Original iron ring. Joseph Burkinshaw was born in Ecclesfield, Yorkshire in 1786. He enlisted in August 1805 and served at Waterloo with Mercer's troop. He was discharged in September 1825 "worn out".

Egypt Medal 1882 Suakin 1885  11850.2ND CPL. J.J. DOWLING.    R.E.
Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal  
Khedive's Star 1882                    
RAOB Secretary's Jewel  Primo J.J. Dowling

James Joseph Dowling was born in Plymouth 1859 and enlisted October 1872. Served in Egypt 1882 and 1885. Long Service Medal awarded 1892. Discharged August 1897. In 1901 he was a steward at the Constitutional Club, Hanwell, Brentford. He died in June 1924. West Middlesex Gazette: "The deceased formerly served with the Royal Engineers for 23 years and saw service in the Egyptian campaign... He has resided in Hanwell, where, with Mrs Dowling, he has carried on a sweetstuff and tobacconist business at 103 Boston Road. During the last war he volunteered for service and rejoined his old regiment, assisting clerically at the R.E. depots at Chatham and Blackheath.... At the funeral military honours were accorded by a party of Royal Engineers from Hounslow, who acted as bearers and provided a firing party."
Group of Three: £325

Egypt Medal 1882  E. BARR          S. "MINOTAUR."   £100

Edward Barr was born in Camberwell, Surrey. Joined the navy Nov. 1871. Ropemaker 1881. Joined Minotaur April 1882. Pensioned December 1891.

Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal  1185 GUNR. EDWD ASHMENT COAST BRIGDE RA  £90
Victorian. Edward Ashment was born in Crewkerne, Somerset and enlisted December 1845, aged 21. He served in Jamaica for over 5 years and the rest in the UK. Discharged 1867. The long service medal is his only entitlement. 

Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal  7682954 PTE. R. JACKSON. C. OF M.P.  £70
George V.

Volunteer Long Service Medal  (Victorian) Unnamed  £50

Volunteer Long Service Medal  483.SERGT. S.M. TAYLOR. 1ST N.V.A.  £90

Samuel Martin Taylor was born in 1853 and was a Printers Machine Munder. He sserved with Beccles Artillery Volunteers. Medal awarded AO January 1895. Although Beccles is in Suffolk, their battery was No.8 Battery, 1st Norfolk Volunteer Artillery. He died in 1912 and was buried in Beccles Cemetery. 

Efficiency Medal  5186793 GNR. H.F. SARGENT. R.A.       £40
George VI. IND IMP.

Royal Navy Long Service Good Conduct Medal  PLY/11752. A.C. HUNT, PRIVATE . R.M.L.I.  £55
Arthur Charles Hunt was born in Ipswich in 1885. Joined the marines 1902. In 1914 he was serving on HMS Leander. In 1917 joined Highflyer. Discharged 1924 and joined the Royal Fleet Reserve. Joined the Royal Marine Police. Entitled to British War and Victory Medals.

Royal Navy Long Service Good Conduct Medal  JX.581970 D.T. RIXON. P.O. H.M.S. WASPERTON.  £50

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal   WILLIAM HARCOURT   £20
George VI.

Kabul to Kandahar Star  610.PTE.A.McCLINTOCK.2/8TH.REGT.  £175

Alexander McClintock is shown on medal roll as entitled to medal without clasp and NOT entitled to the Star. Yet this star looks correctly named.

India Service Medal  Relief of Chitral  94403 Gunner C. Tuckey 15th Fd By. R.A.    £155

Charles Tuckey was born in London and enlisted into the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders in 1890, aged 18. Transferred to Royal Artillery Oct. 1892. Served in India Nov. 1891 to Dec. 1897 and in South Africa Nov. 1899 to Sept. 1902. Discharged Sept. 1902. India medal and clasp confirmed on roll and entitled to QSA 2 clasps and KSA 2 clasps. January 1917 enlisted in 302 Road Construction Company, Royal Engineers. To Reserve May 1919. Entitled to British War & Victory Medals. Awarded the Meritorious Service Medal June 1918. 

