British War Medal                   CAPT. J.D. DREW.
Victory Medal                         CAPT. J.D. DREW.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919 CAPT. J.D. DREW. 1-22 PJBIS.
Defence Medal                       Unnamed
Special Constabulary Long Service Medal  (GVI) Long Service 1941/Long Service 1945  JOHN DREWE.

John Denys Drew was born in Starcross, Devon 28 April 1886. He followed his father into business as a Surveyor and Estate Agent. He married Marie Rose Clark in February 1926; the report in the Devon and Exeter Gazette stated: “On the outbreak of war he enlisted in the 4th Battalion Devon Regiment, and proceeded to India with the 1/4th Battalion. Given a commission in the Indian Army Reserve of Officers, in July 1915, he was attached to the 19th Punjabis, and served in Mesopotamia. He was then attached to the 1/22nd Punjabis in South Persia, with which regiment he remained until after the action at, and capture of, Spin Baldak on the Frontier for which he received medal and clasp. Mr. Drew was then attached to the Staff of the Corps as G.S.O. III, operating from Quetta until demobilised in October 1919. He is the popular captain of the Starcross and Kenton clay pigeon club and is a vice-president of the football club.” He had been promoted to Major 20 July 1919.
He died 20 October 1966 in Exeter.
Group of Five: £300

Lieutenant Alfred Ewart Cleator
61st Pioneers
British War Medal                                                                   2 LIEUT. A.E. CLEATOR.
Victory Medal                        
                                        2 LIEUT. A.E. CLEATOR
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919
Defence Medal                                                                       
Alfred Ewart Cleator was born 1891 and was a school teacher, working at Chaucer Road Council School 1914-15 and then Long Street Council School, Fleetwood 1915. He enlisted into the Royal Army Medical Corps and was then commissioned into the Indian Army. To Mesopotamia December 1916. Served with the 1/61st Pioneers (King George's Own) in the Afghan War 1919. In 1939 he was an Assistant School Master in Fleetwood, Lancashire, where he was Head Warden, ARP during World War Two. He died in Fleetwood 1 January 1953.  
Group of Four: £275


Major Montague Sheridan Young
14th Murray's Jat Lancers

1914/15 Star                CAPT. M.S. YOUNG, 14/LANCERS. 
British War Medal       
Victory Medal              
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919
Montague Sheridan Young was born 1883 in Roehampton, Surrey. Royal Military College 1902. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Manchester Regiment April 1903. Transferred to Indian Army, Lieutenant 14th Murray's Jat Lancers June 1906. Captain March 1912. Married Elaine Shaw 12 April 1914 in St. Thomas's Church, Bombay. The regiment served on the North West Frontier until 1916 when it moved to Mesopotamia. Appointed Acting Major while commanding a Depot Nov. 1917 to May 1918. He died in Tenterden, Kent 8 August 1953.
Group of Four: £400

Lieutenant Brian Relton Harman
110th Mahratta Light Infantry
British War Medal                  LIEUT. B.R. HARMAN.
Victory Medal                        LIEUT. B.R. HARMAN.
Fauconberge Swimming Medallion Championship 1914: B.R. Harman
Brian Relton Harman was born 2 December 1897 and was educated at Beccles Grammar School, becoming a merchant clerk. He enlisted into the Inns of Court O.T.C. in January 1916. He was commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in the 3rd Battalion East Kent Regiment. Reported wounded 9 April 1917 in trenches at Loos. Transferred to the Indian Army 1917 and left for India in August 1917.  Served with the 110th Mahratta Light Infantry, then attached 123rd Outram's Rifles and later attached 125th Napier's Rifles. He died of bronco-pneumonia at Cairo, Egypt 4 November 1919 and is buried at Cairo War Memorial Cemetery.
Pair & medallion: £175

Major Edward Hepburn Clay Brander
Rajput Light Infantry
1914/15 Star             CAPT. E.H.C. BRANDER, 1/2/RAJPUT LT. INFY.
British War Medal       MAJ. E.H.C. BRANDER.
Victory Medal               MAJ. E.H.C. BRANDER.
Edward Hepburn Clay Brander was born 19 August 1881 in Ranchi, Bengal, son of Edward (Indian Medical Service) and Minnie Brander.
Commissioned from Royal Military College, South Lancashire Regiment 8 January 1901. To the Indian Army 8 July 1902. Captain 8 January 1910. Major 8 January 1916. Married Flora McDermott at St. John's Church, Calcutta 15 October 1918. Retired in February 1926. In 1939 he was living in Wiltshire. He died in Brentwood in 1963.
Group of Three: £180

Captain Frederick William Willard
82nd Punjabis

British War Medal                  CAPT. F.W. WILLARD.
Victory Medal                       CAPT. F.W. WILLARD.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919/Mahsud 1919-20/ Waziristan 1919-21  LT. F.W. WILLARD, I.A.R.O.. 82 PJBIS.
Frederick William Willard was born in Bombay 14 August 1891, son of William and Beatrice Willard. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Indian Army Reserve of Officers 20 June 1917. Lieutenant 20 June 1918. Appointed Brigade Major 30 June to 29th October 1920. Captain 18 January 1927. Major 11 August 1931. He relinquished his commission January 1935. He died in Surrey in 1956. 
Group of Three: £350

