Sub-Inspector Hugh Carroll

From a named group photo of officers
HQCD, Met. Police 1917

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV) The Great War 1914-18     SUB-INSPR. HUGH CARROLL
Framed with rare insignia.
Four 1914 Service stars (worn on sleeve): He would have one for each tunic and overcoat.
Metropolitan Special Constabulary Long Service 1914 badge
Four Metropolitan Special Constabulary cap badges. Two with red enamel in crown (only worn by inspectors).
Four metal roses.
Pair of brass HQCD shoulder titles
Pair of HQCD collar badges
Hugh Dacres Carroll was born in 1864 andin 1911 was living in St. George's Road, Pimlico. He was a bank inspector working for Barclays Bank.
In August 1914 volunteers were called for to form the Headquarters Central Detachment of the Metropolitan Special Constabulary to provide assistance when required and to take over duties such as the police guarding Buckingham Palace. The recruitment was handled through London Clubs and the force was made up professional men and members of the aristocracy. Around 600 men were enrolled from 1914 to 1919. A section was always waiting at Scotland House to be called out for duty during air raids or to support the police as needed.
They wore a uniform with brass shoulder titles HQCD and metal collar badges; HQCD with crown.
With there being no medal for service in the Specials, in May 1918 a star badge bearing "Metropolitan SC 1914" was issued to men who had volunteered from 1914, to be sewn onto the sleeve of their tunics and coats.
A badge was then issued inscribed Metropolitan Special Constabulary 1914 Long Service.
Finally a medal was instituted bearing the clasp The Great War 1914-18.
In 1939 Hugh was living in Weybridge, Surrey, a retired banker. He died 31 July 1951 in Weybridge.
Frame: SOLD

Cecil Charles Dudley Miller
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV)                                                      FRANK E. WILLIAMS.
Hither Green Ambulanc Corps Medal 1917 (No.2 District)                              F.E. WILLIAMS.
St. John Ambulance Association Badge  1914 / 1915 / 1916 / 1917 / 1918   159007 FRANK E. WILLIAMS
Box of issue for first medal. The 1917 medal and clasps to his St. John's badge suggest that he served at home during the war, possibly due to his age. Hither Green Ambulance Corps (Railway District No.2), St. John Ambulance Association. The Folkestone Herald (July 1919) reported that the Hither Green Ambulance Corps was in town on their annual outing: "It may be of interest to some of our readers to know that throughout the war this corps has assisted in hospital duties and the transfer of wounded from the front to the various military and naval hospitals in over 33,000 cases. It was also requisitioned for duty in all air raids and notably in the last great attack on London on May 19th 1918, rendering valuable assistance in first aid work under trying conditions."

Group of Three:  SOLD

George Sutton Bishop
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV)                       GEORGE S. BISHOP.
Medical Voluntary Service Medal                                                GEORGE S. BISHOP.
British Red Cross Society Proficiency in Red Cross First Aid  1933 Red Cross First Aid / 1934 Red Cross First Aid  07236 G. BISHOP.
British Red Cross Society Medal for War Service 1914-18     G. BISHOP.
British Red Cross Society 10 Years Service Badge               9267 G.S. BISHOP.
First two medals mounted as worn. Copy research. George Sutton Bishop was born in Thanet, Kent 29 Sept. 1876.
He married Emma Hermitage 17 January 1900 in Thanet.
Thanet Advertiser (8 July 1899) "Ambulance Corps for Broadstairs. A meeting of the Broadstairs and St. Peter's Urban District Council was held to form an ambulance corps for Broadstairs." Among those who joined is "G.S. Bishop."
As a member of the Ambulance Corps at the start of the war he must have been working for the Red Cross, but 7 June 1917 he enlisted into the Royal Flying Corps and was a driver in the UK only (no medal entitlement).
Thanet Advertiser (25 Sept. 1928) "Medals for Workers in Ambulance Cause. Medals and certificates won by members of the Broadstairs and St. Peter's Ambulance Corps were presented at the Council Chamber on Wednesday.... Medals were presented to ... G.S. Bishop"
1939 Cenus George was living in Alexander Road, Broadstairs and noted as "First Aid. St. Johns." Probably entitled to the Defence Medal.
He died 15 August 1942 in Broadstairs.
Group of Five: 165  

