50th Anniversary of Franz-Joseph Medal 1898  £15
60th Anniversary of Franz-Joseph Medal 1908  £15

Landesverein Rheinprovinz Medal                         £15
Signum Laudis Medal with swords                       SOLD

Tyrol Campaign 1914-1918 Medal          £25
Balkan War Mobilization Cross 1912-13 
Signum Laudis Non-Combatant Medal   £25

Signum Memoriae Medal                           £10
Karl Truppen Cross (WWI)                    £18
Long Service Cross (VI)                           £18

1939-45 Armed Resistance Medal   £15
Knight's Cross of the Order of Leopold II   £55      (Swords on ribbon for military service)
Croix de Guerre     £12
Order of Leopold Medal   £15
Croix de Guerre with 3 bronze palms.  £45

1914-1918 War Commemorative Medal  Awarded to all that served during the war in the Belgian armed forces.  £12
Cross for Labour                                                 £15

Order of Civil Merit                              £120 

Cross  of St. Alexander                         £55

Soldier's Bravery Cross (2nd class)  £25
NCO Long Service Cross                     £45

Premio Al Merito Medal
Merit medal of the Council of Callao    £45


1914-18 Liberation War Cross                         £45
The War Cross 1939

Combatants Cross     £10

Order of Liberation                                        £65
Deportation Medal (WWII)
Croix de Guerre 1914-17                         £20
Croix de Guerre 1914-15                                £20
Croix de Guerre 1939       
Croix de Guerre (Overseas Operations)    £25
Medaille Militaire                                    £20
Merite Agricole                                                  £22
French Resistance Medal  
Cross of Military Valour         
French Conscription Lottery Token 1898  
Obverse shows woman seated holding laurel branch and flag with RF on, military scene behind.
Medal for Italy 1943-44           SOLD
Instituted April 1953 to members of the French Expeditionary Corps serving in Italy December 1943 and July 1944.
The FEC fought at Monte Cassino. Obv: Corps Expeditionnaire Francais D'Itallie 1934-1944 Rev: Republique Francaise.

Lippe-Detmold War Merit Cross 1914-1918 (2nd class)    £50  RESERVED

Königgrätz Commemorative Cross    £25
Commemorates the Prussian victory over Austria in the battle of 1866.
"Iron Time 1916" Medallion     £10
"I gave gold for iron"
China Campaign Medal 1900   Awarded for service during the Boxer Rebellion   £70
silvered non-combatant type.
Bavaria - Ludwig II Commemorative Medal  £45

Bavarian Merit Cross for War Time Aid  Issued from 1915 to civilians on war work.  £45

Bayern - Veteran's Medal   Reverse reads 'Veteranen U. krieger verein rosbach'.       £45

Stalhelm membership badge   £25
Veteran's Association. 3 cm wide. Pin on back for wearing.
25 Year Veterans Badge  £12
Prussian Railways 25 Year Service Badge  £25
Stamped on back: JOH.WAGNER & SOHN 800 BERLIN W.
Instituted in 1905.

Kaiser Wilhelm I Centennial Medal Medal issued 1897 to commemorate 100 years since the first Kaiser Wilhelm I. (no ribbon).   £30

1870 Franco-Prussian War Medal (non-combatant)   £50
1870 Franco-Prussian War Medal (combatant)            £50

Prussian Red Cross Medal  Reverse reads 'Fuer Verdienste Um Das Rothe Kreuz'   £45

Wurttemberg Military Merit Medal (Wilhlm II)  £30

Frederick August Medal  Issued 1905-1918 as military award by Frederick August III (last King of Saxony). £30
Kyffhauser Cross of Merit  Awarded for services to the German veteran's legion   £30
Furg Daggerlund Medal  1914-18 veteran's war medal   £20
25 Year Service Cross (Veteran's Association)    £15
Blue and white ribbon (State unknown)
9 Year Service Medal (3rd class)     £12
"Ich hatt einen Kameraden" Medal     £12
Veteran's medal based on the poem "The Good Comrade" by Ludwig Uhland, about a dead comrade.
Veteran's Wound Cross      £20
Veteran's cross with a wound badge at centre.
War Veteran's Association Cross (1871)      £25

Wurttemberg war veteran's badge     £12
Stamped W. Mayer & F. Wilhelm,Stuttgart on the back. Krieger Der Phaumloch on ribbon.
Unidentified veteran's badge?     £12
Stamped HANNOVER on the back. Hv. Kv. Nette on ribbon.
Hesse-Kassel Waterloo Commemorative Medal (copy)     £10
Due to poor stamping and wrong style of loop this appears to be a copy of the medal.

GERMANY (THIRD REICH) - NOTE: due to large numbers of repro Nazi material on the market we cannot guarantee every item.
Rothenburg O.T. 1938 Medallion    £15
Rothenburg Ob Tauber expelled the last of its Jewish residents in 1938 and was held up by the Nazi Party as the ideal German town.
Pin on back. 4.1 cm diameter. Maker stamp on back.
West Wall Medal     £20
War Merit Cross 2nd class (Civil)         £30
War Merit Cross 2nd class (Military)   £30
War Merit Medal                                       £20
East Front Medal     £30
Silver Wound Badge     £40
Pin on back. No maker mark.

War Medal for Land Operations 1940-41     £15