Brown Bess Bayonet without scabbard  SOLD  

Rare East India Company (India Pattern) Musket Bayonet with scabbard.  £150
1803 Indian bayonet, altered about 1817. Ring added around 1853. Scabbard approx. 1860 when it was adapted for use by Indian State Forces. 

Socket bayonet 
without scabbard.  £80
3 inch socket and 12 inch blade.

1853 Enfield socket bayonet  without scabbard  £60

1853 Enfield pattern socket bayonet without scabbard.  £60
Star stamp on blade.

1853 Enfield  pattern socket bayonet without scabbard.  £60
cruciform blade. The ring is jammed.

1842 pattern socket bayonet without scabbard.  £60
cruciform blade, with a small piece missing from blade (about 1 cm long).

1855 Lancaster Bayonet without scabbard.  £175
Produced for the Lancaster carbine. Stamped 2 CO 56. (Essex Regiment).

1860 Pattern Bayonet without scabbard.  £110

1876 Pattern Socket Bayonet without scabbard.  £95
Converted for the Martini-Henry rifle. War Dept stamp and G/88. Also stamped with Egyptian letters (later issued to the Egyptian Army).

1882 Lee-Metford Type 2 Bayonet with scabbard.  £185
Blade stamped EFD (Enfield). Various stamps on blade. Scabbard also stamped on back.
1887 Pattern Bayonet by WILKINSON SWORD COMPANY LONSON. With scabbard.  £295  
No. 4 Spike Bayonet MkII. With scabbard.  £28
Tip shaped like a screw-driver.

No. 4 Spike Bayonet MkII. With scabbard.  SOLD
By PSK - Prince-Smith & Stells, of Keighly, Yorkshire.

Indian Army Machete with leather scabbard.  £150
Stamp on scabbard and handle.

British Army Machete with leather scabbard.  £85
Stamped on both sides of blade

1907 Bayonet with scabbard and frog. £125
Stamped WILKINSON on blade. Chromed metalwork.

1907 Bayonet with scabbard and frog.   £125
Stamped SANDERSON  10 16. Later frog (1954) 
1907 Bayonet with scabbard. stampedfor SANDERSON but date 12  18 stamped over top.   £125

1907 Bayonet adapted for the Lanchester sub-machine gun  stamped S294 WSC 2 44  £295
With scabbard. The Lanchester was produced for the Royal Navy early in the war, based on the captured German MP28.

  Indian Army SMLE MKII Bayonet without scabbard. £70
Stamped GRI MKII 4 42  R.F.I - Rifle Factory Ishapore

No.5 MKII Bayonet with scabbard. No markings. In excellent condition.  SOLD
No.7 Bayonet with scabbard and frog. £195
Stamped W/78 and MK1 L

No.9 MKI Bayonet with scabbard. £60
Stamped P 1949 for Poole.
No.9 Bayonet with scabbard and frog. £65
Stamped P 1949 for Poole.
Fairbairn-Sykes Dagger with scabbard. £95
Unmarked modern type.

M1 Garrand (long) bayonet with scabbard. Stamped UFH US 1943   £275    

OWEN BAYONET with scabbard and frog.    £225
Handle stamped LAZ 44. Blade stamped OA for Orange Arsenal. Mangrovite scabbard. Frog not correct.  


1895 Mannlicher Bayonet £50
Blade stamped F.G. G.Y.

1895 Mannlicher Bayonet. With scabbard and frog.  £100
Blade stamped with upright lion symbol. Stamped H 8121 and OEWG.

1895 Mannlicher Bayonet. With scabbard and frog.  £100
Blade stamped OEWG.

1949 SA30 bayonet with scabbard.  £110

M1924 Export bayonet with scabbard.  £75
Cross guard stamped M (Belgian mark)
M1890 MAUSER BAYONET with metal scabbard.  £95


SMALL SWORD with tortoise-shell scabbard (parts of the tortoise shell are missing).    £120
Blade is 17 inches long.

