAV. GANGABIR ALE, GUIDES INFY.   £95  
Medal has been renamed. The Indian Archives confirms that a batch of returned medals were erased, polished and renamed for issue. 
India General Service Medal  North West Frontier 1930-31 48 W-CARR. NANAK SINGH, 4-11 SIKH R.   £85  
India General Service Medal  North West Frontier 1930-31 / Mohmand 1933  2925 A-ORDY. SANT BAHADAR, 1 I.H.C.   £95  
Acting Orderly. Indian Hospital Corps. Scarce combination to the corps.
General Service Medal  S.E. Asia  1945-46  F/1940 SWPR. NIHLO, 14 BN. F.F. RIF.  £75
14th Battalion Frontier Force Rifles.  

Afghanistan Medal Kandahar  Sowar Saifoodin 3rd Punjab Cavy  £200
Sowar = Trooper, 3rd Punjab Cavalry.
Afghanistan Medal     BHISHTI RAHDOO 27TH P.N.I.    £125
A water carrier serving with the 27th Punjab Native Infantry.  

India Service Medal (EdVII)  Waziristan 1901-2  2152 Sepoy Shandar 5th Pjb Infy   £180

Colonel Alfred Lucian Phillips
Indian Army
India General Service Medal (1854-95) Chin-Lushai 1889-90    Lieut. A.L. Phillips. S.C.
1914 Star         COL. A.L. PHILLIPS
British War       COL. A.L. PHILLIPS
Victory Medal   COL. A.L. PHILLIPS
Colonel Alfred Lucian Phillips was born on 24 March 1861 in Bombay, he was commissioned from the Royal Military College into the Dorsetshire Regiment in January 1881, and later admitted to the Indian Staff Corps on 1 July that year, advanced to Assistant Commissariat Officer in the Lushai Column and qualified for the 1903 and 1911 Delhi Durbar medals where he was serving as Colonel of Supply and Transport, 8th Division. He retired from service in 1913 but reengaged for service out the outbreak of WWI and went to France on 16 September 1914, after the war Phillips retired from service and resided in Milverton, Weston Park, Bath and died on 7 December 1940. His son, Alfred Jerome Lucian Phillips, went into the Royal Navy and won the DSO during the sinking of the Bismark; he retired as a Rear-Admiral.
Group of Four: £800

India General Service Medal 1908  Waziristan 1919-21  87 NK. FAZAL AHMAD, 3-152 PJBIS.   £55
The 152nd Punjabis were formed in May 1918 and disbanded in April 1921.

India General Service Medal 1908  North West Frontier 1935  4464 NAIK FATEH KHAN. 5-1 PUNJAB R.  £50
5th Battalion were the 82nd Punjabis.

India General Service Medal 1908  North West Frontier 1935  8903 SEPOY SHER ZAMAN. 4-16 PUNJAB R.  £50
4th Battalion were the 9th Bhopal Infantry.

Lieutenant Hume Guilford Rochfort
Military Works Service
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F.1919   Lt. H.G. ROCHFORT, M.W.S.   £250 
Captain Hume Guilford Rochfort was born in 1888 in Hyderabad, Deccan India, educated a St. George's Grammar School, and a two year course in Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the Crystal Palace School of Engineering (1911-1913), in 1914 he was engaged as Assistant Engineer in charge of Nirmal Sub-division Adilabad District (Roads & Buildings) including the reconstruction of the Nagpur road in 1916. In 1917 he was commissioned Lieutenant in charge of the Military Works as Garrison Engineer, Tank, North West Frontier Province, constructing factories, railway lines, roads, wells etc and in 1918 and 1919 he was promoted to Captain and put in charge of Manjai Cantonment, erecting 40 barracks and 6 officers' quarters in addition to 12 miles of roads. Research includes a full list of the projects on which he worked during the war. London Gazette 18 June 1940 he was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the Royal Engineers (late Capt. I.A.R.O.) and he resigned his commission 15 June 1944 on account of ill-health. He died in 1950.

1914-1920 British War Medal
421 BHISTI ABDUL HAKIM, 92 PJBIS          £40
BARIM KHAN ZARIF KHAN                       £30

1914-18 Victory Medal

2780 SEPOY SULTAN ALI, 20 INFY.              £18  
1585 SEPOY HASSAN SHAH, 1-22 PJBIS.      £18
2752 SEPOY MOHD KHAN. 1-26 PJBS.          £18

1106 SEPOY SHER ZAMAN, 27 PJBIS.           £18
3829 SEPOY RAJ WALLI, 46 PJBIS               £18 
3282 SEPOY SHAHZADA, 52 SIKHS F.F.        £18
1020 SEPOY MARDAN ALI, 53 SIKHS.           £20
1066 SEPOY GHEBA KHAN, 54 SIKHS.            £20

3517 SEPOY SAJAWAL KHAN, 72 PJBIS          £18      
4272 SEPOY SAMUNDER KHAN, 1-89 PJBIS.    £18
2476 SEPOY MUHOL WALI, 1-89 PJBIS.         £18      

2382 SEPOY BAGH ALI, 90 PJBIS.                 £18

12998 HAVR. NUR ALAM, 91 PJBIS.                £18
3247 SEPOY NAINAB KHAN, 92 PJBIS.            £18
3345 SEPOY KASHAM KHAN, 92 PJBIS.          £18
3247 SEPOY NAWAB KHAM, 92 PJBIS.            £18


4283 SEPOY FAMAN KHAN, 93 INFY.              £18
4068 SEPOY FATTEH KHAN, 109 INFY             £18
4558 SEPOY NUR HUSSAIN, 1-113 INFY.           £18
2596 RFMN. FAZAL KHAN, 123.OTRM.RFLS.     £18     (Reverse rubbed)        
3391 RFMN. FEROZ KHAN, 123.OTRM.RFLS.    £18
1765 SPR. KAMAR DIN, RY. BN. S&M.             £25 
MOHD ISMAIL. POSTAL DEPT.                      £20

Indian Overseas Service Badge  pin on back.  £20

GVI Indian Recruiting Badges (no ribbon)

2355   £75

2362   £75

2747   £75

2619   £75 


1939/45 War Medal  91333 L/NK. GURBAKHSH SINGH, BOMBAY S.&M.GP.   £12

1939/45 War Medal  3929279 SHAKI CHAND                                         £12
1939/45 War Medal  MTS/807468 SEP. SHEO LAL, R.I.A.S.C. (M.T.)           £12

1939/45 War Medal  180639 SWEEPER HALIDI.                                              £10 naming rubbed, unit erased  

1939/45 Star 781847 L/NK. SADHU SINGH, R.I.A.S.C. (A.T.)                        £10

Pakistan Independence Medal  NAZIR AHMAD F.C. 8087                                   £10

Pakistan Independence Medal  3029648 SEP. DILAWAR KHAN. 8 PUNJAB R.     £10

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