1939-45 Star                              Unnamed
Atlantic Star                                       Unnamed
Africa Star  North Africa 1942-43  Unnamed
1939-45 War Medal                         
Box of issue: Mrs H. Faulkner. 42 Hudson St. St. Pauls Cheltenham.

Copy service papers and research. Frank Edwin Faulkner (note error on slip) was born in Cheltenham in July 1903, son of Frederick and Mary Faulkner. He enlisted in the Royal Artillery in 1921 but was dicharged in 1922 and went to Wales as a miner. In 1923 he joined the Royal Navy and served as a stoker on several ships, including Repulse and Royal Oak. He was discharged 1935 and joined the Royal Fleet Reserve. He was mobilised in August 1939 and posted to HMS Lynx, then Sandhurst, Calliope and Lightning. In February 1940 his Royal Fleet Reserve Long Service Medal was approved but was not received by his family. On 12 March 1943 the German E-boat S-158 fired a torpedo, hitting Lightning's port bow. A second E-bot, S-55, then fired a torpedo hitting the ship beneath the funnel, destroying the boiler rooms (where Frank was working). Lightning was abandoned by the surviving crew and sank quickly. Two officers and 44 ratings were killed. Edward is listed on the Chatham Memorial and the Cheltenham War Memorial. His name is also on the Roll of Honour at St. Paul's Church, Cheltneham.
Frank lost three brothers in World War One: Frederick Thomas Faulkner, Arthur Henry Faulkner and John Charles Faulkner were all killed 1916. All four brothers are listed on Cheltneham War Memorial.
Group of Four:  SOLD

Egypt Medal (1882)    W. DURIE, ORD: H.M.S. "MINOTAUR"
Royal Navy Long Service Good Conduct Medal   WM. DURIE, BOATMAN, H.M. COASTGUARD.
Khedive's Star 1882    Unnamed

Copy service papers. William Durie was born in Plymouth and enlisted July 1878 (Boy 2nd class).
Served on HMS Royal Adelaide, Agincourt, Minotaur (May 1882 to Nov. 1883), Cambridge and Bellorophon.
Transferred to Coast Guard April 1891, based at Costello Bay and then Limerick.
He was pensioned in July 1904.
Group of Three: SOLD 

China Medal (1900) P. GARDE. A.B., H.M.S. PIQUE.  £275 
Copy service sheet. Patrick Garde was from Cork and enlisted April 1893, aged 15. Served on Lion (1893), Melampus (1894), Wallrus (1895), Magnificent (1898), Pique (1900), Aeolus (1902), Excellent (1904), Cambridge (1904), Leander (1905), Niobe (1906), Suffolk (1908), Orion (1909), Donegal (1911), Centurion (1914), Blake (1915), Mameluke (1916), Mavis (1917), Arbutus (1917 - torpedoed 15 Dec. and sank the next day). Discharged January 1919. Sheet notes "Wounded as the result of an explosion 3rd June 1917" - on this date there was an explosion in the engine room of Mavis. Also received 1914/15 Star trio and Long Service Good Conduct Medal (1917). 

Royal Navy Long Service Good Conduct Medal   M.35303 A.B. CLARK. O.A.1. H.M.S. SUFFOLK.   £120
Copy service papers. Alexander Bertram Clark was from Swindon and enlisted in January 1920, aged 28. His service sheet has "Late M.C.S. - on MC2490" - The Mine Clearance Service. Served on HMS Columbine (1921-23), Centurion, Dauntless, Excellent, Nelson, Suffolk, Malaya and Boscawen. Awarded LSGC 1934 and the Naval General Service Medal for Palestine. Also entitled to some medals for WWII service. Pensioned August 1941.  
Naval General Service Medal  Near East  D/MX.902409 J.L. BARNETT. E.R.A.5. R.N.   £120
Mounted for wear.

Honourable Discharge Scroll     No.210799 Petty Officer William O'Brien    £45

Deck Hand Sydney Beck
Royal Naval Reserve
Distinguished Service Medal  2496. S.PECK, DK.HD. R.N.R. "AISNE" ATLANTIC.20 JUNE 1918
1914/15 Star                            
S.D. 2496 S. PECK. D.H., R.N.R.
British War Medal 
               2496 S.D. S. PECK. D.H. R.N.R.
Victory Medal 
                     2496 S.D. S. PECK. D.H. R.N.R.   
Copy service papers and medal rolls. Sydney Beck was a fisherman and a member of the Special Fishery Reserve and enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve 11 August 1915, serving as a Seaman Gunner on the armed trawler Aisne. On the night 20 June 1918, 6 trawlers were returning with their catch when a German U-boat surfaced. Not wanting to waste torpedos on fishing boats, they intended to sink them by gun fire. The Skipper of the Aisne was awarded a DSC for the action; the recommendation states: "For services in an engagement with an enemy submarine on 20th June 1918. When employed in the Iceland fishing section, 6 armed trawlers returning to British port with their cargos of fish, encountered, fought and drove off a large German Submarine cruiser. Only fishermen under the command of an officer of the RNVR took part in it. It was a fight and a victory typical of men who were engaged in it." Beck's DSM was gazetted 5 October 1918 "for services in action with enemy submarine." His recommendation states "Displayed very great coolness & continued serving his gun after being wounded."
Beck was also wounded in the left thigh during the action, service sheet states: "Wounded in service in armed trawler Aisne during action with enemy submarine on 21st June 1918.". He went to the Hospital Ship 'China'. Sydney died of pneumonia in the RN Hospital Chatham 12 November 1918. He is buried at St. Margarets Cemetery, Rochester, Kent. His widow lived at 10 Hoopers Road, Rochester Kent.          

