Various Knives - You must be at least 18 years old to purchase a knife

"Professional Throwing Knife"  £35
12.5 cm long blade. Has Professional Throwing Knife on blade. Leather sheath.

William Rodgers
Knife      £30
12.5 cm long blade. William Rodgers, Sheffield on blade. Leather sheath.

Metal handled knife  £50
18 cm long blade. Metal covered sheath.

Cretan Knife   £15
13 cm long blade. Blade has Greek text and an outline of the island of Crete. Slight damage on end of handle. Plastic sheath.

Sheffield Knife   £35
12.5 cm long blade. Sheffield, England on blade. Leather sheath.

Turkish Knife   £50
12 cm long curved blade. Text along one side of blade. Wooden sheath.

Unidentified Knife   £40
17.5 cm long blade. Wooden sheath. No markings on blade.

Short Knife   £10
10 cm long blade. Leather sheath repaired with tape. No markings on blade. Wooden handle.

Small horse head Knife   £35
6.8 cm long blade. Leather sheath.

Stainless Steel Knife   £30
19 cm long blade. Fabric sheath.

ITALY William Rodgers Knife   £40
15 cm long blade. Leather sheath. Blade has "Bowie" "WHITBY" AND "ITALY" stamped.

MAXAM stainless steel Knife   £75
21 cm long blade. Fabric sheath. "Mfg in China, Nat'l. Headquarters U.S.A." Plastic handle.

SILVER SNIPE Knife   £25
7 cm long blade. Stainless Steel Japan on blade.

1940 British Army Jack Knife   £38
7 cm long blade. BUTCHER Sheffield on blade.

1951 British Army Jack Knife   £25
6.5 cm long blade. Leather sheath.William Rodgers, Sheffield on blade and a sticker on handle.

1952 British Army Jack Knife   £20
6 cm long blade. 1952 Harrison Fisher & Co. Ltd. Sheffield on side.

"Trench Art" Letter Opener    £15
12 cm long blade. Brass. Bullet case has J17 stamped on bottom.

"Japanese Sword" Letter Opener   £15
12 cm long blade. Wooden sheath.

Silver "Malay Kris" Letter Opener   £50
14.5 cm long blade. With Malay silver mark.

"German Bayonet" Letter Opener   SOLD
14 cm long blade.

Rope Splicing working kit   £45
10 cm long blade. "I Cut My Way" William Rodgers, Sheffield on blade.

Small Kukri           £30
24 cm long blade. Decorated sheath. The two small knives are missing.