Sutlej Medal  Sobraon reverse:               WM KNIGHT 9TH LANCERS
Punjab Medal  Chilianwala / Goojerat     W. KNIGHT, 9TH LANCERS.

William Knight was from Tunbridge, Kent and enlisted into the 12th Lancers in July 1838. He transferred to the 9th Lancers in April 1842 and served a total of 15 years, 10 of them being in India.
He served in the Gwalior Campaign at the Battle of Punniar (entitled to the Star); then at Sobraon during the Sutlej Campaign. He was present at the passage of the Chenab and the Battles of Chilianwala and Goojerat during the Punjab Camapign. He was discharged at Chatham in September 1852, aged 34. In 1871 he was working as a plasterer and living in Windsor, Berkshire. He died there in 1878.    (P.S.)

Pair: £1650

Crimea Medal  Unnamed   £150  

Private John Grace
6th Foot
India General Service Medal Northwest Frontier 204. J. GRACE. H M's. 1st BN, 6TH REGT.    £300
John Grace enlisted in the 51st Regiment in 1858 but transferred to the 6th Regiment soon after. Served in the Indian Mutiny, medal confirmed on roll. He was awarded the I.G.S. Medal for service in the Hazara Expedition. He was discharged February 1879, after just over 20 years service. 

Private William Howe
Rifle Brigade
India General Service Medal Burma 1885-87  4573 Pte. W. Howe 1st Bn Rif. Brig.    £175
William Howe. Medal and clasp confirmed on roll.

PrivateT. Evans
King's Royal Rifle Corps

Afghanistan Medal Kandahar/Ahmed Khel 746 PTE. T. EVANS. 2/60TH FOOT.   £400
Thomas Evans was born 1841 and enlisted into the 2nd Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps in 1860. A year later he was serving in China and by 1871 was a Sergeant serving in India. However, by 1879 he was back to Private. Discharged March 1882. Clasps confirmed on roll. Discharge sheet shows entitlement to the Kabul to Kandahar Star.

Corporal Charles O'Connell
Manchester Regiment
India General Service Medal  Samana 1891   1905 CPL. DRUMMER O'CONNELL. 2ND MANCHESTER REGT.      £275                
Medal confirmed on roll. Charles Michael O'Connell was born in Manchester and enlisted April 1887, aged 18. Served in India from 1889 to 1895. He was discharged April 1899. Re-called May 1899. Entitled to Queen's South Africa Medal with 3 clasps. Discharged August 1903. Medal roll and service record does not state drummer.         (AF)

Lirut. J. T
5th Lancers
Egypt Medal 1882 Tel-el-Kebir  LIEUT. J.           5TH LANCERS                    £100
Medal has been erased and renamed. Lettering of surname is hardly visible.


Sergeant William Ansell/Hurrell
Royal West Kent Regiment
Egypt Medal 1882 The Nile 1884-5          852        ANSELL. 1/R.W. K     R. Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal  2352  SERGT. W.H. HURRELL R:W:KENT R Khedive's Star 1882 William Henry Ansell was born in Bristol. He is shown on Egypt Roll as Wm Ansell and confirms 1882 medal with clasp for The Nile. 1884-85. The Long Service Medal Roll shows William Henry Ansell but the surname is crossed out and changed to Hurrell. Medal engraved with a different service number, in a different style to the rest of the naming. Naming a bit worn in Egypt Medal. Pension Board statement gives 2352 William Henry Hurrell, served 21 years, in India, Egypt, Soudan, Gibraltar and Malta.  
Group of Three: £380   (JW)

Volunteer Long Service Medal   Unnamed  £50

L/Corporal Henry Harrison
Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Queen's Sudan Medal   3072 L/CPL. H. HARRISON. 1/R.WAR:R.   £300    (JW) Henry Harrison was born in Birmingham and enlisted November 1890. Discharged to Reserve October 1899 but recalled a month later for South Africa. Received QSA with 3 clasps. Discharged November 1902.

Corporal G. Cambridge
13th Hussars
Queen's Sudan Medal  CORPL: G. CAMBRIDGE. 13TH HUSSARS.     £125  
Engraved naming. Recipient not traced.

