Alexander Donohoe was born in Drummond, County Kerry, Ireland and enlisted September 1842, aged 19. Served in New South Wales, Australia 1 year and India 8 years. Served in the Sutlej War (Moodkee, Ferozeshur and Sobraon) and in Pegu. He was shot in the leg at Rangoon and discharged February 1853. Service record states: "recommended for discharge from the service in consequence of the loss of right leg by amputation necessitated by gun shot wound received in action at Rangoon on 14th April 1852." His pension record shows thate he died 10 February 1858.

Morning Chronicle 1 June 1852: "On Wednesday, the 14th, our march was through thick jungle, flanks protected by two companies of her Majesty's 80th Regiment, the rest of the wing of that corps following with the 18th Royal Irish and the 40th Bengal Native Infantry formed the advance. We proceeded in this order for about a mile when we opened the Great Pagoda, and its fire was turned on us. The gorund in front getting very difficult, barely admitted of the 80th and Royal Irish occupying it in close order. ... The storming party was formed of the wing of the 80th Regiment, two compamies of the Royal Irish and two companies of the 40th Bengal Native Infantry. The advance to the east entrance of the pagoda was about 800 yards, wihch the troops crossed in a most steady manner, under the fire of the walls crowded with the enemy. When the storming party reached the steps a tremendous rush was made to the upper terrace, and a deafening cheer told that the Pagoda no longer belonged to the Burmese." The 80th Regiment lost 1 killed and 26 wounded. 


With note that states "correct on roll L/Mil/5/55."

Persia  D. BOND, 64TH FOOT.    £595

With note that states "correct on roll L/Mil/5/55." Pension record shows that David Bond was discharged to pension 1 January 1858. 

Northwest Frontier / Umbeyla  R.J. CHAMBERS. 1ST TP. 1ST BDE.BENL ARTY.    £425

With note that states "correct on roll L/Mil/5/49 ." Bengal Horse Artillery. 

Northwest Frontier   461 PTE J. JONES. 3 BN. RIF. BDE.    £325

John Jones was born in London and enlisted March 1855, aged 22. Served in India for 13 years.  He was sent to Darjeeling in 18709 suffering from fever. 
Returned to UK and discharged August 1871. Medal confirmed on roll.

Northwest Frontier   2305 M. DOWLING. 81ST REGT.    £325

Michael Dowling was born in Queen's County, Ireland and enlisted January 1847, aged 23. Discharged 1868, received the Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal.
Medal confirmed on roll.

Bhootan/Looshai/Naga 1879-80   Sepoy Gowree Sing 44th Native Infantry.    SOLD

44th Native Infantry became 8th Gurkha Rifles. The regiment served in all three campaigns.

Burma 1885-7   810 Pte. J. Walford. 2nd Bn R.W. Fus.    £200

John Walford was born in London and enlisted October 1884, aged 24. Served in India and Burma December 1885 to February 1892. Medal confirmed on roll. 
Discharged October 1896. 

Burma 1885-7/Burma 1887-89   393 Pte A. Day. 2nd Bn R. Muns Fus .    £320

Medal confirmed on roll.

Burma 1885-7/Hazara 1891   694 Pte. M. Clarke, 1st Bn R.W. Fus.    £375

Matthew Clarke. Medal and clasps confirmed on roll.

Burma 1885-7/Burma 1887-89   813 Pte C. Ings 2d Bn Hamps R.    £345

Charles Ings was born in Ringwood, Hampshire and enlisted March 1883, aged 19. Served in Malta and India. Transferred to the Reserve November 1890 and discharged March 1895. Medal and clasps confirmed on roll.

Sikkim 1888/Hazara 1891   2502 Sepoy Kosar Singh 32d Bl Infy.    £245

Burma 1887-89   1935 Pte J. Smith 2d Bn Ches. R.    £245

Burma 1889-92   428 Serjt. W. Rowland 2d Bn Devon Regt.    £225

Medal and clasp confirmed on roll.

Hunza 1891   332 Sepoy Sundar 2d Kashmir I.S.I.    SOLD

Kashmir Imperial Service Infantry

Waziristan 1894-95   3519 Pte W. Bennett. 2d Bn Border Regt.    £250

William Bennett was born in Manchester and enlisted July 1892, aged 21. Served in India 1894 to 1901. Discharged December 1901. Medal and clasp confirmed on roll.