To: All the Branch Secretaries

April 2013

Dear Colleague

I extend my thanks to all those Branches who not only took the time to discuss the issue of the forthcoming WW1 Commemorations but also sent in a response. These responses were collated and distributed to the Executive Committee prior to a formal discussion taking place. Please let me know if you wish to have a copy of the responses. The Executive Committee approved the following:

  1. The scale of the effort should be restricted to medallic aspects but some form of financial support should be made available to assist those Branches prepared to give talks to local organisations to promote an understanding of the medallic aspects of WW1.

  2. A commemorative issue of the Journal should be produced and released at a time decided by the Editor.

  3. A separate class will be introduced at the Annual Convention 2014 for WW1 exhibits only.

All of the above require individual members to get involved and I am certain that many of you will raise the awareness of the Society during the next four years by offering talks to other organisations such as the Women’s Institute; the Western Front Association; the University of the Third Age; local history groups and local schools and youth organisations. For the Editor of the Journal to produce a commemorative issue a good number of articles will be required; so do please contact if you have something suitable in mind.

The preparations for the Society’s Annual Convention, on the weekend 21/22 September, are well advanced so I should be grateful if you would remind your members and encourage them to prepare and submit an exhibit. It was extremely heartening and encouraging last year to see so many new exhibitors as we all have so much to offer each other in terms of knowledge, experience and support. Step up to the mark and make your Society count!

The Society is still looking for appropriately motivated volunteers to either join the Executive Committee or take up a role and report via the General Secretary if unwilling to commit to so many meetings a year. Expertise is required to support the following areas: Branch Liaison, Website and Convention. Other Societies with less members appear to fill these important roles fairly easily so what, I ask, is different in our society that no-one comes forward? If the membership wants the Society to keep going and continue to move with the times it will only happen with support so if you really wish to ensure the Society’s existence in the future do something about it.

There are a number of unsung heroes amongst the membership who quietly go about working for and on behalf of the Society and its Branches in a variety of ways without any form of recognition. This is what the Honours and Awards System was set up for – to recognise this unselfish service. However, it does require a little bit of effort on someone’s part to nominate and then set down, in writing, the reasons why. Please look at the guidelines which can be found on the website under By-Law No 2 (5). If not submitting this year then do please seriously look at your fellow members and consider who should be nominated for the following year or future years.

I have included with this mailshot a copy of the nomination form for the Annual General Meeting in October.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries, concerns or issues you wish to discuss.

Kindest regards

Dahlia Harrison
General Secretary