Officer's Maroon Sash 1   65
Approx. 77 cm waist (max.). 7 cm wide

Officer's Maroon Sash 2   65
Leather lining. Approx. 85 cm waist. 7 cm wide.

Cavalry Rifle Holster  350
Leather holster for a cavalryman's rifle.
Stamped F.E.A.

R.E.M.E. Officer's Cap  55
King's Crown officer's cap badge and buttons.
Made by Alkit.


Black Watch Mess Dress
Bow Tie  5
Velcro fastening

Royal Logistic Corps Band Pouch

First pattern 45

Life Guards (Household Cavalry) Trooper's Cape  SOLD

Student Bandmaster's Tunic and Trousers   150
with Student Bandmaster arm badge.        

Royal Marines Warrant Officer's
cross belt   70

Royal Corps of Signals Bandmaster's Tunic     195
With collar badges and Queen's Crown buttons.        

Irish Guards Buff Leather Belt   45

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12th Lancers Riding Master's Whip  275
Measures 92 cm over all. King's Crown badge, very scarce item in pristine condition

Irish Guards Colour-Sergeant's Tunic  195  RESERVED
Chest 41 1/2 inches.

Coldstream Guards Colour-Sergean't Tunic  195  RESERVED
Chest 43 inches.

Irish Guards Colour-Sergeant's Tunic with belt  235 
Chest 43 inches. Badges, buttons, arm badge and Irish Guards belt buckle.

Irish Guards Lance-Corporal's Tunic   85
Chest approx. 40 inches.

Royal Naval Reserve Officer's Tunic and trousers  
Made by Gieves Ltd, London. Queen's Crown buttons. Medal ribbons on tunic: 1939-45 Star, Atlantic Star, Burma Star with rosette (inidicates Pacific clasp), 1939-45 War Medal and Royal Naval Reserve Decoration. Named inside to Chief Officer T.D. Ridley, Southampton. Chest approx. 40 inches.
Commodore T.D. Ridley was captain of the QE2 cruise liner for a period - see link

Cunard Line Officer's coat   45
Full-length coat in very good quality material. Cunard Line buttons. Made by Wood's of North & South Shields. Named: "T.A. Ridley" - the A should be D. See tunic above. Buy both lots for 100 

British Army Pace Stick  85

Stick is 36 inches long and has WD stamp 1986 in the wood.

WWI Officers Tunic, Wiltshire Yeomanry 

British Army officer's tunic - heavy cavalry twill fabric in good condition. A few small holes and some stitches have come undone on collar. A small tear under one arm. Brass Wiltshire Yeomanry buttons and officer's collar badges. Medal ribbons and overseas service stripes. Ribbons are for British War Medal, Victory Medal, Territorial Force War Medal, Order of the Striped Tiger (China). Faded label but "1917" is clear. Approx. 35-36 inch chest. Rank insignia for Lieutenant on shoulders (2 pips have been removed). With a shirt (no label). Tunic belonged to Captain Howard Norman Cole, who was SQMS with the Wiltshire Yeomanry and commissioned in the Labour Corps. He went on to serve as Adjutant of the Chinese Labour Corps (hence award of the Striped Tiger)


Royal Gurkha Rifles Officer's No.4 Tunic 50 (the cap has been sold hence the reduced price) 
No. 4 tropical tunic with red piping on collar. Rank insignia on shoulders for Liuetenant. Parachute Qualification wings on arm. Medal ribbons above breast pocket. Black QEII buttons. Chest 96 (38 inches).

Royal Gurkha Rifles Sergeant-Major    125
No. 1 Dress tunic with red piping on collar. Embroidered crown on sleeve for Sergeant-Major. Medal ribbons above breast pocket. Black QEII buttons. Chest 100 (39 inches). kilmarnock hat cap badge. Black plastic waist belt with buckle (camera did not pick up badge).

Royal Gurkha Rifles RQMS    125
No. 1 Dress tunic with red piping on collar. Embroidered crown on sleeve for Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant. Medal ribbons above breast pocket. Black QEII buttons. kilmarnock hat cap badge. Black plastic waist belt with buckle (camera did not pick up badge).

Household Cavalry Trooper's Cuirass   300
Front and back cuirass plate. Need cleaning and polishing, some marks on both, Leather linings.

Light Infantry Bugler's Tunic  50
Light Infantry collar badges and buttons. Bugler's wings on shoulders. In good used condition, no holes, a little fraying around collar. Tunic dated 1962 approx. 35 inch chest. arm pit to cuff 16 inches

100Welsh Guards Company Sergeant Major's Greatcoat  60
Coat in good condition. Chest approx. 40 inch. Shoulder to cuff 26 inch. Length 50 inch. Rank badge on sleeve.
Irish Guards Colour Sergeant's Greatco
Irish Guards Recruiting Lance-Sergeant's Tunic

Pipe-Major Gurkha Signals          295
tunic with arm badges and buttons, trousers, plaid, waist belt, spats and pair of brogues. Pill box hat with badge.
The plaid has a few small moth nips in it.