Cased Reproduction Westley Richards Pistol  SOLD  
With reproduction plaque and ball. Case measures 38cm x 24cm x 6cm

French-made barrel dueling pistol for the Caucasus  SOLD 
Early 19th century pistol with miquelet lock. Ball trigger. Eastern Georgian style woodwork; inlaid with bird-like figures.
In working order. Over all 50 cm long. The length and presence of a simple site suggests a dueling pistol.


1817 pattern Swiss flintlock     £850 
AARGAU arsenal marks carved into butt. Liege manufactured, based on the French 1777 model. Complete with ramrod and leather sling.
Aargau is a Canton of Switzerland. Metal parts have matching number. 55 inches long over all.

Albanian (Ottoman) Arnautka miquelet flintlock      £850 
With Italian-made COMIN barrel. Early 19th Century. Decorated metal work. Ball trigger. Approx. 65 inches long over all.  

Typical Omani Matchlock  £350 
Portuguese manufactured barrel. Probably 16th/17th century. Working mechanism. 143 cm long. Replacement ramrod.

South Arabian Matchlock with damascus barrel  £395 
Indian manufacture for the Arabain market. High status tribal item. Circa late 17th/early 18th century. 145 cm long. Working mechanism.
Replacement ramrod.

Percussion sporting gun by W. Richards   £300
Overall 116 cm long. Obsolete calibre.  


8-bore Fowling Piece, converted from flintlock to percussion   £350
Overall 149 cm long. Padded cheek-rest. Would benefit from some restoration. Obsolete calibre.

Carbine or "cut-down" percussion rifle   SOLD
Obsolete calibre. Measures 88 cm long over all. Lock plate engraved but difficult to read, possibly "Wheeler".

Metal Powder Flask                  £45  
No maker's name. 17 cm long

Metal Powder Flask                  £80  
Stamped Bartram & Co. 19 cm long

Metal Shotgun Powder Flask                £80
Stamped G & JW Hawksley. 19 cm long
19th Century Powder Can
Label on each side: 'The Diamond Grain Gunpowder made only by Curtis & Harvey, Hounslow and London.'
The other side shows a musket and a dead bird. Top pulls off. Some wear to black painted finish.
Measures 7.5 cm by 14 cm. Unusual. Flash from camera obscures the label.

Leather Shot Flask.         £45

11.5 cm long. Engraved on side of brass bowl - DECIG POUDRE
Wooden handle has a 2 cm split on the top.

Shot-gun de-capper and sizer
for a 12 bore
Price: £40

Bullet/cartridge crimper?
Marked RBG2. 8D/2538.

Price: £40

Turn over machine for 12 bore
Brass and ebony, made by G.& O Mawsley