Egypt Medal 1882  Suakin 1884    1720 PTE. G. RHUBOTTOM.  A.O.C.
Khedive's Star 1882                        1720
Copy papers. Khedive's star engraved with number on reverse. George Rhubottom was born in Limmerick, Ireland and enlisted into the Ordnance Staff Corps 20 January 1880. Served in the Cape of Good Hope from April 1881 to April 1882. Returned to UK and then left for Egypt in August 1882. Returned to UK July 1886. Army Ordnance Corps April 1896. Discharged 26 September 1899. In 1911 he was living in Aldershot and his occupation is "hawker in camp". He died in Frnham, Surrey in 1927.
Pair: £365  

Crimea Medal   unnamed     £165

Private John Emmett
Coldstream Guards
Egypt Medal 1882  Tel-elKebir    5118 PTE. J. EMMETT 2/C   GDS.
Khedive's Star 1882                      5118 C.G.
Copy papers. John Emmett was from Rochdale and enlisted in October 1872 into the Scots Fusiliers Guards. In April 1876 he went into the Army Reserve and rejoined the Coldstream Guards in March 1881. To Egypt August 1882. Returned to the UK November 1882. He was discharged November 1884. 
Pair: £395

Driver Sidney Henry Harris
Army Service Corps

Queen's South Africa Medal  Relief of Mafeking / Relief of Kimberley / Paardeberg / Transvaal  11643 DR: S.H. HARRIS. A.S.C. 
King's Africa Medal                 South Africa 1901 / South Africa 1902    1643 DVR: S.H. HARRIS. A.S.C.
1914/15 Star            T2SR-02385 DVR: S.H. HARRIS. A.S.C. 
British War Medal    T2SR-02385 DVR. S.H. HARRIS. A.S.C.
Victory Medal           T2SR-02385 DVR. S.H. HARRIS. A.S.C.
Mounted as worn. Copy research. Sidney Henry Harris enlisted in the Army Service Corps in May 1894
Served in South Africa from November 1899 to September 1902. Medals and clasps confirmed, serving with No. 9 Company, A.S.C.
Also awarded the Cape Colony and Orange Free State clasps on a second roll (headed A.S.C. attached 38th Battery, Royal Field Artillery). To the Reserves 26 May 1903 and discharged 27 May 1906.
Re-joined 7 October 1914. To France 18 May 1915. Discharged as "time expired" 27 May 1916.
Group of Five:  £895   RESERVED

Private Ernest Weeks
Devonshire Regiment

India Service Medal (1895)  Punjab Frontier 1897-98 / Tirah 1897-98     2522 Pte. E. Weeks 1st Bn Devon Regt
King's South Africa Medal  South Africa 1901 / South Africa 1902              2522 PTE. E. WEEKS. DEVON: REGT.
Copy medal rolls and papers. Ernest Weeks was born in Cirencester, Gloucestershire and enlisted in April 1889, aged 18. He served in Egypt, India and South Africa. Also received the Queen's South Africa Medal with clasps for Elandslaagte, Defence of Ladysmith and Belfast.
Discharged April 1910. By 1914 he was in Canada and enlisted into the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He died in Coventry 16 February 1944.
Pair: £385

Private John Severs
York and Lancaster Regiment

Queen's South Africa Medal  Natal / Orange Free State / Transvaal 7049 PTE. J.E. SEVERS. 1:YK:& LANC: REGT.    £160 
Copy papers and medal rolls. John Severs was from Rotheram and enlisted in February 1900.
To South Africa May 1900 and returned to UK May 1901.
Discharged 25 May 1901. Clasps confirmed and also a South Africa 1901 clasp on a second roll.

Corporal T. Kay
Kitchener's Horse

Queen's South Africa Medal  Cape Colony / Orange Free State / Transvaal  23247 CORPL: T. KAY. KITCHENER'S HORSE     £230
Medal has a pin at top for wearing which has a representation of the KHK badge - this was the badge worn by Kitchener's Horse.
Copy research.
Clasps confirmed and also on a second roll for the South Africa 1901 clasp with Robert's Horse. The rolls show that he transferred to Robert's Horse 1 November 1901.