1924 pattern  Mauser Bayonet with scabbard.  £85  
Produced under German occupation 1940-44. 
1924 pattern Mauser Bayonet with scabbard.  £75
CSZ E on blade. Scabbard stamped tgf 48.

1924 pattern Mauser Bayonet with scabbard.  £75
Stamped CSZ on blade.

Artrillery Sword without scabbard  £100  RESERVED

M1866 CHASSPOT BAYONET with scabbard   £95
Etienne 1868 on blade edge.

M1866 CHASSPOT BAYONET without scabbard   £75
Etienne 1871 on blade edge.

LEBEL 1886 BAYONET with scabbard and quillon.   £165
1st pattern.
LEBEL 1886/15 BAYONET with scabbard   £75
Brass handle. 

LEBEL 1886/15 BAYONET without scabbard   £50
Brass handle. Stamped with number and M in a circle.

M1866 CHASSPOT BAYONET with scabbard   £75  
1868 on blade edge. Pitted on end.
M1866 CHASSPOT BAYONET without scabbard   £75
Marking on blade edge is difficult to read.
M1874 GRAS BAYONET without scabbard   £45
Edge marked Steyr 1878.

2nd type.

1892 MANNLICHER BAYONET with scabbard   £60
Damage to handle as shown.


K98 PARADE BAYONET with scabbard and frog.    £95
No markings.
K98 PARADE BAYONET with scabbard.    £95
Blade stamped WKC.

M98 BAYONET with scabbard and frog.    £120
Blade stamped WKC.

FIREMAN'S BAYONET with scabbard and frog.    £145
Blade marked for Eickhorn Solingen, Original.

FIREMAN'S BAYONET with scabbard.    £120
stamped 5158.
GERMAN-MADE CHASSEPOT BAYONET with scabbard.    £150
Blade W R KIRSCHBAUM and a letter H in a shield. Made to fit a Remington Rifle.

K98/05 "BUTCHER" BAYONET with scabbard.    £145
Blade stamped CARL EICKHORN SOLINGEN. Edge stamped crown W 17.
MAUSER BAYONET with scabbard.    £95
Bayonet has a star stamped on crossguard and what looks like Hebrew letters on handle.

1870/87/16 Vetterli Bayonet (cut-down for world war one)  with scabbard.   £125
Scabbard stamped TERNI 1884


KRAG JORGENSEN M1914 BAYONET with scabbard.    £255  (JG)
Matching numbers on scabbard and bayonet.

M1896 MAUSER BAYONET with scabbard.  SOLD
With manufacturer anchor stamp for Eskilstuna Jernmanufactur AB.

M1896 MAUSER BAYONET without scabbard.  £45
With manufacturer anchor stamp for Eskilstuna Jernmanufactur AB.
M1918 Bayonet with scabbard and frog.  £190
Stamped NEHAUSEN. Leather frog stamped: M.LANZ SATTLER THUN

M1902 (type 45) BAYONET with metal scabbard.  £75
With Thai marking on blade.
M1902 (type 45) BAYONET with metal scabbard.  £75
With Thai marking on blade


M1948 MAUSER BAYONET with scabbard and frog.  £60
Blade stamped ПРЕДУЗЕЋЕ 44 which is the factory that produced the bayonets.

M1948 MAUSER BAYONET with scabbard. Blade stamped ПРЕДУЗЕЋЕ 44 which is the factory that produced the bayonets.  £50


American Butcher's knife   £25
Blade is 25 cm long; handle 13cm. Marked: U.S.  LANDERS, FRARAY & CLARK  1940

Short knife in wooden scabbard   £20


Pair of small Indian knives in scabbard knife   £70
Top knife is 20 cm long; blade 12 cm long. Inlaid bone handle and what may be Hindi scripton part of handle that connects to the blade.
Bottom knife is 16 cm long; blade is 9 cm long. Three characters engraved on blade. Leather scabbard is pierced and decorated and has a small fastening button has 888 and an unreadable word. Purchased from the family of James Hodkinson, who was Deputy Director General of Munitions production in 1940 with Associated Tool Makers Limited (India).