Group of Four:  £1850

Royal Naval Reserve Long Service Medal (EdVII)  82275 G. RICE. SEAN.1CL. R.N.R.   £65
Copy roll. Medal awarded 6 September 1910 and sent to Belfast.

Royal Naval Reserve Long Service Medal (EdVII)  L1350 D. BURKE. SEAN.2CL. R.N.R. £65
Copy roll. Medal awarded 22 January 1912 and sent to Galway.

Victory Medal 
C.Z.5802 J. O'BRIEN. A.B. R.N.V.R.       £20
James O'Brien was born in 1896 and was a miner in Dalkeith and enlisted in the Clyde Division, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. In August 1915 he was posted to 6th Battalion, Royal Naval Division. His card was also stamped “Sea Service.” He was awarded a 1914/15 Star trio.

British War Medal  J.84737 J.H. BECKETT. ORD. R.N.
Victory Medal        
J.84737 J.H. BECKETT. ORD. R.N.
Copy service record. James Henry Beckett was born in London 6 February 1900 and enlisted February 1918. Served on HMS Patrol, a scout cruiser in the Irish sea. Discharged April 1919.
Pair: £50 

British War Medal 225919 C.G. MARTIN. A.B. R.N.       £35
Copy research. Charles George Martin was born in Portsmouth 1887 and enlisted in July 1905 (Boy 2nd class). By 1914 he was an AB and serving on HMS Hercules, a Colossus Class Battleship that served at Jutland. In October 1917 he joined HMS Coreopsis. He transferred to the Royal Fleet Reserve in 1919. During his service he got 42 days detention for insubordination. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

British War Medal          ALBERT E. SHIPLEY         £35 
Copy medal card. Albert Edward Shipley was born 1879 in East Bolden. 1911 census shows him as a "Marine Engineer" living in South Shields with his wife and two children. Also awarded the Mercantile Marine War Medal. 1926 was serving as a 1st Engineer on SS Gri
pfast. Card shows that he continued to serve until November 1938. He died in South Shields in 1954.

British War Medal         K.52340 A. CUSHING. STO.2 R.N.        £30
Copy service record. Naming a bit rubbed. Alfred Cushing was born in Gateshead, Durham and was a coal miner born in June 1900. He joined the Royal Navy in July 1918 and served HMS Apollo (Onslow). Discharged 14 March 1919.

British War Medal          5259T.S. F. THOMAS. ENGN. R.N.R.          £38 
Copy service papers. Thomas Frederick was born in Swansea 28 March 1893, son of Thomas and Caroline Thomas. He enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve 15 March 1916. Served on  "Sabrina (Numitor)", "Halcyon", back to Numitor, then Idaho (H.T. William Colbourne). Finally "Boadacia II (Irene)". Boadacia II was the base for armed patrol trawlers. He was discharged 17 October 1918 and issued a silver war badge. Entitled to a Victory Medal.

British War Medal       
9270S A. DAVIES. STO. R.N.R.             £38
Copy service papers.  Anthony Davies was born in Swansea 29 December 1892, son of Ivan and Mary Davies. Enrolled in the Royal Naval Reserve 13 May 1916. Served HMS Warspite until discharged 16 February 1919. Entitled to Victory Medal.

Victory Medal              209036 W.J. CONNARD. L.S. R.N.           £20
Copy papers. Walter Jones Connard, born 7 Sept. 1883 in Southport, Lancashire. Joined the navy 7 Marchy 1900 and served on HMS Agincourt, Amphitrite, Black Prince, Commonwealth (1914 to August 1917), Aquitania (Jan 1918 to Jan. 1919), Emperor of India. Discharged 21 July 1922 with rank of Petty Officer.

Queen's Korea Medal            P/KX.833174 W.G. JENNER A/L.S.M.N. R.N.
United Nations Medal Korea   Unnamed
Mounted as worn.
Pair: £200

R.A.G. Newman

General Service Medal Borneo   K.941536 R.A.G. NEWMAN. M.(E).1. R.N.
Pingat Jasa Malaysia
Pair: £110

General Service Medal Northern Ireland   MEM(M)1 H D PAGE D224405J RN  £88
Marine Engineering Mechanic (Mechanical).