1815 Sirmoor Battalion
1845 6th Sirmoor (Rifle) Battalion
1850 Sirmoor Rifle Battalion
1861 2nd Goorkha (The Sirmoor Rifles) Regiment
1876 2nd Prince of Wales' Own Gurkha Regiment (The Sirmoor Rifles)
1891 1st Goorkha Rifle Regiment
1906 2nd King Edward's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Regiment)
2nd King Edward VII's Own Gurkha Rifles (The Sirmoor Regiment)

Rifleman Parbir Thapa
1939-45 Star                                   Un-named
Pacific Star                                      Un-named
1939-45 War Medal                          Un-named
General Service Medal (GVI) Malaya  21133325  RFN. KARBIR THAPA, 2 G.R.
Indian Independence Medal              21133325 RFN. PARBIR THAPAP, G R
Copy service papers. Parbir Thapa enlisted January 1941. Captured in Malaya during the war.  Discharged May 1958 as a Lance-Corporal. "A bugler of high standard ...
Was a PW in Malaya during the war. Has given good and loyal service."). Note error on Independence Medal.
Group of Five: 295

General Service Medal (GVI) Malaya  21144813 RFN. MAIMAN GURUNG 2 G R     65

Captain Narsing Rana
General Service Medal Borneo  CAPT. NARSING RANA. 1/2 GR  125
Copy service papers. Narsing Rana enlisted January 1941 but must have remained in India as only entitled to an Indian Service Medal and War Medal for World War Two and the Indian Independence Medal. Served in Malaya 1952-55 (entitled to GSM Malaya).
Sergeant 1956. Commissioned Lt. March 1960 and Captain May 1964.
Retired 1966: "Captain Narsing Rana has served for 26 years ... he has earned a high reputation as a fighting soldier, and administrator and organiser.... has commanded the respect of all ranks who have served under him."

Warrant Officer 1st Class Begbahadur Pun
2nd Battalion 2nd Gurkha Rifles
General Service Medal Borneo  21133724 W.O.CL.1. BEGBADAHUR PUN. 2/2 GR  125 
Copy service papers. Born 1928. Enlisted 5 November 1946. L/Cpl. Nov. 1956. Cpl. August 1959. WOI May 1963.
Lieutenant 15 February 1966. Captain 19 September 1969. Retired 23 July 1972.
"A thoroughly steady, reliable and absolutely loyal officer." Also entitled to Indian Independence Medal and GSM Malaya.

General Service Medal Borneo  21134817 SGT. LALPARSAD GURUNG. 1/2 GR.  75

Warrant Officer 2nd Class Lalbahadur Gurung
1st Battalion 2nd Gurkha Rifles

General Service Medal Borneo  21132172 W.O.CL.2. LALBAHADUR GURUNG. 1/2 GR   125 
Copy service papers. Born 1923, enlisted 3 November 1941. Served in India. November 1948 to Malaya. December 1962 to Singapore. LSGC awarded February 1960. Discharged 23 December 1963. "He has served loyaly in the Army for 22 years. He is an experienced commander. He is absolutely honest and trustworthy. He rose to the rank of Warrant Officer and is well capable of handling men." Also entitled to 1939-45 War Medal, GSM Malaya and LSGC.