Cecil Charles Dudley Miller
Defence Medal    
1953 Coronation Medal                                             
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GVI) Long Service 1949 / Long Service 1959 / Long Service 1969    CECIL C.D. MILLER
Medals mounted as worn. Copy research. Cecil Charles Dudley Miller was born in Cheltenham 7 December 1915. In 1939 he was a law student living in Berkhamstead with the Cooper family and in 1940 he married Sheila Cooper. Also lodging in the house was Hugh Toms who is shown as "Sgt. City of London Special Constabulary" and so this may be why Cecil joined. The 1953 Coronation Medal Roll confirms shows him as "Constable. C.L.S.C.".
He died in Chichester in April 2004.
Group of Three: 130

Lewis Clapperton

1911 Coronation Medal 
1935 Jubilee Medal 
1937 Coronation Medal
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV)   The Great War 1914-18 / Long Service 1929  
Mounted as worn, with matching set of miniatures. Sold with two books on the Royal Company of Archers.
Lewis Clapperton was born 27 August 1865 in Cathcart, Renfrew, son of Alexander and Margaret. Graduated from Glasgow University in 1886 and became an accountant, working his whole life for Aitken, Mackenzie and Clapperton, in Glasgow. He held post s in
various organizations, including the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children and the Royal Glasgow Asylum. He also became a member of the ROYAL COMPANY OF ARCHERS (King's Bodyguard for Scotland). The Edinburgh Evening news (13 Oct. 1932) reported: "At the butts, Archer's Hall, Edinburgh, yesterday atfernoon, the shooting for the Goose Prize by the Royal Company of Archers took place, the winner being Mr L. Clapperton."
He was a noted collector of British glass and pewter, was a founder member of the Pewter Society and on his death he left his collections to the Hunterian Museum and to Glasgow City Museum. He died in Glasgow 14 November 1947.
The King's Body Guard: List of Members 1935. 31 pages.
The Royal Company of Archers 1676 to 1951. 299 pages.
Group of Four & 2 books: 750   (Being sold on behalf of a customer, contact us for payment details)

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV)   THOMAS W. WADE      20       Robed bust

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV)
HERBERT D. HOLLAND   20     Robed bust
Possibly Herbert Douglas Holland, from Castleford, Yorkshire.

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GV)   WILLIAM F. BARRATT    20     Robed bust

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GVI)

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (GVI)
ALBERT H. RUCK         20    
Possibly Albert H. Ruck who was living in Tetbury, Gloucestershire in 1951.

Special Constabulary Long Service Medal (QEII)  JOHN McSTAY           40

Metropolitan Police Coronation Medal 1902 P.C. C. GOLDEN P DIV                           40
Copy research. Charles Golden was born 1857 in Kent and joined the Met. Police in July 1889 and served in Y Division until 1896 when he transferred to P Division. He received the 1897 Met. Police Jubilee Medal.  In 1901 he was living in Lambeth and retired in 1905. In 1911 he was a publican in Longstanton, Cambridgeshire.

Metropolitan Police Coronation Medal 1911
P.C. J. DAVIS                                                40
There are 7 "PC J. Davis" who received the medal.

Police Long Service Medal    CONST. HERBERT FELL                                                45 
General Service Medal (QEII) Malaya  56194 S.C. KULOP SAID NASIR. F. OF M. POL.    65

General Service Medal (GVI)  Malaya  
6222 PC ABD HAMID HASSAN  F.OF M. POL.        55

India General Service Medal (1936-39) Northwest Frontier 1936-37  324 FT. CONST. GOPAL SINGH. POLICE DEPT.  SOLD

India General Service Medal (1936-39) Northwest Frontier 1937-39  

India General Service Medal (1936-39)
Northwest Frontier   1937-39 181 HD CONST. JAGAN NATH POLICE DEPT.     SOLD



National Fire Brigades Union Medal FIVE YEARS / TEN YEARS  8160 JOHN HUDSON.    55 
Includes ribbon bar with emblem. Pin on back.
Fire Brigade Long Service Medal   SUB OFFR TREVOR D DAVIS    55