Major George Cumming Annesley Voysey
127 Baluchis
Indian Army Service Corps
British War Medal                  CAPTN. G.C.A. VOYSEY.
Victory Medal                        LIEUT. G.C.A. VOYSEY.
India General Service Medal  Mahsud 1919-20/ Waziristan 1919-21  CAPT. G.C.A. VOYSEY, 2-127 BALUCHIS.
1939-45 Star                        Unnamed
Africa Star                             Unnamed
Defence Medal                      Unnamed
1939-45 War Medal MiD        Unnamed
George Cumming Annesley Voysey was born 22 April 1898 in Tiverton, Devon. Educated at St. John's School, Leatherhead.
In September 1915 he sailed to Bombay, listed as an Army Cadet. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant, Indian Unattached List, from Cadet College, Wellington.
Lieutenant August 1917, “attached 35th Sikhs.” Medal roll states Lieutenant, Malay States Guides and service in Aden. Indian Army List confirms 35th Sikhs, attached Malay States Guides. Staff Captain, attached to HQ Units, July 1919. Acting Captain while commanding a company, 2/127th Baluch Light Infantry, December 1919. Married Aileen Cuming in Tiverton, Devon in 1931. Captain, Indian Army Service Corps, appointed Deputy Assistant Director Supplies & Transport 15 October 1933. Major April 1934. Vacated appointment as DADS&T March 1937. Appointed D.A.D.S. (India) March 1937. Lt-Colonel 24 October 1941. Mentioned in Despatches 5 August 1943 (Major, Temp-Lt.Col. 641.I.A.) for services in Persia and Iraq.
He died in Hailsham, Sussex in 11 November 1965. With a veteran's service badge for the Indian Army.
Group of seven: £395  RESERVED

Major Meynell Evelyn Coningham
96th Berar Infantry
1914/15 Star                       CAPT. M.E. CONINGHAM, 1/96/BERAR INFY.
British War Medal                 MAJ. M.E. CONINGHAM.
Victory Medal                       MAJ. M.E. CONINGHAM.
General Service Medal  Iraq   MAJOR M.E. CONINGHAM.
Meynell Evelyn Coningham was born 19 March 1884 in Palmacottah, Madras, son of Henry Coningham, Madras Staff Corps. Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant 27 August 1902 from Royal Military College to Indian Staff Corps. Lieutenant 96th Berar Infantry 27 November 1904. Captain 27 August 1911. Served in France 24 November 1914. To Egypt August 1915.  To Mesopotamia December 1915 to May 1918. Appointed D.A.A.G. February 1917. Major August 1917. Married Monica Kelly in Kensington, London 22 June 1920. Retired 16 August 1923. In 1939 he was living in Bournemouth with his wife. He died in a nursing home in Bath 30 March 1969.
Group of Four: £390 

Captain Reginald Walter Wells
Supply & Transport Corps

British War Medal                    CAPT. R.W. WELLS.
Victory Medal                         CAPT. R.W. WELLS.

General Service Medal Iraq      CAPT. R.W. WELLS.
Mounted in wrong order. Reginald Walter Wells was born 4 December 1893 in Calcutta, son of William and Ellen Wells. Attached Supply and Transport Corps July 1916. Serving with 3rd Porter Corps 1919. Captain 1 July 1920. Medal roll states that he served with the Supply and Transport Corps “Force 'D' 19-10-16 to 30-3-21”. His medals were sent to him as “Assistant Joint Agent, Macneil & Co, Barisal, East Bengal.” This company was involved in shipping in India. He married Gladys Hamilton-Marshall in Simla 2 December 1925. He died in Lancing, Sussex 28 August 1966. 
Group of Three: £285

Lieutenant John Michael Dennis O'Brien

British War Medal                                                      2 LIEUT. J.M.D. O'BRIEN.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919  LT. J.M.D. O'BRIEN, I.A.R.O.
John Michael Dennis O'Brien was born 1892 and worked as a clerk for the Great Western Railway in Paddington 1914. He enlisted into the 1/10th Battalion Middlesex Regiment. He was commissioned into the Indian Army Reserve of Officers 15 October 1918. He served in the Afghanistan War from April 1919. Relinquished his commission 1922. On return to UK he resumed work for G.W.R. and is noted as “loyal during General Strike May 1926.” He retired in 1953. He died in Westcliffe-on-Sea, Essex 25 January 1970.
Pair: £195

Captain Ernest Charles Vernon-Browne
19th Hussars
16th Rajputs
Assam Valley Light Horse
1914/15 Star               14073 PTE. E.C. VERNON-BROWNE, 19/HRS.  
British War Medal      
Victory Medal               
India General Service Medal 
Waziristan 1919-21 CAPT. E.C. VERNON-BROWNE, 16TH RAJPUTS.  
1935 Jubilee Medal     
Efficiency Medal India 
Ernest Charles Vernon-Browne was born 15 October 1892 in Balham. Enlisted August 1914 in 19th Hussars, giving his occupation as a Sugar Planter in Demarara, South America. Served in France from 18 May 1915. Recommended for commission and posted to an Officer Cadet Battalion December 1917. Commissioned Cadet, Indian Army Reserve of Officers 1 May 1918. After the war he is listed as a Planter travelling between India and UK. Jubilee Medal not confirmed. He must have joined the Assam Valley Light Horse and qualified for the Efficiency Medal. He died in Crawley, Sussex 1974.
Group of Six: £450

