India General Service Medal  Pegu   WM HALL. 51ST FOOT.      £345              
Medal confirmed on roll. He went to pension 1853 and died 1874.

India General Service Medal  Samana 1891   1905 CPL. DRUMMER O'CONNELL. 2ND MANCHESTER REGT.      £330                
Medal confirmed on roll. Charles Michael O'Connell was born in Manchester and enlisted April 1887, aged 18. Served in India from 1889 to 1895. He was discharged April 1899. Re-called May 1899.
Entitled to Queen's South Africa Medal with 3 clasps. Discharged August 1903. Medal roll and service record does not state drummer.         (AF)

Private George Eade
Scots Guards
Queen's South Africa Medal   Cape Colony / Wittebergen  9811 PTE. G. EADE, SCOTS GDS:     £225
George Eade was born 1872 in Gosport and enlisted into the Royal Sussex Regiment 1890, serving in the UK until he discharged by purchase 1892
but soon re-enlisted into the Scots Guards in September 1892. The 2nd Battalion proceeded to South Africa on the ss Britannic, arriving at Cape Town 6 April 1900. Moved to Senekal 25 May 1900 and took part in the action at Biddulphsberg 29 May. The battalion then spent several weeks guarding passes west of Brandwater Basin from June. Eade was taken ill with enteric fever and died 20 September 1900 in Senekal, Orange Free State, of enteric fever. He is listed on the Senekal Anglo-Boer War Memorial.
His wife and three children were living in Brighton, where his medal was sent in 1902. She intended to go into service and was being helped by the Soldiers and Sailors Families Association, finally securing her pension from the army in 1906.

Private Alfred Collier
Seaforth Highlanders
India Service Medal  Relief of Chitral   3872 Pte. A. Collier 2nd Bn Seaforth Highlrs.      £250              
Medal and clasp confirmed on roll. Alfred Collier also served in the Boer War and is entitled to a Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps Paardeberg, Driefontein, Wittebergen and South Africa 1901.
He died of enteric fever at Springfontein 16 February 1901.

Khedive's Star 1884-6     J  G       £80  
Initials engraved on reverse. 

Private George Darke
Somerset Light Infantry
Queen's South Africa Medal   Cape Colony / Tugela Heights / Orange Free State / Relief of Ladysmith / Transvaal  5159 PTE. G. DARKE, SOMERSET: LT INF.    £200
George Edward Darke was born in Bath and enlisted July 1898, aged 18. Served in South Africa December 1899 to April 1903, then India, where he was in 1914. Served in Mesopotamia from Augusy 1916 to February 1918; being wounded in the legs 25 January 1917. He was discharged July 1919. Entitled to King's South Africa Medal, British War and Victory Medals.     (A.F.)

Sergeant L. Plumb
Royal Dragoons
Queen's South Africa Medal   Tugela Heights / Relief of Ladysmith  3457 Sjt. L. PLUMB. 1/Rl. Drgns    SOLD
Medal engraved. Medal roll confirms clasps. Medal has ghost dates. Regiment now part of the Blues and Royals.

Private Jacob Mustoo
South Wales Borderers
Queen's South Africa Medal   Cape Colony / Orange Free State / Johannesburg  1928 PTE. J. MUSTOO, S. WALES BORD: 
King's South Africa Medal       South Africa 1901 / South Africa 1902                   1928 PTE. J. MUSTOO. S. WALES BORD: 
Jacob Mustoo was born in Abersychan, Monmouthshire, the son of John and Harriet Mustoo of Trevethin, Monmouthshire. In 1881 he was working as a coal miner. He enlisted into the South Wales Borderers in July 1886, aged 19. Served in India 1889 to 1893. He was discharged to the Army Reserve in July 1898 but recalled for service in the Boer War with the 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers (clasps conformed on rolls). He returned to work at the coal mine at Llanerch as a "repairer". While at work on 9 October 1914 he was lifting a heavy post and ruptured a blood vessel. He died 7 days later.
Pair: SOLD  

Private John Walker
Highland Light Infantry
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan NWF1919   40447 PTE. J. WALKER, HIGH.L.I.      £125              
John Walker enlisted into the Scottish Rifles and then served with the 10/11th Highland Light Infantry and then the 1st Battalion H.L.I.  Medal roll confirms medal and clasp and that he was attached
to the 1st Battalion Durham Light Infantry during the Afghanistan War. He was transferred to the reserve 7 November 1919. 

