with scabbard.  195 
Brought in by a serving Gurkha Officer who had this made by a local maker while in Nepal after the  earthquake. A heavy solid kukri, but prefectly balanced.
14 1/2 inch blade
Made to use for heavy-duty work.


Military Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives. 60
Blade 23 cm long.


The current kukri used by the Gurkhas
with scabbard and 2 small knives.   70
Blade 31 cm long. A new style of blade, as seen above.

Small Kukri 
with scabbard. 38 
With the 2 small knives

Blade 16 cm. No markings.

Miniature Kukri or Letter Opener? SOLD
Scabbard. Blade is 8.5 cm

 Kukri with decorated scabbard, Garnets Turquoise and other semi precious stones 200 
Blade is 30 cm long

A mystery solved!
Collectors have been debating the origins of kukris stamped "TEMPERED STEEL MADE IN INDIA  ALLIED"
Recently we purchased items from a family who were able to answer the question of who produced these and when were they made: "my father, a machine tool engineer, was commissioned by General Slim to manufacture at great speed many thousands of these weapons."

James Hodkinson was apprenticed to Sir W.C. Armstrong Whitworth & Co Ltd, Manchester in 1927. In 1932 he joined Craven Bros. Ltd and in 1934 was appointed Manager of Craven Bros (India) Ltd, Calcutta.
In 1938 he transferred to Associated British Machine Tool Makers Ltd (India) and in December 1939 was appointed Director of Manufacturing for the Government of India and then Deputy Director General Munitions Production from January 1940 to December 1945. This included the production of kukris and machettes for the army in India.
After the war he remained in India until the late 1950s.

  Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives.  75 
29.5 cm blade. Part bone handle. No markings.

Small Kukri
with scabbard.  38
With the 2 small knives.
16 cm blade. No markings.(2)

Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives. SOLD
Blade 25 cm long.

Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives.  SOLD
Blade 26 cm long. Blade stamped ATF

Small Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives.  65
Blade 22 cm long.

Kukri with wooden scabbard and 2 knives. 58
Blade 25 cm long

Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives.  50
Blade is 20 cm long. Scabbard is buffalo horn inset
with brass decoration.

Old Kukri without scabbard. 40
Blade 31 cm

Small Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives. 38
Blade 16 cm long.

Presentation Royal Gurkha Signals Kukri  350  
scabbard with silver decoration and badge of the regiment.
Blade is 28 cm long.

Kukri with scabbard and 2 knives.  60
Blade is 22 cm long.

British Army Kukri (previous type) SOLD
with scabbard and 2 knives.
Blade is 26 cm long.

This was presented to a member of the S.A.S. serving in Oman by Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said.
The name of the British soldier will be provided to the purchaser. The blade is 16 cm from bottom of hilt to tip.
Price: 425 

small Jambiya with brass scabbard. 30
11 cm blade which is stamped RIE and has a small red glass inset on both sides.

small dagger without scabbard. SOLD
Blade 18.5 cm long.

small dagger without scabbard. SOLD
Blade 23 cm long.

small dagger with scabbard.
SOLD  Blade 24 cm long. Some leather missing from the
back of scabbard.


Malay Kris with 36 cm blade. 90
Sumatran Kris no scabbard. 48
35 cm blade.

Malay Kris no scabbard. 60