Private W. Austin
Eoyal Warwickshire Regiment
Queen's Sudan Medal    3623. PTE. W. AUSTIN. 1/R. WAR: R.   
Khedive's Sudan Medal  3623 PRIVATE. W. AUSTIN. 1ST ROY. WARWICKSHIRE. REGT    
William Austin was born in Oxford and enlisted April 1892 into the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, aged 19. Served in Ceylon, Malta, Egypt (January 1897 to October 1898) and East Indies. Discharged April 1904. Medals confirmed on roll.
Pair: £400

Private Elijah Woodings
Royal Warwickshire Regiment

Queen's Sudan Medal 4882 PTE. E. WOODINGS. 1/R.WAR:R.   £275
Elijah Woodings was born in Birmingham and joined the 3rd Militia Battalion Royal Warwickshire Regiment in January 1896, aged 17. Discharged November 1896 on enlistment into the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Medal rolls show also entitled to Khedive's Sudan Medal without clasp.

Private David Muir
Cameron Highlanders
Khedive's Sudan Medal The Atbara/Khartoum 3800 Pte MUIR. 1 CAM. HIGHrs    £290  (JW)
David Muir was born in Lochgelly, Fife and enlisted 1896, aged 18. Served in Gibraltar, Egypt and South Africa. Also recieved the Queen's Sudan Medal, QSA with 3 clasps and KSA with 2 clasps. Discharged May 1908.

Lieutenant John Black
Royal Lancaster Regiment
Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony/Orange Free State           Lieut. J. BLACK, Rl. Lanc. Rgt.
King's South Africa Medal South Africa 1901/South Africa 1902      Lieut. J. BLACK, Rl. Lanc. Rgt.
Engraved naming. John Black was the son of Rev. John Black (professor at Aberdeen University). Educated at Gordon's College, he joined Messrs R.G. haw & Co, London to work in business. He managed the company branches in Madras and Colombo. Volunteered for service in South Africa with 3rd Bn Royal Lancaster Regiment. June 1915 commissioned Lieutenent, General Reserve of Officers (Staff duties in Alexandria). Appointed D.A.A.G. on the staff of the Royal Artillery. MiD 15 May 1917.
He died 26 September 1917 at Rouen Military Hospital, France. Buried at St. Sever Cemetery, Rouen. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.
Pair: £350

Private C. Rennie
Kaffrarian Rifles
Queen's South Africa Medal  Cape Colony/Wepener/Transvaal/Witterburgen   965 PTE. C. RENNIE. KAFFRN: RIFLES   £550  
Clasps confirmed on roll. 

Private  Daniel Assor
Kimberley Town Guard
Queen's South Africa Medal Defence of Kimberley  PTE. D. ASSOR. KIMBERLEY TOWN GD:
Kimberley Star  (hallmark D)
Daniel Assor married Mary Fisher in Kimnberley in June 1893. He is also listed in Cape Estate Death Notices as having died in 1906.
Pair: £475  

Band Sergeant Charles Sewell
Lancashire Fusiliers
Queen's South Africa Medal Relief of Ladysmith  5036 CORPL: C. SEWELL. LANC: FUS:
Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal (EdVII)  8313 BND. SERJT. C. SEWELL. LANC. FUS.
3 Silver Fobs:
Charles Joseph Sewell was born in London and enlisted into the Lancashire Fusiliers February 1888, aged 14. Appointed Bandsman July 1889. Served in South Africa December 1899 to July 1900. Reported wounded at Venters Spruit 17-20 January 1900. Transferred to Hampshire Regiment February 1901 as No.
2536. Transferred back to the Lancashire Fusiliers March 1902 as No. 8313. Medal and clasp confirmed. Awarded Long Service Medal 1913. Discharged February 1913, conduct "exemplary".
In 1921 he was a Commissionaire Sergeant living in Hendon, with a son named Eric.
He died in London 29 August 1944.
Pair: £350

