Military Medal (GV)            SOLD
Very well erased, original World War One period military medal.

Sutlej Medal
Ferozeshuhur LT GLASSEN. BALTIC. 
Mr Bently Nov.3    Re-named engraving. SOLD

Indian Mutiny Medal  32-68 J KENNEDY 4TH K.O.REGT.  Re-named engraving.  SOLD

East and West Africa Medal Benin 1897 W.E. HORNE. A.B. H.M.S. THESEUS.    Re-named engraving and not on medal roll. SOLD

King's South Africa Medal South Africa 1901 / South Africa 1902  4560 PTE J.G. HOGBEN 2ND D.C.L.I. SOLD
Hogben was entitled to an IGS95 but did not serve in South Africa.

India General Service Medal
Waziristan1921-24  5719864 R.Q.M.S. S. BERNARD. DORSET REGT.  Re-named engraving. Not on medal roll. SOLD

Queen's Korea Medal Naming details have been erased   SOLD