India General Service Medal  Chin-Lushai 1889-90  Lieutt A.L. Phillips, S.C.
1914 Star                      COL: A.L. PHILLIPS
British War Medal        COL. A.L. PHILLIPS.
Victory Medal               COL. A.L. PHILLIPS.

Copy research. Alfred Lucian Phillips was born 24 March 1861 in Bombay, the son of Lieut. Alfred Phillips, 29th Bombay Native Infantry. 
Commissioned from Royal Military College into the Dorsetshire Regiment January 1881. Admitted to the Indian Staff Corps 1st July 1881.
Married Frances Augusta Burckhardt at St. Mary's Church, Bathwick 7 September 1892. A son was born 2 August 1893 in Murree, Alfred Jerome Lucian Phillips went on to become an Admiral in the Royal Navy (Midshipman 1911, DSO 1941, retired 1944). Assistant Commissariat Officer, Lushai Column (medal and clasp). Awarded the 1903 Delhi Durbar Medal - Major A.L. Phillips, Supply and Transport Corps, Deputy Director of Supply, Delhi Durbar. Lieutenant-Colonel 16 October 1905, serving as Deputy Director-General of Registration. 1910 Indian Army List - Deputy Director of Supplies, India. Awarded the 1911 Delhi Durbar Medal - Colonel A.L. Phillips, Supply and Transport Corps, Assistant Director of Supplies and Transport, 8th Division. Retired 24 March 1913. Appointed Assistant Director of Transport for the Indian Corps and went to France 16 September 1914. MIC shows Colonel A.L. Phillips, Staff. His 1914 Star has some varnish on the reverse. He died at Milverton, Weston Park, Bath 7 December 1940.
Group of Four: 1875  

Conductor (Lt) Frederick John Andrews
Indian Ordnance Department

British War Medal                                                      COND. F.J. ANDREWS. I.O.D.
Victory Medal                                         
               CONDR. F.J. ANDREWS. I.O.D.
General Service Medal  Iraq                             W.O.CL.I. F.J. ANDREWS. I.O.D.

Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal (EVII) 
Sergt. J.F. Andrews. Indian Ordce Dept
Copy research. Frederick John Andrews was born 7 October 1869 in Chipping Sodbury, Gloucestershire. Served with the Indian Ordnance Department.
His Long Service Medal was awarded before 1910 and in the 1912 Indian Army List he is a Conductor at Allahabad. Medal Cards confirm pair as Conductor
and GSM Iraq as Warrant Officer Class 1, Indian Ordnance Department.
Indian Army list shows he was commissioned Asst Comsy & Lt 26th Sept 1921. In the 1939 census he is an Indian Army Ordnance Corps Pensioner, living in Sevenoaks, Kent. He died there shortly after the census was taken in 1939.
Group of Four: 320 

1937 Coronation Medal  MAJOR P.W.R. BROWNE I.M.D.    95  

Copy research. Percy Walter Roland Browne was born 26 September 1882 in Poona, India, son of George (Assistant Clerk, Ordnance Office) and Ellen Browne.
Appointed Assistant Surgeon, 2nd class (ranking as Conductor), Indian Medical Department 16 September 1903. Married Vida Vital at Christ Church, Jubbulpor 29 January 1907.
Served World War One, issued British War and Victory Medals. Commissioned Lieutenant (Senior Assistant Surgeon) 21 September 1920 Indian Medical Department. 1922 posted to Kirkee Ammunition Factory. Captain 7 October 1931. Stationed at British Military Hospital Narshera. Major 7 October 1934, Senior Assistant Surgeon, Bombay Establishment. Retired 26 September 1937.

Captain Harold Alfred Cecil Blacker
Indian Army Reserve of Officers
and Judge, Lahore High Court

British War Medal               CAPT. H.A.C. BLACKER
1935 Jubilee Medal           
1937 Coronation Medal   
Copy research. Harold Alfred Cecil Blacker was born in London 15 August 1889, educated at Charterhouse and Queen's College, Cambridge. Passed the exams for the Indian Civil Service October 1914. "Posted to the Punjab, but he was on military service from the summer of 1917 to the end of the war." Commissioned August 1917, Indian Army Reserve of Officers, Infantry Branch. Single British War Medal confirmed.
1922 made Registrar of the Punjab High Court.
1925 appointed sessions judge.
1930-33 President of the Punjab Conspiracy Case Tribunal. Probably the plot to assassinate the Governor of the Punjab in December 1930.
1934 Additional Judge of the High Court, Lahore.
1937 Puisne Judge, High Court, Lahore.
He died 18 July 1944 at Murree of a cerebral haemorrhage.
Group of Three: 325    RESERVED

Lieutenant Francis Sheed Anderson
2-34th Sikh Pioneers

India General Service Medal  Afghanistan NWF 1919   LIEUT. F.S. ANDERSON, 2-34 SIKH PNRS.   295  
Copy research. Francis Sheed Anderson was born in Aberdeen in 1897. His family owned the granite and marble merchants, Anderson Brothers, Aberdeen.
Enlisted into the Gordon Highlanders 3 October 1914 and went to France5 January 1916. Promoted to Sergeant and returned to UK 2 August 1916 and posted to No. 1 Officer Cadet Battalion. Commissioned 26 September 1917, Indian Army Reserve of Officers. Lieutenant September 1918.
1919 Indian Army List confirms that he was serving with the 2nd Battalion 34th Sikh Pioneers.
Left the Indian Army in 1922 and returned to Aberdeen, where he married Helen Wattie.
His address on his medal card is "F.S. Anderson, c/o Anderson Brothers, Granite Merchants, Aberdeen.
President of the Aberdeen Granite Manufacturers Association 1933.
Appointed a J.P. for Aberdeen 1935
Town Councillor and member of the Harbour Board 1935 to 1940.
Appointed First Divisional Food Officer for North East Scotland, Ministry of Food 1940
Director of Fish Supplies 1943.
Under-Secretary, Ministry of Food 1946
British Representative for the formation of the International Wheat Council and appointed its first Chairman 1949-1959.
Created a C.B. London Gazette 1 January 1949
Executive Director of the International Sugar Council 1954
Director of the British Sugar Corporation Ltd 1960
Chairman of the Bacon Market Council 1964.
He died 12 September 1966 in Aberdeen.

Lieutenant Hume Guildford
Military Works Department