1842 Pattern East India Company Musket  595 
Obsolete calibre.

1848 Constabulary Carbine by a Birmingham maker  SOLD 
Made by Collis of Birmingham. Obsolete calibre.

Short Indian Pattern 53 Enfield  350 
Obsolete calibre.

Officer's Private Purchase Pattern 53 Enfield Rifle by Thomas RESERVED  Furniss  SOLD 
Tower marked 1861. Engraved FURNISS TRURO. Thomas Cundy Furniss was a gunmaker working in Church Lane, Truro. Obsolete calibre.

French Flintlock Circa 1770 makers name on lock but hard to read 775 SOLD
Obsolete calibre.

Snider-Enfield Rifle and Bayonet   775
2-band short rifle, Tower 1874. With snap cap and working mechanism. Cleaning rod missing. Butt end engraved XII. With P1860 Yatagan Volunteers Bayonet in scabbard. Obsolete calibre.

Swedish-made M1867 Rolling Block Remington Rifle    SOLD
Made under license in Sweden. Working mechanism. Original leather sling (damaged end). Obsolete calibre.

71/84 Mauser Rifle   675 
Marked SPANDAU and 1888. Nicely marked. Working mechanism. Obsolete calibre.
Short Magazine Lee-Enfield MK Rifle   SOLD
Deactivated (moving parts). Dated 42. 
Short Magazine Lee-Enfield MKIII* Indian Army Rifle   SOLD
Deactivated (moving parts). Made by RFI India, 1964 (last year of manufacture). With 37 pattern sling. 

ARMY & NAVY Cooperative Society Cartridge Case  75
Leather case for 200 cartridges. Measures 33 X 25 x 13 cm overall dimensions. Lock closes but no key.

SB 16 bore Percussion Shot Gun    375O
Lock plate engraved "DOVE".
In the 1881 census there is a John Dove working in Birmingham as a "Gun Barrel Filer".
SB Richards ML 16 Bore Percussion Sporting Gun   365  
Engraved W. RICHARDS on the lock plate. Stamped JWR on the stock.

Cavalry Rifle Holster  325
Leather holster for a cavalryman's rifle. Stamped F.E.A. Overall length 97 cm

Percussion  SB sporting gun, 10 bore  295

Deactivated Double Barrel 12-Bore Hammer Shotgun   150
12 Bore with 29.75 inch barrels Made by R.L. Capell Northampton
With deactivation certificate DA56184 dated 21 mar 2016

Metal Powder Flask                  45  
No maker's name. 17 cm long

Metal Powder Flask                  80  
Stamped Bartram & Co. 19 cm long

Metal Shotgun Powder Flask                80
Stamped G & JW Hawksley. 19 cm long

19th Century Powder Can
Label on each side: 'The Diamond Grain Gunpowder made only by Curtis & Harvey, Hounslow and London.'
The other side shows a musket and a dead bird. Top pulls off. Some wear to black painted finish.
Measures 7.5 cm by 14 cm. Unusual. Flash from camera obscures the label.

Leather Shot Flask.         45


Marked Shot 1 up to 1 OZ Price: 35

For a pistol, flat end acts as rammer. Marked Powder Dram 2 up to 3  Price: 55

Marked Powder Dram 2 up to 3  Price: 35

Shot-gun de-capper and sizer
for a 12 bore
Price: 40

Bullet/cartridge crimper?
Marked RBG2. 8D/2538.

Price: 40

Turn over machine for 12 bore
Brass and ebony, made by G.& O Mawsley