Gunner H.D. Austen
Royal Artillery

1939-45 Star
France & Germany Star
Defence Medal
1939-45 War Medal

Efficiency Medal (GVI. Ind.Imp.) Territorial   2034856 GNR. H.D. AUSTEN. R.A.
Mounted for wear.
Group of Four: £110

Warrant Officer 2nd class C.G. Morgan
Royal Engineers

Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (GVI. Ind. Imp.)  1859588 W.O.CL.II. C.G. MORGAN. R.E.     £75
Obviously entitled to World War Two medals.  

Warrant Officer 2nd class G.A. Moore
Royal Engineers

1939-45 Star
Africa Star
Defence Medal
1939-45 War Medal
Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (GVI. Ind.Imp.) 
1863448 W.O.CL.2. G.A. MOORE. R.E. 
Copy research. Enlisted Royal Engineers 1923. Lance-Corporal 1926, Corporal 1929, Lance-Sergeant 1933. Posted to 24th (Fortress) Company in Malta 1935,  Sergeant 1936, Staff Sergeant and Warrant Officer class 2. Awarded LSGC in 1941. Includes photocopy of unit football team on Malta 1936 which includes Moore. Entitled to World War Two Medals. 24th Fortress Company remained on Malta until 1943 when they transferred to the UK. In 1944 they served in North West Europe (redesignated as 24th Field Company).
Group of Five: £155

Sergeant T. Smith
Royal Army Medical Corps

General Service Medal   Palestine      4608099. PTE. T. SMITH. R.A.M.C.
1939-45 Star
Italy Star
Defence Medal
1939-45 War Medal
Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal (GVI Brit.Om) 
4608099. SJT. T. SMITH. R.A.M.C.  
Copy medal roll for Palestine shows that he served with 7 General Hospital.
Group of Six: £210

Signalman John Gildea
Royal Signals

India General Service Medal Waziristan 1921-24 / North West Frontier 1930-31 2309488 SGLN. J. GILDEA. R. SIGNALS.
1939-45 Star
Burma Star
Defence Medal
1939-45 War Medal
Copy research. John Gildea was born 21 January 1901 in Sligo, Ireland. He enlisted 16 December 1919 into the Royal Munster Fusiliers but transferred in January 1920 to the Royal Engineers. He then transferred to the Royal Signals in November 1920. Posted to 2 Wireless Signal Squadron, Rawalpindi, India in March 1921. Returned to the UK April 1934. Discharged 5 October 1934. He re-enlisted 28 July 1939 and went to India in the Summer of 1942, serving at the Signals Training Centre, Mhow, then Peshawar District Signals, North Western Signals and finally 5 Indian Line of Communications. Returned to the UK September 1945 and was discharged 8 December 1945.
Group of Five: £325 

Signalman William Henry Lowe
Royal Signals

India General Service Medal  North West Frontier 1935  2321246 SGLN. W.H. LOWE. R. SIGNALS.
India General Service Medal  North West Frontier 1936-37/North West Frontier 1937-39 2321246 SGLN. W.H. LOWE. R. SIGNALS.
1939-45 War Medal                 Un-named
Copy rolls confirm medals and clasps. Last roll states "Discharged 383(XVI) 5.8.40" (unfit for further service).
William Henry Lowe was born 11 October 1910 in New Hantley, Northumberland. Enlisted 31 January 1931 and went to India in December 1933. Served with "A" Corps Signals, Rawalpindi. Left India December 1938. To Army Reserve March 1939. Mobilized 12 August 1939 but medically   discharged 5 August 1940.
Group of Three: £395 

Sergeant G.H. Corney
Royal Artillery

1939-45 Star                                                           Unnamed
Defence Medal                                                         Unnamed
1939-45 War Medal                                               

United Nations Medal Korea                                  Unnamed
General Service Medal (QEII) Malaya    
          22208797 SGT. G.H. CORNEY. R.A.

Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal (GVI. Brit.Om) 22208797 SGT. G.H. CORNEY. R.A.
Dog tag:
22208797   C.E. CORNEY
Group of Six: £245

Sapper W.F.H. Mortimer
Royal Engineers (Militia)

Efficiency Medal (GVI) Territorial  871127 GNR. A.S. FREEMAN. R.A.         £70    
Albert Samuel Freeman
enlisted in 1937. Transferred to Royal Engineers in February 1945.

Efficiency Medal (GVI) Militia 5331313 SPR. W.F.H. MORTIMER. R.E.         £95
Ind.Imp. issue.