Private Ben Walker
8th Hussars

Queen's South Africa Medal  Cape Colony/Orange Free State/Johannesburg/Diamond Hill/Belfast  3968. Pte. B. WALKER. 8/Hrs.   £255
Copy papers and medal rolls. Ben Walker was from Leeds and enlisted into the 8th Hussars in August 1897, aged 18. Served in South Africa from February 1900 to April 1902. Discharged September 1902. Medal and clasps confirmed, also received the King's South Africa Medal with 2 clasps.

Sergeant George Henry McLernon
Royal Field Artillery

Queen's South Africa Medal Relief of Kimberley/Paardeberg/Driefontein/South AfricA 1901 79025 SGT. G.H. McLERNON. 76TH BTY., R.F.A.    £195 
Copy papers and medal rolls. George Henry McLernon was from Alderney, Channel Islands and enlisted in April 1890, aged 14.
Posted as a trumpeter to 14 Company, Royal Field Artillery. Served in South Africa with 76th Battery, RFA. Discharged April 1911. This was his only medal. He died in Sheffield 12 August 1951. 

Driver Frederick William Davies
Royal Field Artillery
Queen's South Africa Medal Orange Free State / Transvaal / Laing's Nek  80E19421 DVR: F.W. DAVIES, 64TH BTY: R.F.A.   £125
Copy papers. Frederick William Davies was born in Farnborough, Kent and enlisted in March 1897, aged 18. Served in South Africa March 1901 to October 1902 and India to March 1905. He was convicted and imprisoned in July 1908 by the civil powers. Discharged March 1913. Also received the King's South Africa Medal with two clasps.
Traces of "ghost dates" on reverse of medal.

Private Alfred John Bester
2nd Battalion Rifle Brigade
Queen's South Africa Medal Transvaal /South Africa 1902  8058 PTE. A. BESTER. RIFLE BDE.    £140
Copy papers. Alfred John Bester enlisted in October 1900, aged 17. Served in South Africa from March 1902 to September 1902. Then Egypt Sept. 1902 to November 1905, India Nov. 1905 to December 1908. Discharged in the UK 18 October 1912. Clasps confirmed on medal roll.

India General Service Medal 1908  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919   191658 SPR. P. HOLE, R.E.        £75
Copy MIC also shows entitlement to pair. Percy Hole.

India General Service Medal 1908  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919   76178 PTE. J.J. MARKWELL. R.A.M.C.      £85
Copy MIC and roll. John J. Markwell served at 43 British General Hospital, Quetta in 1919. Discharged to the Reserve November 1919. Also received the British War and Victory Medals. His address was in Fulham.

Private John William Castle
Yorkshre Regiment

British War Medal    9255 CPL. J.W. CASTLE. YORK. R.
India General Service Medal 1908  Afghanistan N.W.F. 1919   9255 CPL. J.W. CASTLE. 1-YORK. R.
Copy papers. John William Castle was from Northallerton, Yorkshire and enlisted in April 1908. To India with the 1st Battalion January 1913.
The battalion spent the entire First World War in India. Both medals confirmed. Discharged January 1920.
Pair: £195 

India General Service Medal 1908  Waziristan 1921-24      M-15523 PTE. W. MCMURRAY. R.A.S.C.    £85
Copy MIC confirms no WWI entitlement.

Corporal John Prince
Royal Army Medical Corps

1914/15 Star                                1119. PTE. J. PRINCE. R.A.M.C.
British War Medal
1119 CPL. J. PRINCE. R.A.M.C.
Victory Medal                              
1119 CPL. J. PRINCE. R.A.M.C.                       
Territorial Force Efficiency Medal   390033 CPL. J. PRINCE. R.A.M.C.
Copy service records. John Prince was born 1894 in Hull and enlisted into the 1/3rd Northumbrian Field Ambulance, RAMC Territorial Force in March 1911. Embodied 5 August 1914. L/Cpl. November 1914.
Corporal  April 1915. Went to France 20 April 1915.
Discharged 31 March 1920. Medals mounted for desplay with TFEM round the wrong way.

