Captain George Roach
Colonial Auxiliary Force Decoration (VRI)  CAPTAIN G. ROACH 72nd REGIMENT    375 
Copy records. George Roach was born 2 April 1831 in Annapolis, Nova Scotia. Joined the 72nd (2nd Annapolis) Battalion and in October 1871 was promoted from Colour Sergeant to Captain.
Resigned his commission in July 1896 (Captain, 72nd (2nd Annapolis) Battalion, No. 2 Company, based at Port George).
Decoration was sent to him in August 1902.
He died 6 June 1909 and was buried at Hillside, Port George, Annapolis, Nova Scotia.

Victory Medal              2497601 SPR. H. PEARSON CRT             35
Copy attestation sheet. Henry Pearson was born in Congleton, Cheshire 26 January 1872 and was living in Fort Meade, Florida, USA (working as a fruit grower) when he enlisted in the Canadian Railway Troops on 1st July 1917. Wounded 6/11/17 GSW right leg/knee returned to Canada 16th March 1918 for discharge

Corporal S.W. MacDonald
Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

Army Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (GV)  Canada  CPL. S.W. MaCDONALD R.C.A.S.C.     195


Sergeant Hugh Norman Huntley
Cape Colonial Forces
Rhodesia Regiment
Southern Rhodesia Territorial Force Reserves

Queen's South Africa Medal Cape Colony/South Africa 1902  TPR. N. HUNTLEY. C.C.FORCES.
1914/15 Star                                                        Unnamed
British War Medal                                                 PTE. H.N. HUNTLEY. 1ST RHOD.RGT.
Victory Medal (South African reverse)                       PTE. H.N. HUNTLEY. 1ST RHOD.RGT.
Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal (GV)  SGT. HUGH N. HUNTLEY. S.RHOD.T.F. RES.
Copy research. Served with the Cape Colonial Forces in the Boer War.
1914/15 Star card: 446. Huntley, Hugh N. 1st Rhodesia Regiment.
Colony of Southern Rhodesia Government Gazette 23 March 1928
Colonial Auxiliary Forces Long Service Medal to Sergeant Hugh Norman Huntley of the Territorial Force.
In total 143 medals awarded for service in Southern Rhodesia. 
Group of Five: SOLD

Corporal Hugh Norman Goldhawk Huntley
Southern Rhodesia Territorial Force

Efficiency Medal (GVI)  Southern Rhodesia NO.I.C.198 CPL. HUGH N.G. HUNTLEY.    SOLD
Copy research.
Colony of Southern Rhodesia Government Gazette 5 June 1942
Efficiency Medal awarded to No.I.C.198 Cpl. Hugh Norman Goldbank Huntley, of the Southern Rhodesia Territorial Force. (his correct name appears to be Goldhawk). This medal came with the above group and must be related, though how has not been established.
In total 281 medals issued for Southern Rhodesia.





British War Medal                                        PTE. E.C.C. HENNESSY. 9TH S.A.I.
Victory Medal (South African Reverse)        PTE. E.C.C. HENNESSY. 9TH S.A.I.
The 9th South African Infantry served in German East Africa.
Pair: 75

1914-15 Star                 PTE D.S. SMITH 8TH INFANTRY.         55   
Copy service papers. David Stephanus Smith was born in Heidelberg, Transvaal in 1894.
Enlisted 18 August 1914 in the 8th Infantry. Appears to have been discharged 9 November 1914. On page is written "1914/15 Star" and stamped "STAR dispatched 24/3/21." Enlisted in the
South African Army Service Corps 3 September 1917. Next of kin: Mrs Elizabeth Anne Smith (mother), 16 Albert Buildings, Eloff Street, Johannesburg. A "Dispatch Rider". Went to Nyasaland 30 September 1917. Left Zomba for South Africa 20 December 1917. Discharged 8 April 1918 temporarily unfit for further service (suffering from malaria).

British War Medal        DVR. F.L. GRAY  S.A.S.C.                   35   
Copy service papers. Frank Leslie Gray was born in Sidcup, Kent, England in 1879. He was a flour mill manager in East London when he enlisted in the South African Service Corps, 3 February 1917. Posted to "Mechanical Transport, Nyasaland."
Returned to South Africa 26 July 1918. He was discharged 17 August 1918 "on being recalled to civil employment by the Defence Dept, Pretoria."


British War Medal        DVR H.A. SOAMES  S.A.S.C.             33   
Copy service papers. Henry Alexander Soames was a despatch rider with the South African Service Corps and later became a mechanic. Posted to Nyasaland 13 January 1917. Returned to South Africa 22 March 1918. Discharged 9 May 1919. Lived at 10 Bey Avenue, Bequidenhout Valley, Johannesburg. 

1939-45 War Medal  611832 N.D. BENECKE    15 

1939-45 War Medal  N.11242 Z. MOGASE       15

Defence Medal 
N.30558 I. NGWIRA              20

South Africa Service Medal (1939-45) 
C286361 J. JAGERS    45