Two uniform tunics and hats belonging to Stephen Alley. Born in Russia to British parents, he grew up and was educated there. Returning to England he was commissioned in the Surrey Yeomanry and was listed as a Russian interpreter. During the War he served in Russia as an intelligence officer and was a founder-member of the "Bolo Liquidation Club" along with men like Sidney Reilly ("ace of spies").
Alley is believed to have been involved in the plot to kill Rasputin and the Russian police report states that the fatal shot was fired from a Webley revolver. Alley also prepared a plan to rescue the Imperial Russian Family but was unable to put into effect, he was also asked to assassinate Stalin, who he visited regularly, but refused the request. Having to leave Russia he was posted to the Staff of Queen Marie, who was English by birth, and he received two Rumanian decorations. His medals would be the Military Cross, 1914/15 Star trio, Order of St. Anne, Order of St. Vladimir, Order of St. Stanislaus (3 Russian decorations) and two Rumanian Orders, the Order of the Crown and the War Cross. He later served with MI5 and is mentioned in many of the published books about British Intelligence in Russia during the First World War. He was still serving with them in 1939.

Suffolk Yeomanry officer's tunic with rank insignia for Captain. Collar badges (silver) and ribbons as worn during the war.

"Egypt" pattern jacket, made by John Jones & Co. and with ribbons as worn after the war. Rank insignia for Major. Label includes:
Lt. Stephen Alley  Surrey Yeomanry  24.5.10. Alley is wearing this jacket in the photograph at top of the page.

Surrey Yeomanry cap with officer's badge, which looks to be silver. Cap made by Hawkes & Co, Savile Row; Field Service cap with embroidered badge, made by John Jones & Co. and pair of white leather gloves. Also includes some spare buttons and officer's cap badge in bronze and in silver.