Gunner J. Diack
Royal Artillery
General Service Medal (GVI) Palestine 1945-48 21038093 GNR. J. DIACK. R.A£60
Copy medal roll.

General Service Medal (GVI) Palestine 1945-48 4979548 PTE. N. COX. FORESTERS.  £90
Copy medal roll.

General Service Medal (GVI) Palestine 1945-48 14087149 SPR. E.V. KEYNES. R.E.   £60
Copy medal roll. Served with 659 Artisan Works Company.

Driver R. Greens
Royal Army Service Corps
General Service Medal (GVI) Palestine 1945-48 T/14476569 DVR. R. GREENS. R.A.S.C£65
Copy medal roll. Served in Palestine attached to 3rd Field Ambulance, RAMC from November 1946 to October 1947.

General Service Medal (GVI) Malaya   S/22310636 PTE. M.B. ALLEN. R.A.S.C.  £60 
In box of issue.

Corporal J.B. Smith
Royal Army Medical Corps

Africa General Service Medal (QEII)  Kenya   21073355 CPL. J.B. SMITH. R.A.M.C.   £115 

Special Constable Kulop Said Nasir
Federation of Malaya Police

General Service Medal (GVI)
19046531 SGT. P.M. GLASS. R.A.M.C.                £60  
22359070 SIGM. E. McGONIGLE  R. SIGS               £60


23147710 PTE. F. ALCOCK. R.A.O.C.                £65
2326683 W.O.CL.2. M. ESSAY. R.SIGS.             £65
22772130 SIGMN. A.G. COOKE. R.SIGS.            £60
£55 (Special Constable)

Private H.D.C. Pickford
Wiltshire Regiment
23274467 PTE. H.D.C. PICKFORD. WILTS           £90            
Wiltshire Regiment. Harold D.C. Pickford was born in Warminster, Wiltshire in 1937 and lived in Westbury. The Wiltshire Times (16 June 1956) reports on the battalion in Cyprus and among the photos is one of men of the Support Company at Aghirda being trained on a Vickers gun. Among them is "Harold Pickford, of 95 Oldfield Park, Westbury. Formerly a railway fireman, he has been in Cyprus only a
few weeks..."

Private H. Walker
Royal Army Medical Corps
General Service Medal (QEII) Borneo / Malaya Peninsula   23945789 PTE. H. WALKER. RAMC.
Pingat Jasa Malaysia
Pair: £160

Warrant Officer class 2 M. Essay
Royal Signals

General Service Medal (QEII) Malaya   2326683 W.O.CL.2. M. ESSAY.  R.SIGS         £65    
Dei Gratia type       

Fusilier A. Cornish
Lancashire Fusiliers
General Service Medal (QEII)       Cyprus   23484148 FUS. A. CORNISH. L.F.        £80
The Lancashire Fusiliers served in Cyprus 1956 to 1959.

Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (QEII) 23486032 SGT. J.E.S. LEWIS. R.SIGNALS.  £65

General Service Medal
Borneo     1245 CPL. BS. NUMBU AK KELAI. SARAWAK POLICE   SOLD   BS - Border Scouts. Raised in 1963 the Sarawak Border Scouts were “the eyes and ears of the security forces, but they were also front runners in the fight against the enemy. According to records, the Sarawak Border Scouts killed and captured the highest number of terrorists. As peace returned to Sarawak in 1974, their services were no longer needed. Some of them were absorbed into regular police force." Ref: Sarawak Border Scouts

Captain Gerald Alan Golding
Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers &
Royal Army Education Corps
General Service Medal  Near East / Cyprus           19054485 SGT. G.A. GOLDING. R.E.M.E.
General Service Medal  Northern Ireland               CAPT. G.A. GOLDING. RAEC.
Long Service Good Conduct Medal  Regular Army   LT. G.A. GOLDING. RAEC.
Mounted as worn. Copy research. Gerald Alan Golding was born 1931 in Liverpool. Served with the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers. Commissioned from Warrant Officer II (REME) to Lieutenant, Royal Army Educational Corps 4 August 1969. Captain 4 August 1971. Awarded Long Service Good Conduct Medal, London Gazette 6 June 1972.
He died 7 March 2014. His obituary (Liverpool Echo 10 April 2014) "Gerry was in the REME and, once commissioned, the RAEC serving many years with the Parachute Regiment. Gerry was a highly skilled craftsman in wood and metal, a boat builder and artist."
Group of Three: £950

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal      £60
In box of issue