Ciudad Rodrigo framed print. 
By D. Pound.
29 x 37 cm
Talavera framed print. 
By D. Pound.
29 x 33 cm
The Easter Volunteer Manoeuvres: Defeat of the Invaders Force at Summerhouse Hill, Folkestone  framed print. 
By Melton Prior.
42 x 47 cm
Route of the proposed Channel Railway Ferry framed print. 
Taken from the Illustrated London News 12 March 1870.
38 x 41 cm

Officer of the 14th (or the King's) Light Dragoons framed print.  25
Printed by Lefevre & Co.
29 x 39 cm

The Royal Sussex Regiment framed print. 25 
By R. Simkin.
31 x 38 cm

Royal Engineers framed print.  25
By G.D. Giles.
29.5 x 36 cm

Royal Horse Artillery 1823 framed print.  15
30 x 38 cm
Battery at Lucknow - The Defenders on the Lookout framed print.  15
24 X 29 cm