Private T. Dixon
Royaln Irish Fusiliers
Queen South Africa Medal Cape Colony/Tugela Heights/Relief of Ladysmith/Transvaal/Orange Free State  6542 CPL T. DIXON. RL. IRISH FUS:
King's South Africa Medal South Africa 1901/South Africa 1902   6542 PTE T. DIXON. RL: IRISH FUS:
Medals and clasps confirmed on rolls.
Pair: £300  

Private William Weir
7th Dragoon Guards
Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal  1530 PTE. W. KEIR. 7TH DRAGN GDS  £120
William Weir was born in Auchtermucty, Fife and enlisted February 1856 in the 7th Dragoon Guards, aged 18. He was discharged February 1877. This is his only medal entitlement.
Memorial Plaque      HAROLD WILLIAM ANDREWS    £60
Harold William Andrews was born in Brixton and was 18 when he enlisted into Royal Field Artillery (Territorials) in September 1913. Went to France with 47th (London) Division. Killed in action 23 April 1917 and buried at Cabaret-Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez.

Private George Edwin Taylor
Royal Army Medical Corps
1914 Star                          20736 PTE. G. TAYLOR. R.A.M.C.
British War Medal              20736 PTE. G.E. TAYLOR. R.A.M.C. Victory Medal                     20736 PTE. G.E. TAYLOR. R.A.M.C.       Territorial Efficiency Medal (GV)  1650 PTE. G. TAYLOR. R.A.M.C. George Edwin Taylor arrived in France 23 August 1914. Framed with badges and buttons. Medals have been checked. Includes a South Midland R.A.M.C. title.
Group of Four: £250

Private John William Castle
Yorkshre Regiment
British War Medal                                                                        9255 CPL. J.W. CASTLE. YORK. R.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919   9255 CPL. J.W. CASTLE. 1-YORK. R.
Copy papers. John William Castle was from Northallerton, Yorkshire and enlisted in April 1908. To India with the 1st Battalion January 1913.
The battalion spent the entire First World War in India. Both medals confirmed. Discharged January 1920.
Pair: £135 

Sergeant R. Alexander
British War Medal                                                                143360 A-CPL. R. ALEXANDER. R.E.
Victory Medal                                          
                        143360 A-CPL. R. ALEXANDER. R.E.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan NWF 1919  143360 SGT. R. ALEXANDER, 2 Q.V.O. S & M.
Copy MIC for pair. 2nd Queen Victoria's Own Sappers and Miners, Indian Army.
Group of Three: £150

 Gunner William Read
Royal Field Artillery
British War Medal                                                                123369 GNR. W. READ. R.F.A.
Victory Medal                                          
                       123369 GNR. W. READ. R.A.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan NWF 1919  123369 GNR. W. READ. R.A.
William Read was from Walton-on-Thames, Surrey and enlisted March 1916, aged 24. Served in France from June 1916. Posted to India August 1917. Served in the Afghan War attached to HQ 7 Brigade, Royal Field Artillery. Copy service papers.
Discharged February 1920.
Group of Three: £120
British War Medal     24950 PTE. W. UNITT. WORC. R.
Victory Medal           
 24950 PTE. W. UNITT. WORC. R.
William Unitt was born in 1889 in Redditch, Worcestershire and was a carpenter and joiner by trade. In 1911 he was living in St. Georges Road, Redditch. He served with the 14th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment and later transferred to the 19th Battalion Welsh Regiment.  

Pair: £38

British War Medal

218657 SPR. F. SRAWLEY. R.E.   £20
Frank Sprawley was from Birmingham and served with a Light Railway Operating Company. He died in 1959.

M-270943 CPL. N.K. LIVINGSTONE. A.S.C.    £20
Norman Karl Livingstone was from Balsall Heath, Birmingham and in 1911 was an ironmonger manager, aged 22. He died 25 April 1967. Entitled to Victory Medal. 

Victory Medal


Private T. Sweetman
King's Regiment

India General Service Medal Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919 64731 PTE. T. SWEETMAN, KING'S   REGT.    £80
Thomas Sweetman served with 2nd Battalion King's Liverpool Regiment. He is also entitled to a British War Medal.