1892 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword  350
GV cyphers. Introduced in 1892, the blade was a great improvement over the previous patterns. In 1895 a new hilt was introduced and many of the 1892s were refitted with the new hilt. It is believed that Royal Army Medical Corps officers continued to use the 1892 pattern through World War One. The hilt would have been gilded but this has polished off over time. Leather scabbard, knot and frog. A scarcer pattern.

1897 Pattern Infantry Officers Sword  325
GV cyphers. By Sanderson Brothers and Newbould Ltd, Sheffield.

1897 Pattern GV Infantry Officer's Sword   375
With leather scabbard. HENRY WILKINSON, PALL MALL, LONDON. No. 52931. GV cyphers. Late-war produced with no name in the register.

Royal Artillery Officer's Sword   SOLD
1821 Pattern Royal Artillery officer's sword with leather scabbard. GV cyphers on blade. By Army and Navy Cooperative Society, London. with leather knot.
Numbered 02249. Has a 34 inch blade.


1822 Pattern Light Cavalry Officer's Sword

No scabbard. Victorian crown on blade. Retailed by Hamburger Rogers & Co. King Street, Covent Garden, London.

Royal Artillery 1821 pattern officer's sword  300
Leather scabbard. Does not have Royal Artillery on blade. GV cyphers on blade. No retailer marks, with a 32 inch blade

American 1840 pattern NCO's sword  SOLD   
No scabbard. Dated 1864. Made by Ames Mfg. Co.

Italian Model 1871 Trooper's sword  245
With metal scabbard. Type used during World War One.

Victorian Pioneer's Side Arm   SOLD
Blade stamped A&E one side and crown over 13 other side.Top of scabbard stamped 3 S.W.B. (3rd South Wales Borderers). Scabbard leather split on back

Victorian British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard.  300

1856 Pattern British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard. Bugle on hilt.   300
Sword marked on blade 51st Foot.

Victorian British Army Bandsman's Sword without scabbard. No stamps.  295
Bavarian/British? Sword without scabbard.   185  
Possibly originally had a cross-guard but this may have been removed.