Military Medal         1557 PTE. T.C. GROGAN. 30/AUST: INF: BN:  £500    official replacement medal (confirmed in paperwork)

Thomas Cyril Grogan was born in New South Wales and enlisted July 1915 into the 30th Battalion. Sailed to Egyptand then onto Marseilles.
Awarded the Military Medal 13 August 1916. "At Petillon on the 19/20th July 1916 after making a number of trips across No Man's Land this man heard that there was a likelihood of the enemy driving us out and knowing that Captain Wark was lying wounded in the enemy trenches and not wishing him to be taken prisoner, Private Grogan made another trip across No Man's Land alone and in the face of very heavy artillery and machine gun fire, carried Captaion Wark back to our lines."
Wounded 27 February 1917. Rejoined unit 22 April 1917. Wounded 17 March 1918 (leg) and invalided to England and then back to Australia. In 1939 he was living in Sydney and applied for a replacement Military Medal, which was issued on payment of ten shillings.

British War Medal 
 4303 GNR. E. ALLEN. R.A
Victory Medal        4303 GNR. E. ALLEN. R.A.
Reginald Allen was from Worcester and was mobilized May 1916, aged 26. Went to France March 1917. Demobed October 1919.
Pair: £30

British War Medal  172976 SPR. D.N. LONDON. R.E.
Victory Medal        172976 SPR. D.N. LONDON. R.E.
Douglas Norman London was born in Gloucester 1896. In 1911 he was living in Stonehouse, Glouc. He died in Brockworth in August 1978.
Pair: £30

British War Medal  504582 SPR. W. TITCOMB. R.E.
Victory Medal        504582 SPR. W. TITCOMB. R.E.
William Titcomb was from Wootton Bassett and enlisted October 1915. Served with 503 Company, Royal Engineers.
Pair: £30

British War Medal  4303 GNR. F. ALLEN. R.A.
Victory Medal          4303 GNR. F. ALLEN. R.A.
Reginald Allen was from Worcester and enlisted into 2nd South Midland Brigade, Royal Field Artillery May 1916. To France March 1917. Discharged September 1919.
Pair: £30

British War Medal 
 87687 GNR. S. FORD. R.A.

Victory Medal        87687 GNR. S. FORD. R.A.
Samuel Ford was from Charfield, Gloucester and enlisted in the Royal Garrison Artillery November 1915. He was wounded in the buttocks. Discharged March 1919 with a Silver War Badge.
Pair: £30

British War Medal  121209 GNR. J.H. BOULTON. R.A.
Victory Medal        121209 GNR. J.H. BOULTON. R.A.
Medal roll shows John Hallesten Boulton served with the Royal Field Artillery.
Pair: £30

British War Medal  205471 2.CPL. F.H. COOK. R.E.
Victory Medal        205471 2.CPL. F.H. COOK. R.E.
Frederick H. Cook. 
Pair: £30

British War Medal  65437 PTE. C.H. LEE. R.A.M.C.   £18
Clifford H. Lee later served with the Royal Field Artillery. Entitled to Victory Medal. 

British War Medal 
54616 GNR. A.S. BUBB. R.A.     £18

Archibald Stanley Bubb enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery in December 1914 and went to France 20 September 1915. He was discharged January 1916 due to sickness. Awarded Silver War Badge. Lived in Bishopstone Road, Gloucester.

British War Medal  M-337506 PTE. H. COOPER. A.S.C.
Victory Medal        M-337506 PTE. H. COOPER. A.S.C.
India General Service Medal Afghanistan NWF1919   M-33782 A-SJT. H. COOPER. R.A.S.C.

Herbert Cooper.
Trio: £95

Imperial Service Medal (GV)   AUGUSTUS ARTHUR MILLS       £15
Born 1871 and appointed postman April 1889. In 1911 lived in Shepherds Bush Road. Medal announced in London Gazette 21 April 1931. "Assistant Head Postman, London Postal District."