1908 British Cavalry Trooper's Sword by WILKINSON. With metal scabbard. 350 RESERVED 
Blade and scabbrd stamped '15 for 1915.

1897 Pattern British Infantry Officer's Sword
with leather scabbard. By Henry Wilkinson, No. 48949.   300  
Spotting to plating on hilt. GV cypher on hilt and blade (King George V).

1895 Pattern British Infantry Officer's Sword with leather Scabard. By Robt Mole & Sons, Birmingham.  275  
VR cypher. Sword only produced from 1895 to 1897.

1822 Pattern British Army Infantry Officer's Sword with metal scabbard. Brass VR cypher hilt. Sword retailed by HARMAN CALCUTTA.  285  
VR cypher on blade. Harman & Co. were a military and civil tailors based in Calcutta.

French Infantry Officer's Sword with metal scabbard. 
Scabbard has hole on one side about half way down. Maker on blade, near hilt. Initials engraved on back of handle - MH or HM.

Imperial German Infantry Officer's Sword with metal scabbard.   285 
Single-edged, pipeback blade, etched "EISENHAUER" (Iron proof quality). Blade by WKC Solingen (Weyersburg, Kirschbaum & Co. Solingen, Germany)
1895 Pattern GVI Cypher Infantry Sword with leather scabbard.  250
Retailed by Army & Navy Co-Operative Society. A GVI cypher has been set into handle in brass and etching on the blade has been ground away.

1908 Pattern British Cavalry/ Royal Horse Artillery (Kings Troop) Sword with metal scabbard.  275
Made by Wilkinson, Pall Mall. QEII stamps.

1790-1820 Bandsmen's Sword with scabbard.  360
chain is a replacement. Engraved under hilt - R.B.M. / B.11. Possibly Royal Berkshire or Buckinghamshire Militia? Blade 25 inches long.

Victorian British Pioneer's Sword without scabbard. Brass handle stamped: 12.1892 M 5.K.R.R. 5 (5th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps)  325
Blade has WD stamp on both sides. Blade is 22 1/2 inches long. 

Spanish Military Sword in metal scabbard.  195
Blade marked "TOLEDO. SPAIN" 

French Gladius style sword without scabbard. 100

Victorian British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard.  300

1856 Pattern British Army Bandman's Sword without scabbard. Bugle on hilt.   300
Sword marked on blade 51st Foot.

1856 Pattern British Army Bandsman's Sword with scabbard. VR cypher.   350
Unit stamp on handle is hard to read, looks like 51 (51st Light Infantry?). Stamped WILKINSON LONDON.