Group of Four: £195

1914/15 Star            743 DVR. D.H. ROBBIE. R.F.A.
British War Medal
743 DVR. D.H. ROBBIE. R.A.
Replacement Victory Medal (unnamed)
Copy research. David Hebenton Robbie was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1895. He enlisted in the Royal Field Artillery in June 1911.
He was listed as wounded February 1916. Transferred to Royal Flying Corps in August 1916 was Acting-Sergeant by September 1917 (trade: fitter). To the RAF Reserve in March 1919. 

Pair: £70

1914/15 Star         
British War Medal 
Replacement Victory Medal (unnamed)
Copy medal roll. 2nd Constable Munathia Ndezi was awarded the 1914/15 Star trio for service with the East African Police Service Battalion. They deployed to the Uganda-German East Africa border in August 1915. very scarce unit
Pair: £135

1914/15 Star              S-28778 PTE. H.H. THORPE. A.S.C.
British War Medal      S-28778 CPL. H.H. THORPE. A.S.C.
Victory Medal          
  S-28778 CPL. H.H. THORPE. A.S.C.
Copy service papers. Horace Henry Thorpe son of Horace and Elizebeth Thorpe born Sheerness Kent enlisted aged 15 years in 1910. He went to Egypt 12 September 1915 and served with "D" Supply Company. He died 30 December 1918 at 14th Australian General Hospital, Port Said, Egypt from pneumonia.
Trio: £120 

Staff Sergeant Henry Forbes Cullen
Royal Army Medical Corps

British War Medal                                                      7519 A-CPL. H.F. CULLEN. R.A.M.C.
Victory Medal                              
                       7519 A-CPL. H.F. CULLEN. R.A.M.C.                     
Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal (GV)   7247347 S.SJT. H.F. CULLEN. R.A.M.C.
Copy research. Henry Forbes Cullen went to France 20 August 1914 with No.6 Field Ambulance. He was awarded the clasp to the 1914 Star, which is missing. The medal roll shows that a duplicate 1914 Star was issued in 1924
. His LSGC as Staff Sergeant suggests that he served well after 1920 and so his service records are probably still held by the Army Records Office.
Group of Three: £160

British War Medal  57591 PTE. C.B. LUDGATE. K.R.RIF.C.
Victory Medal        
Copy research. Cecil Bertie Ludgate was the son of Joseph and Edith Ludgate and died of wounds 1 November 1918, aged 20. He was serving with the18th Battalion King's Royal Rifle Corps. He is buried in Vichte Military Cemetery. His parents lived in Ford, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Pair: £75  RESERVED

British War Medal      M2-130534 CPL. W. BARTON. A.S.C.  
Victory Medal MiD     
M2-130534 CPL. W. BARTON. A.S.C.
Copy service papers and research. William Barton was from Preston, Lancashire and enlisted 30 September 1915, aged 42. He served with No. 1 Water Tank Coy. and went to France 12 April 1916. His MID was Gazetted 8 July 1919. He was discharged 18 February 1919. Water Tank Coys. drew water from rivers, treated it and then tranported it in water wagons to fill the troop's canteens.
Pair: £145

1914/15 Star          20238 PTE. T. O'HARE, E.LAN.R.
Replacement British War Medal (unnamed)
Victory Medal         
20238 PTE. T. O'HARE. E.LAN.R.
Copy medal card. Thomas O'Hare served with the 6th Bn East Lancashire Regiment and went to Gallipoli 23 November 1915.
Pair: £75

British War & Victory Medals
32764 PTE. A.B. COATES. SOM.L.I.         £60      MIC. Arthur Bernard Coates served with the 8th Bn.

34697 PTE. F. WILLIAMS. K.S.L.I.           £50      MIC. Frank Williams. Also served with the Cheshires.

6-3288 PTE. T. BRIERLEY. NORTH'D FUS.  £50      MIC. Thomas Brierley. Discharged for shell-shock. Entitled to Silver War Badge.  

