4th Bn P.A.S.L.I. swagger stick.   RESERVED
68 cm long. Prince Albert's Somerset Light Infantry.

Rugby School  swagger stick.   45
68 cm long. Presumably for the Rugby School Officer Training Corps.

6th Gurkha Rifles  swagger stick.   SOLD
65 cm long. Metal head has a lot of dents. Engraved around metal part that fits onto shaft of the stick are the initials "R.J.H."
Captain R.J. Higson served during World War Two.

Royal Artillery Driver's Whip          SOLD
79 cm long. Royal Artillery badge without a crown. Engraved on ferrule but hard to read. Looks something like Glcel-2ned .

The Lancashire Fusiliers  King's Crown swagger stick.   65
Hallmarked top for Birmingham 1927.
69 cm (27 inches) long.

15th Battalion County of London Regiment, P.W.O. Civil Service King's Crown swagger stick.   35
68 cm (24 inches) long. Small section of metal top is missing (as image)

A carved wooden walking stick from St. Helena   SOLD  
Carved around the stick is: "John Moses 29th Coy Royal Engineers, out of the ladder St. Helena April 1898".
His service records show that John Moses was a carpenter who enlisted into the Royal Engineers April 1885 and was posted to St. Helena in October 1886. He left the island in April 1890 and served 2 years in South Africa before returning to the UK. He was discharged from the army in April 1897.
The ladder is "Jacob's Ladder" which is a 924 feet long, steep stairway up to Ladder Hill Fort. When the original structure was replaced wooden sleepers were removed and this stick my well be carved from one of them. The stick is 33 inches (85 cm) long.

Royal Engineers (GVI) stick, white metal end. Overall length 26 1/2 inches.    38

Royal Army Medical Corps stick, white metal ends. King's Crown. Overall length 27 inches.   38
Thick Plain cane, white metal ends. Overall length 61 cm (24 inches) 20 

Plain sticks
1. Camel Whip. 34 inches long.  55
2. Bamboo cane with leather top. 24 inches long. 20
3. Bamboo Cane. 27 inches long.  20
4. Leather cane wiith brass end. 24 inches long.  30
5. Bamboo Cane. 24 inches long. 20
6. Leather clad cane. 20 inches long. 25
7. Riding Whip. 24 inches long named on the leather EEGEE Whip. 30