Norfolk Yeomanry Horse
Throat Plume


Royal Logistic Corps Band Pouch

First pattern 45

Rifles Officers Cross Plastic Belt
with white metal furniture to attach (does not include the Rifles badges). 125.00  
Available in sizes 34 - 40 inch.
 Size 40 135 

Gurkha Signals Cross Belt
with white metal furniture to attach.  175

Life Guards (Household Cavalry) Trooper's Cape   85

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Victorian Royal Artillery Officer's Undress Sabretache with foul-weather cover    SOLD
Very nice Victorian badge. Sabretache and cover in very nice condition.

2nd Dragoon Guards (Bays) Trooper's Tunic  
WD date code B inside, which we are told is for 1900. Brass King's Crown buttons. Tunic in very good condition. Chest approx. 30 inches and shoulder to cuff 24 inches.

Essex Yeomanry Officer's Tunic and Trouers   65  
Tunic with shoulder chains and King's Crown buttons. Trousers have label with name N.B. Gardner and dated 1935. Chest 36 inch. Shoulder to cuff 24 inch. Trousers 32 inch inside leg. 34 inch waist.

Surrey Yeomanry Officer's Mess Jacket and Waist Coat  SOLD
Label states P. Mc. Greenwell, Surrey Yeo. Dated 1935. Embroidered Major's Crowns and lapel badges.
In very good condition. Sir Peter McClintock Greenwell.

Army Air Corps Band Sergeant's Tunic and side-cap  145
Chest 37 inch. Shoulder to cuff 21 inch. Generally good condition, one button missing.
Bandsman's and Sergeant's badges on sleeve. Collar badges.


Irish Guards Regimental Sergeant Major's Tunic   350
Chest 43 inch. Shoulder to cuff 27 inch.

Irish Guards Sergeant Drummer's Tunic   225
Chest 34 inch. Shoulder to cuff 27 inch. Metal belt hooks on back of tunic have been removed.

Irish Guards Colour Sergeant's Greatcoat   60
Coat in good condition. Chest approx. 42 inch. Shoulder to cuff 26 inch. Length 51 inch. Rank badges on sleeve.


Welsh Guards Company Sergeant Major's Greatcoat
Coat in good condition. Chest approx. 40 inch. Shoulder to cuff 26 inch. Length 50 inch. Rank badge on sleeve.
Irish Guards Colour Sergeant's Greatco
Irish Guards Recruiting Lance-Sergeant's Tunic

Pipe-Major Gurkha Signals          300
tunic with arm badges and buttons, trousers, plaid, waist belt, spats and pair of brogues. Pill box hat with badge.
The plaid has a few small moth nips in it.        

Royal Corps of Signals Bandmaster's Tunic     195
With collar badges and Queen's Crown buttons.        

Student Bandmaster's Tunic and Trousers   150
with Student Bandmaster arm badge.