655644 GNR. J. MIDDLETON. R.A.           £32       MIC.  James Middleton, Royal Field Artillery (TF).

Honourable Discharge Scrolls
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Silver War Badges
B141367 - Issued to 9108 Pte William Smith, Highland Light Infantry.  £25
348641 - Issued to 37959 Pte Thomas Bevan, Cheshire Regiment/Labour Corps  £25

362328 - Issued to 90229 Bdr. William Pillbeam, Royal Garrison Artillery.  £25
481636 - Issued to S.S.Cpl. Harold George Simmons, Royal Artillery  £25

Private Daniel William Craine
16th Lancers

1914 Star   5thAug-22nd Nov.1914    9557 PTE. D.W. CRAINE. 16/LRS.          £90  RESERVED  
Copy clasp. Copy service papers. Daniel William Craine enlisted for 4 years service in the Royal Artillery as a Territorial in 1908, giving his age as 17. He served with the 3rd London Battery as a Driver and was discharged 1912. In August 1914 he enlisted into the 16th Lancers, giving his occupation as "Horsekeeper". He went to France 8 October 1914 and qualified for the clasp to the 1914 Star. He was posted back to the cavalry depot 17 December 1914 and then to the 8th Reserve Cavalry Regiment. 17 October 1915 he was posted back to the 16th Lancers in France.
In October 1917 he was attached to the Military Mounted Police on probation. His papers then show transfer to another unit (unclear but according to his MIC it must be the Labour Corps). In June 1918 he is transferred to the Military Foot Police and was discharged 19 November 1919 and received a Silver War Badge. In 1939 he is listed as a Commissionaire, living in Camberwell, London. He died in Kent in 1964.

1914/15 Star 
39620 PTE. H.A. GILBERT. R.A.M.C.  £28
Copy MIC. Hurbert Arthur Gilbert. France 10 May 1915. Discharged 23 February 1919. Born in Lichfield, Staffordshire 1892.

64770 SPR. W. EDWARDS. R.E.  £25
Copy MIC. William Edwards went to France 11 September 1915. Discharged Class Z.

Sergeant Arthur Victor Cobern
Royal Army Medical Corps

Territorial Force War Medal   88406 SJT. A.V. COBERN. R.A.M.C.     £200   RESERVED
Copy records. Arthur Victor Cobern was born 1890 in London. In 1911 he was living in Marlborough, Wiltshire and enlisted 3 August 1914 into the RAMC (Territorial Force) as No. 456. It was noted that he had previously served in the Territorial Force. He was embodied 6 August and posted to a training centre. Made Lance-Corporal in February 1915. To France 20 April 1917 and posted to 40 Stationary Hospital. From September to December 1918 posted to 39 General Hospital. Returned to UK June 1919

British War Medals:  
200 BMDR. T. PRICE. R.A.     £28   MIC. Thomas Price served with the Royal Garrison Artillery and entitled to Victory Medal.

S-295257 PTE. P.J. SEYMOUR. A.S.C.  £33
Copy research. Percival James Seymour was born in Ross, Herefordshire in 1898 and enlisted in August 1916. Served in Mesopotamia from August 1918. He was discharged in May 1920 and died in 1985.

10582 PTE. F.J. SMITH. NORTH'D FUS.   £30
Copy MIC and medal roll shows that James Frederick Smith served with the 9th (Northumberland Hussars) Battalion and was discharged to class Z.

2603 PTE JONATHAN 2/ K A R   £30
Copy MIC and medal roll confirms entitled to pair. Served with 1/2nd Battalion King's African Rifles.

213056 GNR. W.J. ADAMS. R.A.     £30       MIC. William J. Adams served with the Royal Garrison Artillery. Entitled to pair.

13797 PTE. W. DICKINSON. A.V.C.    £35 
MIC. William Dickinson served with the Army Veterinary Corps and R.F.A. Entitled to 1914/15 Star trio.

M2-137543 PTE. F.W. DANCE. A.S.C.  £30
MIC and copy papers. Frank Walter Dance enlisted November 1915. Served in France from April 1916 and was a lorry driver. Discharged July 1919 from 116 Auxiliary (Petrol) Company.

Victory Medals   

M2-119550 PTE. A.S. NORTHROP. A.S.C.  £13   MIC. Alexander Samuel Northrop was from Leeds and arrived in France 3 October 1915. He was discharged 29 March 1919. Entitled to 1914/15 Star and British War Medal.

