Old gentleman's cane    £90
Blackthorn (?) and leather stick with silver fittings. Hallmarked Birmingham 1883 on top and centre part. Blank cartouche for personalising. Measures 77 cm long. Maker mark D&S

Old Riding crop with hidden blade   £150
Plaited leather riding crop with a hidden blade for sticking (flat edges). Over all length 50 cm. Blade length measures 36 cm and 7.5 cm handle. No maker marks.

Royal Irish Fusiliers officer's swagger stick   £75
Hallmarked silver top, Chester 1927. Measures 69 cm  over all.

Hill-walking stick   £50
Wooden stick with metal spike, which has a cover. Measures 96 cm long over all.

Carved walking stick, Royal Engineers on St. Helena 1888   £375
Stick measures 86 cm long. Carved in a spiral around the length of the stick is:

John Moses was from Darlington and enlisted into the Royal Engineers in 1885, aged 24. In October 1886 he was posted to St. Helena and remained there until April 1890, when he left for a 2 year posting to South Africa.
"The Ladder" was built in 1829 by the St. Helena Railway Company as a funicular to carry people up Ladder Hill to Ladder Fort. After termites had damaged the sleepers, the Royal Engineers were ordered to remove the cars and machinery. Alongside the rails was a 700-step staircase for pedestrians. It is thought that this was carved from some of the wood removed by the Royal Engineers. When he enlisted into the army, John Moses gave his trade as "carpenter".
He left the army in April 1897.

Silver topped cane  Hallmarked for Birmingham, possibly 1910 (marks are rubbed)   £70
93 cm long. End of top engraved: TO CPL. G from No.4 SQUAD  14-1-16    The top is 4 cm diameter.

The Prince of Wales's Own (Yorkshire) swagger stick.    £45
69 cm long.

The Queen's Regiment  swagger stick.   £50
58 cm long. Hallmarked silver top Birmingham 1912. Initials M.C.H. engraved on side of top.

The Prince of Wales Own Yorkshire Regiment  swagger stick.   £40
70 cm long. 

University of London Officer Training Corps  swagger stick.   £35
69 cm long. King's Crown.

Lancashire Fusiliers  swagger stick.   £40
69.5 cm long. 
Royal Engineers GV swagger stick.   £38
67 cm long. GV cypher.

Plain top swagger stick/cane.   £40
71 cm long. Top is very rubbed but shows SS&SP, probably hallmarks polished out. Bottom part has SS&SP and silver hallmarks but hard to read.

The Queen's  swagger stick.   £40
64 cm long. 

2nd Battalion The Lancashire Fusiliers  swagger stick.   £40
68 cm long. King's Crown.

13th Kensington Battalion, The London Regiment  swagger stick.   £45
69 cm long. Pre

The Buffs (East Kent Regiment)  swagger stick.   £40
73 cm long. No title but looks like the Buffs dragon.

The Royal Engineers swagger stick.   £35
70 cm long. GVI cypher.

Radley College Officer Training Corps swagger stick.   £35
67 cm long. 

The Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry  swagger stick.  SOLD
70 cm long. Dent in top.

Royal Welsh Fusiliers  swagger stick.   £40
68 cm long. Pre

The North Staffordshire Regiment  swagger stick.   £35
66 cm long. Split in metal top.

1st Battalion Dorsetshire Regiment  swagger stick.   £40
67 cm long. Initials PEB scratched into cane.

The Royal Army Medical Corps swagger stick.   £35
68 cm long. King's Crown.

The North Staffordshire Regiment  swagger stick.   £40
67 cm long. Pre

Royal Marines  swagger stick.  SOLD
68 cm long. King's Crown.

Shrewsbury College Officer Training Corps  swagger stick.   £35
68 cm long. 

The Liverpool Scottish (The King's Regiment)  swagger stick.   £45
69 cm long. Pre

Royal Marine Artillery swagger stick.   £50
68 cm long. Victorian crown.

Rugby School  swagger stick.   £35
68 cm long. Presumably for the Rugby School Officer Training Corps.

15th Battalion County of London Regiment, P.W.O. Civil Service King's Crown swagger stick.   £35
68 cm (24 inches) long. Small section of metal top is missing (as image)

Royal Engineers (GVI) stick, white metal end. Overall length 26 1/2 inches.    £38

Royal Army Medical Corps stick, white metal ends. King's Crown. Overall length 27 inches.   £35
Thick Plain cane, white metal ends. Overall length 61 cm (24 inches) £20 

Plain sticks
1. Camel Whip. 34 inches long.  £45
2. Bamboo cane with leather top. 24 inches long. £20
3. Bamboo Cane. 27 inches long.  £20
Bamboo Cane. 24 inches long. £20 5.
5. Leather clad cane. 20 inches long. £25
6. Riding Whip. 24 inches long named on the leather EEGEE Whip. SOLD