VICTORIAN BOWIE KNIFE BY J. RODGERS & SONS SHEFFIELD   695  Early 20th Century Bowie Knife made by Joseph Rodgers & Sons, Sheffield. 25 cm long Steel blade is stamped:
J.RODGERS & SONS, No.6 NORFOLK ST., SHEFFIELD, ENGLAND on one side and a star and a Maltese Cross on the other side. Nickel cross guard with spherical quillons. Two piece antler grips and a nickel mounted leather scabbard. Over all measures 38 cm. A high-quality knife by one of the best makers of English bowie knives.



1888 MKII Lee-Metford Bayonet. With scabbard. Stamped VR 12/195 SANDERSON SHEFIELD. With bucksin frog.  250

No.4 MKIII Bayonet. With scabbard. Stamped M158 (Lucas)  40

No. 4 Spike Bayonet MkII*. With MkI scabbard and 37 pattern frog.  35
Stamped BEC N96 - Baird Engineering Co., Belfast (1942-44).
1907 No.1 Bayonet. With scabbard. Stamped SANDER - Sanderson.  90

1907 No.1 Bayonet. With scabbard. Engraved on handle RAF.  95
Martini-Henry Bayonet. Without scabbard. Stamped with WD marking. Missing the locking ring. 75

No. 4 Spike Bayonet MkII. With scabbard.  28
Tip shaped like a screw-driver.
Enfield No. 9 Mark I Bayonet. With scabbard. 55
No. 9 Mark I B-50 Bayonet. With scabbard55


Converted Lee-Metford Bayonet and ammunition pouch taken from an IS fighter in Afghanistan200
These items were taken from a captured Taliban fighter by a Gurkha officer. The bayonet has been adapted into a tribal knife but still bears traces of the British markings. Blade is now 22 cm long.
Decorated leather ammunition pouch. No markings.


WINCHESTER SOCKET BAYONET without scabbard55  
Stamped 4909. Split in socket. Blade approx. 14 inches long.

REMINGTON BAYONET with scabbard and frog.  75
Stamped 1917 with US flaming grenade and 19

LORENZ BAYONET no scabbard. 115


SMALL SWORD with tortoise-shell scabbard (parts of the tortoise shell are missing).    145
Blade is 17 inches long.

French 1882 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Sword French 1882 Pattern Heavy Cavalry Sword
Type 56 Bayonet (copied from Russian SKS bayonet). No scabbard as these bayonets were fixed to the rifle.   25


EPEE BAYONET with scabbard   55

LEBEL 1886/96/16 BAYONET with scabbard   85
LEBEL 1886/96/16 BAYONET without scabbard   50

1886 EPEE BAYONET  with scabbard.   85
To fit the Lebel Rifle.

BUTCHER BAYONET without scabbard.    SOLD
Blade has been heavily cleaned and no remaining marks can be read. Edge stamped crown W 16.

AK47 BAYONET with scabbard.   35
Only markings are matching numbers on the handle and scabbard. Believed to be for the Yugoslav Army.

1949 SKS BAYONET these were attached to the rifle and so have no scabbard.  25
1949 SKS BAYONET these were attached to the rifle and so have no scabbard.  25

No.9 BAYONET with scabbard. Stamped ARMSCOR.  75  

M1941 BOLO BAYONET with scabbard.  45   

M1889 BAYONET with scabbard and frog. Stamped NEJHAUSEN SIG. 125

M1911/31 BAYONET with scabbard and frog. Stamped ELSENER SCHWYZ VICTORIA. 125

M1902 (type 45) BAYONET with scabbard.  75


M1890 BAYONET without scabbard. Blade has been shortened, grips replaced and with modern screws.  30 
Quillon has been bent further over than normal.


M1948 MAUSER BAYONET with scabbard. Blade stamped ПРЕДУЗЕЋЕ 44 which is the factory that produced the bayonets.  50