A-205068 PTE. L.H. GREEN. K.R.RIF.C.    £28      MIC and copy papers. Leonard Henry Green served with the 1st Battalion and was discharged in March 1920. Also received the British War Medal.

7673 PTE. A. LOFTHOUSE. W. YORK.R.   £25    MIC. Albert Lofthouse served with 1st Battalion and received the 1914 Star and clasp and a Silver War Badge.

R4-067936 PTE. A. LORD. A.S.C.          £13     MIC. R4 indicates service in a remount unit. Entitled to British War Medal.

Private Walter Edwards
Worcestershire Regiment
Territorial Force Efficiency Medal (GV) 5244781 PTE. W. EDWARDS. 7-WORC.R.  £80  
Copy research. Walter Edwards was born in 1888 and served in the Suffolk Regiment and Staffordshire Regiment in World War One (received the British War and Victory Medals). In 1921 he enlisted into the 7th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment. He was awarded the TFEM in February 1933, receiving an old medal from stock - the Territorial Efficiency Medal having been introduced. He was discharged in 1936.

Staff Sergeant Thomas William Morris
Royal Artillery
Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal (GV) 1020072 S.SJT. T.W. MORRIS. R.A.    £95
Copy research. Thomas William Morris was born in Portsmouth 11 May 1901 and enlisted into the Royal Artilleryin December 1915. He did not serve overseas and has no medal entitlement for World War One. He was dicharged in November 1936. In the 1939 cenus he is shown as "Armament Fitter Pensioner, Royal Artillery", living in Portsmouth. He died there in 1972.

WOII Frederick Jolliffe
Royal Army Service Corps

Army Long Service Good Conduct Medal (GV) S-16321 W.O.CL.II. F. JOLLIFFE. R.A.S.C.    £85 
Copy research. Frederick Jolliffe was born in Weymouth in 1876. He enlisted in the Army Service Corps in 1900 and was posted to South Africa in 1905. Returned to the UK in April 1910 and went to France 9 August 1914 (awarded 1914 star and clasp trio, Staff Sergeant). Returned to UK September 1915. Promoted Warrant Officer class 2 (SQMS) in August 1918. Discharged March 1920 as no longer physically fit for service.

Private Edward Brasier
Cinque Ports Rifle Volunteer Corps
Volunteer Long Service Medal (Vic) PTE. E. BRAISER   SOLD
Edward Brasier (engraved as Braiser) served with the Cinque Ports Volunteer Rifle Corps. (The name Edward Braiser does not exist). He was born in Hastings, Sussex in 1857 was a messenger for the Port Corporation in 1901. He appears in the local newspaper reports several times: (Sept. 1882. The Hastings Rifle Volunteers. Pte E. Brasier; Sept. 1893 First Cinque Ports Rifles. Pte. E. Brasier).  However, in January 1909 the same newspaper reported that Edward Brasier, a messenger at the Town Hall, had been acting as Treasurer for the Duke of Wellington Slate Club and had gone missing when problems were found with the club accounts. He handed himself in to the police and was charged and convicted of larcnecy. He was sentenced to 1 month hard labour and 5 years reformatory¯. In 1911 he is still living in Hastings but has no employment.

Volunteer Long Service Medal (Vic) Unnamed  £60

Private Francis Frank Tod
1st Middlesex Volunteer Rifle Corps

Volunteer Long Service Medal (EdVII) 2854 PTE F.F. TOD. 1ST MIDDX:V.R.C.   £100
Francis Frank Tod was born in Shoreditch, London 1867 and was awarded the medal in Army Order 1st May 1906. In 1908 he re-enlisted into the 9th County of London Regiment and stated that he had previously served with the 1st Middlesex VRC from January 1892 to March 1908. This suggests that he had also served in a previous volunteer unit, as the medal qualification was 20 years service.
He was discharged from the 9th Londons in March 1909. (JS)

9 ct gold Boy Scouts "Thanks" Badge stamped 9 CT on back.   £130
Badge is approx. 2 x 2 cm.