Kukri with scabbard & 2 small knives.
31cm blade.   £95  

1940s Indian-made Kukri with scabbard and 2 small knives.
Blade stamped GUARANTEED BEST STEEL   £100  
32cm blade. Old paper label on handle.
From collection of a retired Gurkha officer. 


The current kukri used by the Gurkhas
with scabbard and 2 small knives.   SOLD
Blade 31 cm long. A new style of blade, as seen above.

 Kukri with decorated scabbard, Garnets Turquoise and other semi precious stones £200 
Blade is 30 cm long

Kukri with scabbard and 2 small knives.
Blade is 29cm. Stamped INDIAN HANDCRAFT CENTRE. £65

A mystery solved!
Collectors have been debating the origins of kukris stamped "TEMPERED STEEL MADE IN INDIA  ALLIED"
Recently we purchased items from a family who were able to answer the question of who produced these and when were they made: "my father, a machine tool engineer, was commissioned by General Slim to manufacture at great speed many thousands of these weapons."

Kukris with scabbard & small knives.  
Decorated Handles. 38cm long.
Pair: £85

Late 19th Century kukri  £90
32cm blade. no scabbard

1950s-60s Military kukri  SOLD
27cm blade. Scabbard and 2 small knives.
Not numbered

Small Kukri with scabbard, frog and 2 knives.  £65
Blade 22 cm long.

Decorative Kukri with decorated scabbard.  £65 
Blade 28 cm. All metal handle. With 2 knives.
One side of blade plain, other side decorated.

Kukri with scabbard & 2 small knives.  £85 
Blade 28 cm. Unusual green handle and decorated blade.

Presentation Gurkha Kukri  £325 

With scabbard and 2 knives.
Scabbard decorated with a peacock and 2 sets of crossed kukris (Nepalese silver and possibly gold). Reflection on blade. Blade is 30 cm long.
Belonged to a deceased Gurkha officer

1950s Gurkha Kukri  £125
With scabbard
Blade is 29 cm long.

Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives.  £60
Blade is 22 cm long.

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Sikh Kirpan Dagger  £75
With scabbard and mother of pearl handle
Blade 27cm long. Fabric covered scabbard, which has torn on back.

Afghanistan-Northest Frontier Khyber Knife  £85
With scabbard
Blade 21 cm long

This was presented to a member of the S.A.S. serving in Oman by Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said.
The name of the British soldier will be provided to the purchaser. The blade is 16 cm from bottom of hilt to tip.
Price: £425 

small Jambiya with brass scabbard. £30
11 cm blade which is stamped RIE and has a small red glass inset on both sides.


Indonesian Kris £255
wood and metal
Blade is 24cm long


Indonesian Golok Sword £195

wood and metal
Blade is 38cm long

Indonesian Kris £295
Blade is 34cm long