Royal Naval Reserve Officer's Sword   425
Leather and brass scabbard and knot. Blade marked BATSON LONDON. Numbered 4152. Blade marked RNR and King's Crown, much rarer than regular Royal Navy swords.

Victorian Court Sword  275
Victorian sword with a crest depicting a phoenix with a flower? on its beak and the motto "Nil Desparandum". Leather and brass scabbard.

Royal Artillery Officer's Presentation Sword    525 
Leather scabbard and knot. WILKINSON SWORD Co. LTD. LONDON. No. 62159. Blade marked: R.S.M. JARMAN FROM THE OFFICERS OF THE CITY OF LONDON YEOMANRY BATTERY R.H.A. 1922-1929.

Victorian Volunteer Artillery Officer's Sword    SOLD
Metal scabbard. Blade marked J. LYONS WOOLWICH. VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY. Victorian Crown. 


1897 Pattern GV British Army Officer's Sword 225
George V cypher on hilt. Blade is not maker marked and has been polished, removing most of the decoration. Some areas of staining remain.
No doubt, of wartime manufacture.

Victorian Sword Stick    275
Blade is 65 cm long. Over all 89 cm long. Twist-lock sword stick. Unmarked blade.

Continental Hunting Sword c.1770   425
Silver (not hallmarked, hence Continetal) fittings on hilt and scabbard. Blade is 51 cm long.

United States Navy Officer's Sword   SOLD
Blade named to J.F. JONES Jnr U.S.N. Also marked MADE IN JAPAN. In excellent condition, complete with sword knot.


Small Sword Blade c.1780  150 
With a replacement wooden handle fitted. Blade is 82 cm long and has remains of some decoration on the wider part.

Imperial German Army Officer's sword  200 
Made by F.W. HOLLER. SOLINGEN. No other markings. 

Austro-Hungarian or German Army Officer's sword  185 
Made by JULIUS VOOS FABRIQUES D'ARMES SOLINGEN. Blade decorated with arms and foliage. 

1821/45 Pattern Light Cavalry Sword    SOLD
By Wilkinson. No. 31002 was proved 6 August 1891 and sold to "J. Howard". Nice blade, a few stains on blade, but not affecting the decoration.

Royal Artillery Officer's Sword 1822 Ptn   SOLD   
By Wilkinson. Number 30348 and FW on blade. Wilkinson's register confirms that this sword was purchased in July 1890 by Frank Warren. He was commissioned into the Royal Artillery in 1891 and in 1902 was a Captain serving with the Royal Garrison Artillery. 

Victorian Pioneer's Side Arm  395
Blade stamped A&E one side and crown over 13 other side.Top of scabbard stamped 3 S.W.B. (3rd South Wales Borderers).
Scabbard leather split on back.

Victorian British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard.  300

1856 Pattern British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard. Bugle on hilt.   300
Sword marked on blade 51st Foot.

Victorian British Army Bandsman's Sword without scabbard. No stamps.  295
Bavarian/British? Sword without scabbard.   185  
Possibly originally had a cross-guard but this may have been removed.

Tewkesbury Abbey Church Commemorative Dagger by Wilkinson   150
Issued by Wilkinson Sword in 1971 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the battle during the Wars of the Roses.
Dagger is 40 cm long and has the coat of arms of Tewkesbury at the top. The blade shows Tewkesbury Abbey Church and the date 1121. After the Battle of Tewkesbury, defeated Lancastrians sought refuge in the abbey but the Yorkists forced entry and killed them.
Dagger is
loose mounted on a wooden plaque for display.
oose mounted on a wooden plaque for display.