Lieutenant Frank Cruikshank Mack

British War Medal                                                      2-LT. F.C. MACK.
Victory Medal                                                            2-LT. F.C. MACK.
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919  LT. F.C. MACK, 114 L.C. 
Volunteer Force Long Service Medal                            PTE. F.C. MACK. ASSAM V.L.H., A.F.I.
Frank Cruikshank Clark was born 1883 in Dunbartonshire. Went to India in 1913. Worked as a Tea Planter. Indian Army Reserve of Officers. Lieutenant 24 October 1919. Served with 114 Labour Company in Afghanistan 1919. Married Marjorie O'Neill in Assam in January 1923. Awarded the Volunteer Long Service Medal May 1927. Died 1949 in Falmouth, Cornwall.
Group of Four: £400

Afghanistan Medal Kandahar  Sowar Saifoodin 3rd Punjab Cavy  £250
Sowar = Trooper, 3rd Punjab Cavalry.
Afghanistan Medal     BHISHTI RAHDOO 27TH P.N.I.    £150
A water carrier serving with the 27th Punjab Native Infantry.  
Afghanistan Medal     Private Luximon Saivonth 13th Regt. Bo:N.I.    £150
13th Bombay Native Infantry.
India General Service Medal Hazara 1891 1440 Dufr. Ishar Singh. 11th Bl Lcrs  SOLD
Duffadar = Sergeant. 11th Bengal Lancers.

India General Service Medal Samana 1891  347 Sepoy Rabbal 1st Punjab Infy  £185
India Service Medal 1895  Punjab Frontier 1897-98  1099 Sepoy Mohamed Bahksh. 33d Pjb Infy  SOLD
India Service Medal 1895  Punjab Frontier 1897-98/Malakand 1897/Waziristan 1901-2  621 Sepoy Naudhu  38th Bl Infy   £275
38th Dogra Regtiment

India Service Medal (EdVII)  Waziristan 1901-2  2152 Sepoy Shandar 5th Pjb Infy   £180

India General Service Medal 1908  North West Frontier 1908   Erased Naming     £50

India General Service Medal 1908  Waziristan 1919-21  87 NK. FAZAL AHMAD, 3-152 PJBIS.   £60
The 152nd Punjabis were formed in May 1918 and disbanded in April 1921.

India General Service Medal 1908  North West Frontier 1930-31  210623 A.ORDY. GULAB DIN. 1 I.H.C.   £52
Acting Orderly, Indian Hospital Corps.

India General Service Medal 1908 Mohmand 1933  PTE. BHISHTI MOHD. FAZAL. I.S.C.  £60
Indian Signal Corps. 

India General Service Medal 1908  North West Frontier 1935  4464 NAIK FATEH KHAN. 5-1 PUNJAB R.  £50

Colonel Alfred Lucian Phillips
Indian Army

India General Service Medal (1854-95) Chin-Lushai 1889-90    Lieut. A.L. Phillips. S.C.
1914 Star         COL. A.L. PHILLIPS
British War       COL. A.L. PHILLIPS
Victory Medal  COL. A.L. PHILLIPS
Colonel Alfred Lucian Phillips was born on 24 March 1861 in Bombay, he was commissioned from the Royal Military College into the Dorsetshire Regiment in January 1881, and later admitted to the Indian Staff Corps on 1 July that year, advanced to Assistant Commissariat Officer in the Lushai Column and qualified for the 1903 and 1911 Delhi Durbar medals where he was serving as Colonel of Supply and Transport, 8th Division. He retired from service in 1913 but reengaged for service out the outbreak of WWI and went to France on 16 September 1914, after the war Phillips retired from service and resided in Milverton, Weston Park, Bath and died on 7 December 1940.
Group of Four: £895

Lieutenant Hume Guilford Rochfort
Military Works Service
India General Service Medal  Afghanistan N.W.F.1919   Lt. H.G. ROCHFORT, M.W.S.   £250 
Captain Hume Guilford Rochfort was born in 1888 in Hyderabad, Deccan India, educated a St. George's Grammar School, and a two year course in Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the Crystal Palace School of Engineering (1911-1913), in 1914 he was engaged as Assistant Engineer in charge of Nirmal Sub-division Adilabad District (Roads & Buildings) including the reconstruction of the Nagpur road in 1916. In 1917 he was commissioned Lieutenant in charge of the Military Works as Garrison Engineer, Tank, North West Frontier Province, constructing factories, railway lines, roads, wells etc and in 1918 and 1919 he was promoted to Captain and put in charge of Manjai Cantonment, erecting 40 barracks and 6 officers' quarters in addition to 12 miles of roads. Research includes a full list of the projects on which he worked during the war.