Private Joseph Franklin
Leicestershire Regiment
India Service Medal 1854 Burma 1887-89  836 Pte. J. Franklin 2d Bn Leic. R.  £230
Medal engraved in running script. Roll confirms Joseph Franklin. Born 1865, enlisted 1883. Sailed for India January 1886 on the ship Hankow.

Sudan Medal Khartoum    £200
Unnamed as issued.

Private Tom Wood
27 Battalion Imperial Yeomanry
Queen's South Africa Medal  Cape Colony / South Africa 1902   37955 PTE. T. WOOD. 27TH BN. IMP: YEO:     £145
Medal roll shows entitlment to Cape Colony and South Africa 1902. Tom Wood. 27th Imperial Yeomanry.
Tom Wood was from Kendal, Westmorland and was a butcher by trade. He had served with the Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry and enlisted into the 123rd squadron, 27th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry in January 1902 (aged 20), serving as an officer's groom. To South Africa May 1902 and returned to UK November 1902. Discharged 25 November 1902.

Private John William Castle
Yorkshre Regiment

British War Medal                                                                       9255 CPL. J.W. CASTLE. YORK. R.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919   9255 CPL. J.W. CASTLE. 1-YORK. R.
Copy papers. John William Castle was from Northallerton, Yorkshire and enlisted in April 1908. To India with the 1st Battalion January 1913.
The battalion spent the entire First World War in India. Both medals confirmed. Discharged January 1920.
Pair: £195 

Staff Sergeant Alfred Tanner
Royal Field Artillery

1914/15 Star          97769. DVR. A. TANNER, R.F.A.
British War Medal   
97769 GNR. A. TANNER. R.A.
Victory Medal          97769 GNR. A. TANNER. R.A.
Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal Regular Army 
1025026 S.SJT. A. TANNER. R.A.
Alfred Tanner was born 1897 in Stoke Newington and went to France 10 June 1915. He served until February 1937.
Group of Four: £175

Private Albert Walter Long
King's Shropshire Light Infantry
British War Medal                                             20852 PTE. A.W. LONG. K.S.L.I.
Victory Medal                                                               20852 PTE. A.W. LONG. K.S.L.I.
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV)   
Mounted as worn. Albert Walter Long served with the 5th Battalion King's Shropshire Light Infantry and then the 7th Battalion.
Group of Three: £85

Sergeant R. Alexander
British War Medal                                                                143360 A-CPL. R. ALEXANDER. R.E.
Victory Medal                                          
                        143360 A-CPL. R. ALEXANDER. R.E.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan NWF 1919  143360 SGT. R. ALEXANDER, 2 Q.V.O. S & M.
Copy MIC for pair. 2nd Queen Victoria's Own Sappers and Miners, Indian Army.
Group of Three: £250   

 Gunner William Read
Royal Field Artillery

British War Medal                                                                123369 GNR. W. READ. R.F.A.
Victory Medal                                          
                       123369 GNR. W. READ. R.A.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan NWF 1919  123369 GNR. W. READ. R.A.
William Read was from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey and enlisted March 1916, aged 24. Served in France from June 1916. Posted to India August 1917. Served in the Afghan War attached to HQ 7 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Copy service papers.
Discharged February 1920.
Group of Three: £150

2nd Lieutenant Frank Thomas Williams
Welsh Regiment

British War Medal     2.LIEUT. F.T. WILLIAMS.
Victory Medal           
Three copy photos annotated on reverse. 
Frank Thomas Williams was born in Wrexham and was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the Welsh Regiment in Novembner 1917. He was attached to the 2nd Battalion South Wales Borderers and wounded and captured in France 12 April 1918. He was held at Blankenburg before being transferred to Schneidnitz Camp. He returned to the UK 25 December 1918 and relinquished his commission 21 May 1920.
Pair: £225
British War Medal     290331 PTE. H.G. PEACEY. GLOUC.R.
Victory Medal           
 290331 PTE. H.G. PEACEY. GLOUC.R.
Henry George Peacey was a butcher from Chalford, Gloucestershire. He served in the 8th Gloucesters. 

