warning: always be aware that old gas masks may contain traces of asbestos and should be handled with care and never worn.

1918 Portable Trench Telephone and Morse Key   SOLD
Box measures 11 x 9 x 13 cm over all (not including handset). Box stamped on back STERLING DIII 1918. The handset extends. The flap over the mouthpiece is missing.

1918 Trench Periscope    150  
British brass trench periscope with wooden handle. Stamped PERISCOPE MK IX 1918.   BECK

World War One British Army Folding Saw       65
Folding saw, two wooden handles, file and tool in leather case. The handles can be fitted into the saw for use. The two tools can also be slotted into the handles for use, to repair and maintain the saw.

1939 British Babies Gas Mask   SOLD

1939 British Army Gas Mask    SOLD 
Stamped Z 28/3/38. Bag stamped VII WHITELEY'S 1942.

1939 British Army Gas Mask       SOLD
Stamp rubbed and hard to read. Bag stamped CIGO A3 ASR 41.

1939 British Army Gas Mask No.4 MKIII (42)  SOLD
Bag stamped B.C.M.LTD. 1941. Also with a similar mask but missing the rubber nose piece ("buy one get one free"!).

British Boxed Civilian Gas Mask       SOLD
Stamped LOT A410 PBC NOV 19 1941. MEDIUM. (also includes a damaged mask in box as well)
("buy one get one free"!).