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Queen's South Africa Medal                                           
Royal Navy Long Service Good Conduct Medal (Vic) J.R. LININGTON, M.A.A., H.M.S. IMPREGNABLE.
John Robert Linington was born in Crookhaven, Co. Cork in February 1864. Joined the Navy May 1880, Boy 2nd class. PS February 1882 (HMS Thalia); AB September 1883 (HMS Boadicea); Ship's Corporal Ocotber 1890 (Vivid); Master at Arms May 1896 (Hawke); joined Gibraltar March 1901. Joined the Essex in March 1906. In June 1906 the cruiser Essex lost a man killed by an exploding cartidge during an exercise, and Linington gave evidence at the enquirey. "The evidence of John Robert Linington, Master at Arms of the Essex was in effect that on Wednesday at about 5.30 pm whilst the Essex was engaged in attacking one of the enemy, an explosion took place in the starboard upper deck casement foremost where the deceased, who was 20 years of age, was one of the gun crew." Discharged 8 February 1907 and joined the Royal Fleet Reserve. He was mobilised for the war but only received a British War Medal, rank C.P.O. He settled in St. Budeaux, Devonshire and died 13 November 1921.
Pair: £250

Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony/Tugela Heights/Relief of Ladysmith 5294 PTE H. WEST. YORK: & LANC: REGT £100  RESERVED
Clasps confirmed. Henry West was born in Lincoln and enlisted December 1898, aged 20. His father was living in Hull. He served in South Africa December 1899 to September 1900. Discharged September 1912.

Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony/Laing's Nek/Belfast 74016 GNR W. ASH. 2ND W.D.. R.G.A. £100
Clasps confirmed. William Ash was from Sidmouth and enlisted June 1899, aged 18. Served in South Africa February 1900, then to Gibraltar, and returned home April 1902 and discharged in May 1902.

Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony/Orange Free State/Transvaal 6110 GNR: J. LAWLER. 21ST BTY: R.F.A.
King's South Africa Medal South Africa 1901/South Africa 1902 6110 GNR: J. LAWLER. R.F.A.
Clasps confirmed on rolls. Charles Lovell was born in Bridport and enlisted January 1898, aged 18. Served in South Africa January 1900 to October 1902. Discharged medically unfit September 1904.
Pair: £175

Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony/Orange Free State 5976 PTE J. STEWART. S. LANC: REGT £90
Clasps confirmed. John Stewart was born in Portsmouth and enlisted November 1899, aged 19. Served with 1st
Battalion in South Africa. Discharged medically unfit June 1901. Entitled to South Africa 1901 clasp. January 1915 enlisted in the Royal Defence Corps and served in the UK and medically discharged September 1916.

Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony/Orange Free State 5586 CORPL: J. HODGSON, RL: LANC: REGT £90
Clasps confirmed. John Hodgson was born in Barrow and enlisted in 3rd Militia Battalion Royal Lancaster Regiment November 1897, aged 17. Went to South Africa February 1900 and returned January 1902. Entitled to King's South Africa Medal.

Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony 4758 PTE W. HEYWOOD, LANC: FUS: £80
Clasp confirmed. William Heywood was from Manchester and enlisted into the 6th
Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers Militia September 1898, aged 17. Discharged 20 May 1903 “on conviction of felony.”

Queen's South Africa Medal Tugela Heights/Orange Free State/Relief of Ladysmith/Transvaal/Laing's Nek 3052 PTE J. LONG, LANC: FUS: £120  
Clasps confirmed, medal roll gives number as 3053. Entitled to King's South Africa Medal. Served with 2nd
Battalion Lancashire Fusiliers. Medal is wobbly on suspender.