Pair: £60
British War Medal     2758 PTE. L. WARNER. R.FUS.
Victory Medal           
 2758 PTE. L. WARNER. R.FUS.
Leonard Warner went to France 30 August 1915 with the Royal Fusiliers. Later transferred to the Labour Corps and discharged June 1918 while serving with 677 Employment Company. Entitled to a Silver War Badge.
Pair: £40

British War Medal     
24950 PTE. W. UNITT. WORC. R.
Victory Medal           
 24950 PTE. W. UNITT. WORC. R.
William Unitt was born in 1889 in Redditch, Worcestershire and was a carpenter and joiner by trade. In 1911 he was living in St. Georges Road, Redditch. He served with the 14th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and later transferred to the 19th Battalion Welsh Regiment.  

Pair: £45

British War Medal     26375 PTE. H. OSBORNE. WORC. R.
Victory Medal           
 26375 PTE. H. OSBORNE. WORC. R.
Harry Osborne served with the 14th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment.   

Pair: £45

British War Medal      G-13196 PTE. W. BARRETT. E. KENT R.
Memorial Plaque        WILLIAM BARRETT
William Barrett was from Kings Lynn, Norfolk and was
Died of wounds 21 May 1917 serving with the 7th Battalion East Kent Regiment. He is buried at Tournai Cemetery. Also entitled to Victory Medal.

Pair: £120

Victory Medal              21363 PTE. C. REEDER. CHES.R. 
Memorial Plaque        CHARLES REEDER
Plaque is polished but name can be read.
Charles Reeder lived in Bretton, near Barnsley. Served with the 16th Battalion Cheshire Regiment. He died of wounds 21 March 1916 and was buried at Bethune Town Cemetery. Entitled to British War Medal.

Pair: £110

1914 star         5-267 PTE. W. CHARLES. RIF:BRIG:  £70
MIC. William Charles went to France with the 2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade 30 August 1914 and later transferred to the 12th Battalion. He was discharged to class Z 11 april 1919.

1914/15 Star
  13070 PTE. R. BRIGGS. BORD.R.    £35  
MIC. Robert Briggs. Also served Royal Welch Fusiliers. From Durham. Awarded Silver War Badge for sickness.

British War Medal

242246 PTE. W. CATLING. W.RID.R.   £35
William Catling served with 1/5th Battalion West Riding Regiment. He was discharged 19 September 1917 but without a silver war badge. He died 3 Septemner 1969. Entitled to Victory Medal. 

Victory Medal

015717 PTE. G. BRIERLEY. A.O.C.                £15    George Brierley from Royton, Lancashire. He was discharged June 1919.
7999 PTE. W. MILLARD. GLOUC.R.                £20    William Millard. Served 1st Bn, France 13 August 1914. Entitled 1914 Star & clasp, British War Medal.
6.3639 PTE. R. PHILLIPSON. NORTH'D FUS.    £15
T4330 PTE. F. DUCKERING. QUEEN'S R.           £20   MIC. Frederick Duckering. Entitled to IGS Afghan NWF1919

7673 PTE. A. LOFTHOUSE. W. YORKS.R.         £25    MIC Albert. Entitled 1914 Star/clasp & Silver War Badge
2601 CPL. R. HARRIS. L'POOL R.                  £15


Volunteer Force Long Service Medal (Victorian)
Un-named as issued in first years  £50

Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medals


Regular Army (GV)

1855586 SGT. J. CONNELLY. R.SIGS.   £85
Robed bust medal (1930-36). His service number is a Royal Engineers number. Royal Signals was formed in 1920.

Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (GV)   690020 SJT. C.W. HORSLEY. R.F.A.   £70
Charles William Horseley served in France from September 1915 with the Royal Field Artillery. Awarded his TFEM May 1919.

Territorial Efficiency Medal (GV)   5174588 SJT. S.J. LIPPETT. 5 GLOUC.R.      £85
Medal awarded November 1922.    (A.F.)

Framed Commission Scroll    SOLD
Original framed scroll appointing JOHN AUGUSTUS ATHERTON to be a Major in His Majesty's Land Forces, dated 21st September 1914. Atherton had a commmission in the 3rd Volunteer Battalion Essex Regiment but was too old to serve overseas and so was appointed a recruiter in Dorset. He was a solicitor with an office in Weymouth and was a prominent Freemason in his area. He died at his home in Weymouth in January 1935.

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