Presentation 3-band ENFIELD Rifle     £800 new commission price
Very nice condition. TOWER marked 1863. With engraved plate on butt. "Presented by G.H. Whalley Esq. MP to Benjamin Lloyd Lewis of Nant Yr Hendry for his manly and correct conduct in the affair of 7th Sept 1863."
George Hammond Whalley was MP for Peterborough from 1859, but had an interest in a company that was building a railway in Montgomeryshire. He was well-known at the time for his work with the Volunteer Rifles movement and in Parliament was outspoken against Catholic interests, which he saw as a threat. What the "affair" was is unclear, but "manly" conduct suggests violence? Benjamin Lloyd Lewis was a farmer from Nant Yr Hendry in Montgomeryshire.


Indian-made smooth bore percussion gun     £285
8 bore? Overall length 60 inches.

13 Bore Gun by a Worcester gunsmith    £310
Lockplate engraved PERRINS & SON. Replacement ramrod. Perrins & Son were gunsmiths in Worcester from the 1840s. Proofmarks on barrel date it between 1855 and 1868.

Flintlock converted to percussion      SOLD
With replacement ramrod. Engraved GEO. JONES on lock plate.


Typical Omani Matchlock  £200
Portuguese manufactured barrel. Probably 16th/17th century. Working mechanism. 143 cm long. Replacement ramrod.

South Arabian Matchlock with damascus barrel  £200
Indian manufacture for the Arabain market. High status tribal item. Circa late 17th/early 18th century. 145 cm long. Working mechanism.
Replacement ramrod.

Metal Powder Flask                  £45  
No maker's name. 17 cm long

Metal Powder Flask                  £80  
Stamped Bartram & Co. 19 cm long

Metal Shotgun Powder Flask                £80
Stamped G & JW Hawksley. 19 cm long
19th Century Powder Can
Label on each side: 'The Diamond Grain Gunpowder made only by Curtis & Harvey, Hounslow and London.'
The other side shows a musket and a dead bird. Top pulls off. Some wear to black painted finish.
Measures 7.5 cm by 14 cm. Unusual. Flash from camera obscures the label.

Leather Shot Flask.         £45

11.5 cm long. Engraved on side of brass bowl - DECIG POUDRE
Wooden handle has a 2 cm split on the top.

Shot-gun de-capper and sizer
for a 12 bore
Price: £40

Bullet/cartridge crimper?
Marked RBG2. 8D/2538.

Price: £40

Turn over machine for 12 bore
Brass and ebony, made by G.& O Mawsley